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Satan is loosing a generation .......

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  • LucySmith
    hey RicoEL

    i love Joshua and Caleb. too...
    to me these 2 men are such an example of overcomers, and who have left their mark upon the Word of The Lord as divine excouragements to a people who shall follow them... they are A WITNESS that is for sure.
    Also the 2 olive trees... i once went out and bought an olive tree and put it in my front garden, near the curb, so everyone could see this olive tree.
    I lived in a rain forest at that time, so everything grew with great speed.
    Well this olive tree took off and just kinda grew and grew like u would never believe. I sold my house and i did not wish too, but the shop was so busy i had no time for this house and land cuz it was 1/2 acre.. and so the last time i saw this tree it had taken off like a jack-and-the bean-stalk.... i wonder if it ever reached up into the heavens...
    olive trees, ARE very fasinating, and SO is their message.

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  • LucySmith
    the cloak... from an ''angel- of -light''

    is a satanic cloak.
    Religion is dressed in this cloak for it fails TO RE-PRODUCE the Christ [the Messiah = the anointed power of God] life within religious people.

    ONLY LOVE OF THE TRUTH, can re-produce the fruit of a divine life and once the Truth is compromised, it is no longer THE TRUTH.
    Remember as u sit on the pew on saturday/sunday 'the way' has been compromised for centuries , so the TRUTH is not there but the ''angel -of- light'' is.... He showing you how to wear the OUTSIDE garment = that garment called ''looking good before others''.

    This artifical garment , completely disguises THE REAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION needed to spiritually survive and escape so great a deception.

    A religious life is a strained life and an artificial life.
    It has rules that divide and cause strife, These ''rules'' mostly dont wish to be obeyed by people, cuz they are not given in LOVE [AGAPE] but by the Nicolatian spirit... that spirit of one person LORDING IT OVER another., telling you, how you should think to comform with them... but...''the them''... never dwell in the same walk as Christ.
    Gandi saw thru this whole facade~!HE SAW CHRIST OF THE N.T. BUT FAILED to see Christ in its preachers.
    He loved the CHRIST of the NT~!
    That Prince of Peace, his country so badly needed as it was being savagely raped by others claiming ''christian heritages''.

    People, who never discover the MYSTERY OF LIFE...always pillage others ~!
    pillage - to deprive another,
    to plunder
    to rob
    to rape and destroy .

    Pew people are a pillaged people., yet, they cannot discern this is so~!
    The 'angel- of -light' BEGUILES, seduces, and mesmerises them as a snake to a rabbit~!

    The purpose of a christian is '' that others may KNOW the Lord''.... Gandi did not thru the veiwpoint of what he saw ''church-christian-life'' manifesting before him.

    Did he measure just one group, or was it an overall observation? meaning His total consensus of an overall opinion he had formed.

    well, HE WAS CORRECT on all points for 1 corn 1 v 10 ... says
    yet there are 33,000+ divisions that call themselves ''christian'' in DIRECT REBELLION to the N.T. standand OF unity of Spirit.

    If you have 'come out from' YOU WILL NEED to repent, wipe the slate clean... begin again to walk in the same footsteps as the 12 disciples did... and it is only then you will hear ''YOU HAVE BEEN CREATED OF A SPECIAL PURPOSE'' - ''He has something in mind to make of me''... shall be your discernment.

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  • israelthebride
    You are ON HOLY SPIRIT.

    our GOD YHSHWH will have to force our hand
    into dropping everything to FOLLOW/SUBMIT to HIM.
    The "mark".

    Anyone that accepts it will be damned
    anyone who refuses it
    will not be able to buy or sell anything on earth.
    The refusers will be cut off from all world systems
    and will need to rely on GOD YHSHWH for everything.

    Please read:
    The "mark"

    of JOSHUA (EPHRAIM) and CALEB (JUDAH), together.
    These are the FATHERS of the Two WITNESSES,
    the Two OLIVE TREES.

