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  • 03-07-2006

    God first
    Here I Roy William Perry III sat reaching up to heaven to hear what God will say by the loving voice of Jesus the Christ which I will share with you my dear friends.

    There is all ways grace and peace to you one on one from God the Father of all things of the flesh which came by the way of the spirit and from Jesus the Christ which came by the way of giving up his life so that you could have life after death.

    The signs of the end have begin to be seen, my dear friends so I say with great boldness watch and be ready for the return of our brother Christ the son of our God the Father of all things.

    Watch by being hock up to the spirituals things by talking with God and his son Jesus the Christ one on one. Be ready by asking forgiveness of your evil old ways as you put on the ways Jesus the Christ lived which is walking by the love of God.

    For if you walk by the love of God, then you have made Jesus the Christ lord in your life to the best you know how, you have believe the things foretold about Christ life are true, and you believe Christ is alive today on the right hand of God.

    For I tell you the four poles of this earth will be hit by great waves of water as they have been hit before. A star like thing will hit the ocean making its way into the very center of our earth which will cause the water of our oceans to leak into the great deep making fresh water saltily .

    For this is not the only star like thing that will hit the earth from the heavens. There will be one to cause great fires that will cut off the sun light from the earth for five months. The hot coals of this fire will burn man like the string of a scorpion.

    The last war of mankind will begin as man drops great bombs at many cities over the world killing one third of all mankind on this earth. These things most happen before the last sign can be given every eye seeing Christ coming in the clouds.

    Now I will not tell you the perfect order of how each sign will come but I tell you watch by talking to your God and his son Jesus the Christ one on one whether by prayer or my prophecy watch and listen.

    Be ready by having the spiritual seed of Christ growing in your heart as you reach to walk like Christ walk in the love of God.

    I end now my dear friends with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy