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  • 03-01-2006

    God first

    wrote 03-01-2006
    1. O, O, and O how my God loves you my dear friends has I sat here ready to tell you things that will blessed some while others will not even understand the true love that comes from my God, his beloved son the Christ, and me just another believer that reaches to hear from above just to share with each of you.
    2. May the grace of God blessed your life with grace, peace, and comfort from God the Father, from Jesus the Savior that became Christ the Lord, and from all the household of God by the blood line of spirit.
    3. Now I could spend hours telling you of the deep love God has for you but I will just spend a short time on it. Look at the heavens were your telescopes have not found to end to its glory, your God put that in place just so your earth would stray in place for you to be blessed.
    4. You see your eyes can not even see to the end of the heaven so you and me will never see the full love God has for us with our fleshly eyes but our spiritual eyes can begin to see it and when they have their new body at the return of Christ they will and the blessing will be big by dear friends.
    5. Now that I have show you the love of God in a way that shows how big it is above your wildest dreams lets talk about the love of Christ. Look Christ gave his life by his free will just so you and me would have a choice to pick life or death.
    6. Now Christ could of said no but he did no, the most he ever did was ask God why but when God ask us to do things we put it off because of what others might think or say.
    7. I did that for a long time because I fear what others would say and do but its not what others say or think but its what is loving and right to do.
    8. Now we can not understand this love Christ had and has for us but we will the same day we understand God’s love for us and we will say something like O my blessings.
    9. O what a blessing that day will be when we read the heart of our God as he reads our hearts. When we read the heart of Christ and each other it will be the great day of hearts loving each other with pure love.
    10. Now lets talk about the temptations that the world will bring on to us. We may be mock for doing what God tells us to do. We may be laugh at by some, some may pock fun at us to make them feel big, some may even say they want to kill us, some may even try, and may do things above what I can dream of but fear not because my God and his Christ stand with you as they watch over you my dear friends. With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.