    This is what I have BIBLICALLY, on the Two WITNESSES:


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  • LucySmith

    living inside a religion, [made from the minds of men, ] we shall find strife and division [ 1 corn 1 v 10] because the foundation is based upon rebellion and of a divided house.

    Spiritual religious raping and molesting is evident in....

    a mind, that cannot enter into the ONE ACCORD with another
    a mind that cannot trust and Lean only Upon the Lord of Glory,
    a mind unable to have faithfullness,
    a mind that cannot be obedience to the Word of God,
    a mind that is wavering
    a mind that still doubts,
    a mind that is still filled with unbelief....

    This programme of systematic indoctrination is then PASSED onto the family...those we treasure most SUFFER, from our failure to heed the real living voice of OUR SAVIOUR, SAYING,


    what changed?

    we did not drop everything - we followed men,
    strange men, with strange ideas and even stranger lives... YET.... our raping continued as we made excuses for the leader's excesses and failure to teach THE WALK OF CHRIST in the midst of their congregations.

    They were unable to for they failed the walk themselves...they are spiritual cripples themselves and passed it onto others.... they were tainted by carnality and like a virus their taintedness sprayed over our families till Father had mercy and saw the hearts of His people and LIKE DAVID, He knew out there was a generation who had A HEART just for Him.

    satan had overplayed his hand....he suffered ADS [attention deficate syndrome]
    he sent far too many ''angels of light'' and the pure of heart,[Ps 110. 1 v 1-4] caught the wiff, of the rotten stink of religious corruptions... and escaped.. as Abba
    sent out His call... into the hearts of men for His purpose ''FOLLOW ME'' and they did....
    THEY ARE CALLED..................
    men and women who were/are TAUGHT THE TRUTH, by the King of Kings, and they loved it, so they did not suffer from any strong delusion.

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic Satan is loosing a generation .......

    Satan is loosing a generation .......

    The VICTORIOUS generation is called THE OVERCOMERS...
    These same people ARE mentioned in the middle verse of the book of Revelation see Rev 12 v 11... these people have come out from
    no 11 [Bible numerics] - chaos and disorder,
    to enter into
    No 12 [bible numerics] - the governmental authority of the kingdom of God.

    A 'called out people' who are coming out from RELIGIOUS MOLESTATIONS... and into the purity of the Word of God obeyed.

    It is time to figure out if our mind is being spiritually raped.. i.e.. our lives shall bear the fruits of such a raping and such a spiritual molestation...
    If we have turned away, and seek the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, being called out for a divine purpose, and being separated from everything called corruptions.

    satan has OVERPLAYED his hand.
    The LIE of the Matrix is being revealed to a generation of people who have had a gut-full of talk and not walk, and have TURNED ASIDE, to seek the Kingdom of heaven within them by sitting at the feet of their Saviour [see John 7]i.e.- Jesus went up to the temple IN SECRET, and learning what HE SAYS, just like He trained up the 12.

    The Joshuas and the Calebs are arising, [Arise and Shine for thy light has come- training for transfiguation called metamoorphoo]and these ones, have no fear about the days ahead, as they are trained up HOW TO ENTER IN, and also HOW THEIR REAL LIVING FATHER, named Abba, is there walking beside them, making a way, where there seems no way. They are walking with HIM as Enoch walked with God and ''was not.''

    IT IS ALL ABOUT, a.s.c.e.n.s.i.o.n. or BEING ALIVE, at His appearing IN His temple.
    In the power of His resurrection [Phil 3] we' re taught [John 7] how to ASCEND, into the power of living in the realm of the Kingdom of God.

    If, your'e being spiritually molested and religiously raped by the system, you are stagnant, like a rape victim, never arriving, because of inbuilt carnal doubt and carnal unbelief, and remaining carnally self sufficent, but still 'ever' learning.

    This 'ever-learning' never achieves the Goal of MATURITY AND GROWING UP into perfection.

    the GOAL...
    conquering the STING OF DEATH, to become the hope of GLORY