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DONT let the rest of us DOWN~~LET THE CAVALRY RIDE

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  • DONT let the rest of us DOWN~~LET THE CAVALRY RIDE

    Posted By: Nemesis
    Date: Thursday, 23-Apr-2020 21:26:57


    Americas were built for adventure, peril, risk, hazard and ferocious battles with fiery dragons.
    Americans eat nails for breakfast, barb-wire for lunch, nitroglycerin for dinner and fart dynamite for entertainment.
    Americans are mental and emotional nerves of steel dynamos.
    They are unstoppable and unbeatable.
    Stress is their candy; anxiety their energy drink; fear their launching pad; irritation, upset, anger, rage and fury their rocket fuels.

    When an American has remorse or regret it just means HE OR SHE is rethinking, regrouping, rearming and doing a little yoga before counter-attacking and bunker-busting and earth-scorching dictators and tyrants and their irredeemable dumb ass followers.
    Americans always win
    . ALWAYS.

    Americans have a “live and let live” philosophy.
    You leave us alone to live our lives our way and we won’t come over there and kick your stupid ass.
    But if you bring your stupid ass over here and try to force us to do anything, there will be no end to your body count until there are no more decomposing bodies to count.

    You don’t control an American.
    You unleash an American.

    Americans are fire-breathing, cave-dwelling, castle protecting don’t-mess-with-us, body-heaping merchants-of-death to aggressors.
    Leave us the hell alone or reap hell.

    Americans are always kind.
    They consider kicking an unkind person’s ass an act of kindness.

    Americans are always loving.
    They consider it an act of love to quickly and painlessly liberate a spirit trapped in an ass-hole body.

    Americans always Cowboy-Up, Soldier-up and Man-Up.

    BECOME unleashed and HELP drain that swamp

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      one word binds them all................. WHAT WORD?

      It never Ends,
      there should be a safe place where people who love humanity, work to help humanity, heal humanity and interact with humanity honestly in all things ..
      humans should not have to die to achieve peace among mankind.


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        a thougtful opinion


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          2 SIDES TO EVERY STORY======how to escape====== the deception

          once the crack appears the divided house falls.
          time will let THE truth OUT


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            NIGHT SHADOWS
            by stewart best

            CV-19, Trump Caves, Bill Gates Rises, America Lost, Comatose Christians
            So here we are folks, the New World Order Murder, Inc is in full operation.
            No one believes the Georgia Guidestones while their fellow elderly appear to be murdered in the old folks homes, the lies of global deep state are gobbled up by the masses like candy as they shout "GIVE US MORE, GIVE US MORE, PROTECT US, LOCK US UP, LOCK US UP."
            Whatever happened to the American people, now LAND OF THE SLAVES, HOME OF THE COWARDS.
            What has happened here in this land is so astonishing it defies one's imagination.
            However, America is UNDER JUDGMENT OF THE LORD and will be destroyed just as the Bible says as we watch the prophetic word being fulfilled right under our noses.
            War drums, DRAFT, Trump "you must take the vaccine" and now...

            is this THE TRUTH? OR JUST 1 man's opinion?

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              hurrah the calvary...
              President Trump declares a National Day of Prayer

              “As our Nation heals, our Spirit has never been Stronger!”
              President Trump says.

              At the White House today, the President joined Vice President Mike Pence, First Lady Melania Trump, and Second Lady Karen Pence in leading a National Day of Prayer. The President’s Proclamation explains why this Day of Prayer is especially
              Today, as much as ever, our prayerful tradition continues as our Nation combats the coronavirus. During the past weeks and months, our heads have bowed at places outside of our typical houses of worship, whispering in silent solitude
              for God to renew our spirit and carry us through unforeseen and seemingly unbearable hardships. Even though we have been unable to gather together in fellowship with our church families, we are still connected through prayer and the calming reassurance that
              God will lead us through life’s many valleys.
              Americans of all faiths have risen to this moment to help slow the spread of disease. Soon, our places of worship will be full once more. For now, we pray together for those who are sick, for those who lost loved ones, and for those working
              hard to keep us safe.

              President Trump’s Proclamation on the National Day of Prayer.


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                  Sunday, May 24, 2020

                  If I Were President Trump.....

                  By Anna Von Reitz

                  I would be busy rounding up the perpetrators of the Scamdemic, trying them under the Military Code of Justice as corporate Officers, and punishing them, with full public knowledge of the causes and results.

                  The modern bureaucracy thoroughly underestimates the power of punishment for crimes and the impact that the punishment of even one famous monster like Bill Gates will have on the rest of the perpetrators.

                  They've been laughing at and killing "the Sheep" that the President is responsible for protecting, lying to his Administration, and promoting a form of blackmail in that the U.S. Military developed the technology responsible for the infection and could conceivably be held accountable for the damage caused by its misapplication and "escape" to the general public.

                  Thank God for the Italians being less gullible and compliant. They have isolated the bacteria responsible --- not a virus at all --- and developed a simple responsible treatment protocol that works: aspirin and antibacterial meds.

                  This is how China was able to recover so quickly after the initial disaster at Wuhan and also how the Italians are very quickly regrouping.

                  And now we get down to the nitty-gritty of those who plotted to "unleash" this entire fake narrative and profit themselves from it.

                  And what is to be done with them?

                  Obviously, Fauci, Gates, and Birx are complicit, as well as senior members of the World Health Organization. Thanks to their admissions placarded on the new Twenty Pound Notes issued by Westminster, we can also be sure that the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Trust and numerous subsidiaries financed and informed by these monsters including the Gilead researchers in Israel are implicated, too.

                  The CCP quickly cremated the bodies in China, and would not allow examinations of the dead bodies in most of the world.
                  When doctors disobeyed the World Health Organization, and did examinations, this is what they found.
                  The Italian doctors disobeyed the WHO world health law not to make an autopsy on the death of those suspected to have the coronavirus. They found that it is not a VIRUS but a BACTERIA that causes death. This bacteria causes blood clots and the patient to die.
                  Italy beats the so-called Covid-19, which is nothing but “disseminated intravascular coagulation” (Thrombosis)
                  The way to fight the coronavirus, that is to say, cure it, is with “antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and anticoagulants”. ASPIRIN, indicating that this disease has been poorly treated.
                  This sensational news to the world was produced by Italian doctors by performing autopsies on corpses produced by the Covid-19.
                  “Something else, according to Italian pathologists. “The ventilators and the intensive care unit were never needed.”
                  Thus, in Italy, the change of protocols began,
                  Source: Italian Ministry of Health.


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                    What President Trump did last week
                    did you hear this news on MSN


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                      as if we didnt know


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                        we are told to examine ourselves.
                        so.... how to you fare in a self examination?

                        examine within yourself if you’re a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities
                        —or if you’re a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things
                        —with the first type of person being known as a “hero”, and the second being a “coward”.


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                          the AMERICAN TRAGEDY,


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                            good cop / bad cop
                            by their fruits ye shall know

                            the lips can speak
                            what of action


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                              ?angels watching over me?
                              But eventually the camera zeroed in, focused in on Trump in front of the church holding up a Bible
                              — and I knew when he held up the Bible, it’s like showing Dracula the cross.
                              If the Drive-By Media is Dracula, a bunch of bloodsuckers, showing the Bible… You talk about triggering somebody? And it did. They were livid!”