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  • a TRUMPET is blown

    is when a revelation, a vision or a word is made known...

    ''Every Breath I take
    Every Move i make''

    is governed by that TRUMPET.

    The move we are to make is found in
    2 cor 3 v 18
    read and rejoice, for this is the time, when the wrestling match begins.... and... how do i know this
    well... tonight the USA wrestling WWE SMACKDOWN team is in Brisbane and at great expense my family is going to see them.
    on my birth-date~!
    SO I HAVE CONFIRMATION... wrestling time has arrived. That trumpet is sounding. IT IS TIME TO GO TO PENUEL.

    Penuel, what is Penuel, what is the wrestling?

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    gateways/ vortex...what can we call it?

    Penuel-the face of God.

    a gateway and vortex... a meshing of divine energy~!

    Because in his wrestling JACOB LEARNT how he could be changed.
    How to have a name change, from a 'con artist' into a PRINCE OF GOD.
    As he wrestled, he became aware that change was now possible, [''I shall not let u go till you bless me''] a change of nature, a change of heart, and changed mind, was all a revelation to him at PENUEL.
    He heard the TRUMPET... and HE MOVED WITH ITS SOUND. amen
    Seeing this ''ladder'' [the secret of the stairs] in one of the great things, Jesus Christ will show to us.
    He will send us WISDOM, to reveal to us ''greater things''.
    John 14.v.12.
    Jesus takes us out from our ''in part'' order and into the fullness of His wisdom.
    the INPART, is the weaker realm, and we leave this place and go into the deeper realms of the Spirit as we Hear His trumpet calling us...


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      is waring against the insanity of our carnal mind.... we wrestle against.....
      the carnal thinking in us, destroys us, therefore we are to wrestle against this form of thinking...

      Every form of thinking, that injects itself into our mind, that does not glorify our best for Jesus Christ and His resurrection life has to be DISMISSED.
      IF we wish to ascend up thru the vortex of divine energy, we have to have a divine mind.
      to be practical...

      Our mind has 2 lobes the right and the left...
      each side plays a role in our life and is designed for different actions....but.... there seems to be a wall of separation between them, that is why we function only using 10%... but... when we practice this ''wrestling'' game with our soulwife Eve, and draw her into the love of the Spritual man within, we become ONE i.e. married.

      The spiritual man, the husband and the help-meet Eve soul, the wife, HAVE BECOME ONE FLESH...
      This ONLY CAN HAPPEN as we put on the mind of Christ.
      Ofcourse, not many people seem to be able to switch... but... what happens is, when we practice the mind of Christ, over our daily situations ''allowed'' there for a purpose, we balance the right side and the left side so they become harmonious to each other.

      When this happens, we begin to think very differently about stuff, and slowly but surely we gain WISDOM.
      This wisdom has been lost to us, but we can pray for it and then receive it.
      YES people might be adults, but in truth, just children in wrinkly bodies, for the thinking of man is a childish form of insanity.
      This wisdom is the same wisdom that was given to Solomon and the whole world was astonished at this man and what he knew...
      when we do this 'new creature' thinking like Messiah, we get altered, the whole of our body will be transformed and turned into light, once we get it ''right'' so that our minds shall no longer be corrupted.
      so... basically how we think will kill us, or, made us the IMAGE of Messiah.

      Jacob, came into this revelation, and had his name [character] changed into a prince.
      SO DO WE~!

      In the matrix, one of the main featues of this film was on MIND CHANGE... and once Neo was able to switch his thinking processes, he grew and became a different person, very capable to be an amazing man.

      The energy that is released when the 2 lobes are co-functioning correctly is like the walk of Jesus Christ... those higher up standards become 'the norm'.

      IF you look into our own life, you will see your'e ''injected'' with negative thinking, at different times thru your day... sometimes it is as soon as u wake up... negatives shall swarm into your mind,
      other times,
      it is from what people have said to you thru the day... you have taken in their word SEED and let it grow, when that evil should have been resisted and turned away~!
      look at the time-table when your'e mind is abused... and then TURN THE TABLES by allowing Christ to take that thinking pattern captive.
      you have to practice this.. and it is not easy and breezy but hard, BUT, once u begin, the RELEASE is such a blessing.
      Learn to switch over, this switching allows a higher energy to flow, that washes away the evil negative.
      It is like a whirlwind or a twister looking thing, forms on top of our head and blasts that crushing heaviness away.
      Learn to really wrestle, and use the power and might of Christ and you will find your releasing [in stages] comes and your'e changed... you are filled with LIFE no matter what your'e age... your young and vital and ALIVE AND is like the years fall away and time becomes no more.

