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  • 03-27-2006

    God first
    Wrote 03-27-2006
    1. Listen to the words from above that I am hearing spoken to me by Jesus the Christ our Lord and Savior my dear friends.
    2. I sat here hearing the loving words as they are passed from Christ the son of God to the seed of Christ in me the holy spirit the gift of Christ in me and then heard by my image of flesh in the center of the heart of my mind.
    3. O how our God loves us by making a way to save us from death after death if we just let Christ come into our lives by believing which builds faith which is trust that God will do what God said he will do.
    4. For I tell you before Christ was born in the form of flesh and then gave up his life of his own free will there was no way but only a promise that God would send his son to save us in due time.
    5. The time has came but the work is not finish yet because there are many things still to happen all the trumpets must be sounded or all the signs of the second coming must come so the watcher can see them happen.
    6. One by one until the last sign of the second coming has been seen, the sign of Jesus the Christ in the air and all the alive in Christ walk up to the clouds to sat along side of the dead in Christ.
    7. Then the signs of the great day of judgement must begin and the first sign will be all that were not dead in Christ or alive in Christ will get up from the dead to walk in the form of fleshy life with a dead spirit to either be judge good or bad at the day of Judgment.
    8. They will have a 1,000 years from the second coming to changed there ways from evil to good but the devil not wanted to die the second death alone will trick all he can.
    9. But when the last sign or trump has sounded the day of judgment will began some will walk up to join us in the clouds but other will die the second death.
    10. The day of judgement is the third coming of Jesus the Christ to the clouds to save all them that will be save but after the last one has been saved that can be saved the unjust will die the second death.
    11. Now after all that lived to only die in the end are dead Jesus the Christ will destroy death of all kinds and all things will continue in a form that can not die.
    12. Whether it be things like the third heaven and third earth, animal life, plant life, element life, household of God life, or whether kind of life there may be.
    14. Now you ask about fleshily people living on this earth at the second coming of Jesus the Christ? There will be none because at the blink of the eye that we walk up to the clouds will be the second mankind destroys this earth.
    15. You may ask if the earth is destroy how can mankind walk on this walk until the day of judgment?
    16. What man can break Christ can fixed. But the old dragon the devil will take credit for what our Lord and Savior has done out of love.
    17. But love is never in vain because some will see through the lies of the devil. Now you say what about the many who are killed for not worshiping the dragon.
    18. The body can die a hundred times but the spirit can not, for the spirit is born dead so if its rose from the dead it strays alive whether the body walks or sits in the grave, the spirits flies in the heaven above.
    19. Yes all mankind that ever lived were rose to live again but in the form of a dead spirit unless they received Christ in their lives by not being mark by the mark of dead but by the mark of life Christ in them.
    20. What more can I tell you watch as you build up your trust in God my dear friends and reach out to others to help why we see the signs of the second coming happen one by one as told in the great book called the book of Revelations and many other books.
    21. There are signs you will see happen until you see Christ in the air along with every eye whether animal kind, plant kind, element kind, or mankind will see Christ in the air.
    22. Happy we will go up to the clouds but others will see Christ as a bright light of some kind coming to hit the earth and try to stop Christ in the clouds but in turn destroy their self.
    23. But after Christ has rose all mankind that did not meet him in the air he will rise fleshly as he fixes the earth by healing it mankind will receive their last changed to love God has their creator.
    24. The devil will lie saying he is Christ and rule the earth because he can trick some of the people awaiting the day of judgment unto living a lie.
    25. Now we must work so this number of people awaiting the third coming the day of judgment is not as big as it would be.
    26. But not only that but that some that are awaiting that day will recall our loving words and began to reach for God and his loving son the Christ. With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy