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  • 02-27-2006

    God first
    Here I sat reaching up to my beloved brother the Christ the seed planted in me to give me a new birth from flesh kind to spirit kind.

    O how I long to see you face to face so I can give you a hug of love and build your believing up by sharing the love I have for my God one on one to you my dear friend.

    Now I come to God has a young child with child like love for each and every one of you my dear friends and I tell you come to God as a child too. For as a child your heart is open to receive the love of God.

    For a child does not try to understand the love his or her parents give to the child but the child just enjoys the love as he loves the parents back.

    The child trust his parents the way we need to trust our God the creator of all things and the our brother the Christ in us.

    At times we think we understand things in and around this old world but we are still learning the simplest things about love from our God.

    We are like the child that some call slow or at least that way when it comes to understanding things of the spirit like the blessing we receive by the Christ in us.

    For there are gifts of the spirit for us to use just like the child has toys to play with to help them learn how to use their hands and other things.

    I tell you long to use these gifts and the best way to learn them is first learn to hear you God and his son talk to you one on one.

    One can do this by asking God or Christ question after question until you learn the sound of the loving voice of God and his son the Christ.

    I must stop here but I will write again soon my dear friends. With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.