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Do not try to bend the spoon with your mind

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  • Do not try to bend the spoon with your mind

    "The Matrix" movie. Remember that little boy with the shaved head who says to Neo
    , "Do not try to bend the spoon with your mind. That would be impossible. Instead, realize there is no spoon."
    dont try and bend the spoon with your mind......realise there is NO spoon.

    How can we adjust our thinking like this?
    what would it take?

    only a mind that was THE CHRIST-MIND, that is how HE WALKED THRU WALLS...Jesus Christ did not think with His carnal mind.
    as example... no where are we told Jesus Christ thought..'' i will look like a fool when i crash into this wall'' or '' I do hope the water is strong enough to hold Me up on this lake I am walking on top of''.


    have u ever thought about walking thru walks?
    if not, why didn't you?
    it is apart of the resurrection life form of Messiah.

    To walk thru walls is like / chicken wire with water pouring thru it...
    but how to do it?- takes a revelation that we need a NEW CREATURE'S MIND, A NEW WAY OF THINKING THAT MAKES US UNLIMITED as this OLD WORLD passes [carnal mindedness] away from us and His kingdom appears IN us.

    when we are presented with ''bending a spoon'', as a picture type of a travail/problem..... we have to understand that when we pray we have already RECEIVED what we have prayed for....then... we walk backwards from that point...knowing our trouble is past... that is divine understanding to know there is no spoon... AMEN

    our true reality is IN our perception to the OBEDIENCE to the Word of God.
    Our TRUE LOYALITY is to the WORD OF GOD... Jesus manifested such loyality.

    now... the bottom line is... DO WE?

    WE NEED to have a ''timeless mind''.... we need to ascend into a timeless mind, we need to walk NOW, and be confident in the fullness OF NOW~!
    we HAVE TO COME into the realisation of everything we ever needed is SUPPLIED NOW~!
    we need NEW confidence in the Word, we need HIS THINKING to be IN us... we need HIS SEED of His word GROWING AND MATURING in us SO WE BECOME..NOW.... THE HOPE OF GLORY...

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    what we have to consider is

    can we RETURN to our natural living conditions prior to the entrance of ''the fall''.... the ''fall'' = meaning BECOMING BRUTISH like some mad beast... AND NOT DIVINE and whole~!

    ofcourse we cannot...
    TO MOST it is only wishfull thinking, reading a book that has NO REALITY with earthy life.

    the carnal mind is lord and shall never surrender up his position, he is religiously cunning and very crafty as he protects himself, by twisting verses into a perspective only he can understand.[math 4 v 3-11]

    the devil loves the religious man the most, this person is putty in the devil's hands... as the truth is almost there, but with a twist, so that the carnal mind is comforted and is never changed.

    death happens to the carnal minded.[roms 8 v.6]

    do u like death?
    do u wear death as a security comforter?
    do u have covenant with 'death'' - the grave stone choosen and the will made out????

    ummm...did u know that 2000 people die in this world every 12 mins,
    for them it is

    no more swims in the surf
    no more shopping sprees
    no more TV dinners
    no more patting the dog
    no more drives in the car
    no more holidays
    no more sunshine and wind
    no more blue sky and white clouds
    no more family
    no more kisses and loving
    no more dancing
    no more reading and writing
    no more learning and study
    no more cooking and eating
    no more bar-b -ques
    no more drinking coffee with friends
    no more sailing and train trips.
    no more smelly shoes
    no more bike riding
    no more gym
    no more caring for kittens
    no more lending a hand to another
    no more seeing butterflies
    no more laying on green grasses
    no more smelling roses
    no more plans
    no more painting and creating anything

    no more....just no more....

    no more anything like we know

    no more sunshine.
    no more raindrops on our faces...

    no more anything like we know.

    but... on the other hand..

    we can BECOME ALIVE HERE...BECOME UNLIMITED HERE... TRAVEL AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHTS, WALK ON WATER AND HEAL MANKIND, never grow old and infirm, but become ageless and holy and A MOST BEAUTIFULL new being.
    able to taste colour and hear heavenly music forever.

    it ALL begins and ends IN OUR MIND

    THE 'end' is the carnal mind
    the ''beginning'' is the same mind that is in CHRIST JESUS.. amen


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      death is an ABNORMAL condition

      millions of people weekly pay money NOT TO DIE.... INC....''christians'' they do not wish to ''go to heaven to be with their lord''...just yet....

      let us POSTPONE the event for as long as possible.... is the reasoning.
      The beast of human consciousness does not like death... it is REPELLANT...
      DEATH IS DEATH~!it is an abomination to us.

      when we line up our thinking with the devil we will die
      when we line up our new way of thinking with Messiah WE live.

      we are to PUT ON, the same mind... resurrection power-life.. as Messiah has..
      THAT IS THE ONLY MIND, that shall get us thru this world and out into the realm of the Kingdom of Heaven,

      we are to PUT OFF.. our old mind... the delusion... to believe anyone as LONG AS IT IS NOT MESSIAH.

      can u do it? cAN U believe Messiah and His Word over and above your own lord of carnality????
      if not.. hold out your arms wide and welcome your OWN death..


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        Remember, GOD YHSHWH/JESUS did not appear and reappear out of nowhere
        when HE WAS in human form.
        In HIS GLORIFIED BODY (adamahless, dustless, dirtless, earthless body),
        HE DID.
        HIS GLORIFIED BODY which is adamahless, dustless, dirtless, earthless,
        is PURE HOLY WATER.
        We will BE LIKE HIM;
        once REBORN of SPIRIT and then REBORN of WATER.

        Where the Battle Really is

        The Christian life is not as hard as we try to make it. It’s really a battle going on in your mind and it’s a war going on between your ears. It’s not a battle against devils and demons. It’s a battle against their thoughts. Nowhere does the Bible say to take every demon captive, but as I’m about to show you, the Bible does say, “Take every thought captive.” I’m not saying that you shouldn’t cast out devils. You should cast out devils, but we cast devils out of demon-possessed people. If you’re born again, you’re a “Jesus-possessed” person not a “demon-possessed” person. You might have ways of behaving that are due to a system of thinking that needs to be taken captive. So when you destroy that system of thinking, your behavior will change.

        Continue reading at:

        LOVE, RICOEL
        The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

        I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
        I CREATED YOU for ME.
        That is why I SAVED YOU.
        For ME.