      Everything about you changes, you begin to see differently and hear differently and one thing i notice sometimes is when people speak to us that is like abusing or rude, it is like their lips are moving, but we cannot really hear what they are saying... it is like a PEACE AND PURITY overtakes us.. as if we are sudenly SHELTERED from all harrassing.
      Somethings are very hard to explain, but it is like ''we'' are disappearing and the new creature is appearing - a temple not made with hands.
      This new creature thinks in a new way, they are NOT MOVED by evil that surrounds them, the evil is still there BUT, they have become HIGHER than that secondary thing called vanity.

      vanity....The Word says ''all creation is subjected to this vanity''...roms 8 v 20
      have u ever thought about this word.
      VANITY...and being subjected to vanity.

      well...WE ARE TO BE RELEASED, from our personal vanity.

      vanity is Gr...mataiotes....= disappointing misery......

      When we wrestle, we loose OUR DISAPPOINTING MISERY... and as we do this wrestling we receive the redemption of our body.
      saved by hope.


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        special diet

        to loose our vanity , our disappointing misery, we have to learn to eat from the Master;s table.... not ordinary food but hidden food that sets us firm on the foundaton of Truth, so that NOTHING can move us from this base.

        when we eat this special hidden manna daily we become PLANTED, in the Lord, planted in HIS WISDOM that is more precious than rubies.
        these hidden mannas must be sought BY US and then unveiled TO US,
        that vanity shall vanish, disappointing misery shall cease and FULL TRUE LIFE, will reign inside us.

        Our release comes, when we wrestle with our own nature, and suddenly understand that our disappointing misery comes from our own thinking, our own negativity, our own lost dreams,- this darked vanity is IN us and so we have seek futher into us, to find out how to have AN UNWAVERING ABILITY to trust and believe, and never doubt TRUTH again.= "If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light''

        JACOB DID THIS... his name was changed... his vanity of a supplanter, was changed into A PRINCE.- he lost his disappointed misery~!

        CAN U DO THIS?
        can you become MORE PRECIOUS than rubies so all vanity ceases to be there. can u Stop this cursed thing that is holding you down like a slave to its bidding!

        ''YES''... said Lucy, we can IN Christ~!,

        vanity - disappointing misery, comes from pondering over evil.
        In Our real life aka THE TRUTH we always are contemplating on the Eternal Word, as it is unveiled as a harmonious universe, watered by the River of God.

        JACOB FOUND HIS OWN INNER HARMONY...he STEPPED OUT FROM VANITY and into harmony and name change.
        It took me such a long time to understand this inner peace and how to rest, and just be patient [patience perfects] and leave my vanities at the feet of Messiah. I wished i had not been so long-winded over this process but sharp of hearing but alas i was not, but, at last i found out i must have harmony with the Word of God over all things in my daily life. I cannot live in my own reasoning, feelings, and will.

        When our personal vanity is decreasing and we are lean NOT ON OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, i have found we can LIVE OUTSIDE of vanity -disappointing misery... IT IS LIKE there is a wall /hedge that takes us OUTSIDE of ourselves and out from our problems and we view them from the ETERNAL WORD that says ''BE ANXIOUS for nothing''
        This is because we are learning to be in an undivided consciousness.
        Be anxious for nothing.. who can do this? when there are a billion things to be anxious over? ONLY A MIND that is being changed over, into the full divine mind of Messiah...BE ANXIOUS.. for nothing... why? because HE now is in control NOT US.
        Our mind is in harmony with THE WORD OF GOD.
        the blessed relief is a joy unspeakable, as evil is loosing its power over us to the GLORY OF OUR SAVIOUR AND KING, Jesus Christ amen

        I cease to serve my old king (the false separated mind), now I see the Lord manifesting Himself.