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The TRUE walk, is KNOWING the POWER of His resurrection

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  • The TRUE walk, is KNOWING the POWER of His resurrection

    PHIL 3...
    throw everything you have ever learnt away.........................
    THROW out every religious book printed by man, with a copyright.....
    Remove from your mind, every idea that some man has told you to believe in...
    Throw away every bible helps and commentaries, men have said ''this is so''... and you believe them.


    spend ONE MONTH in Holy Spirited bible knowledge on learning HOW TO KNOW, ====== THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION..... as per Phil 3...

    you don't know anything till YOU KNOW THIS...
    everything else is as dung...
    till you come into the Holy Understanding of RESURRECTION are religious and lifeless and dead and just a talker.

    ''oooch Lucy that's a little ruff, easy on girl easy now'' some shall say...

    YES...i am being super tuff..

    consider this plz...

    you are standing infront of a person, who has just pierced out the eyes of a live bullock without an once of guilt, and the beastly man and his beast victim are both groaning creation... and right infront of you, you are asked By the Lord ''FEED MY SHEEP''..

    how shall you do it?
    How shall you remain OUTSIDE this vilness, and ABOVE this situation and still be effective in a releasing Ministry...............

    The ONLY POWER that shall be yours to convert all groaning creation is the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION [phil 3]
    no other power shall do IT...

    Do not think groaning creation shall be a push over...oh is YOU who SHALL BE CHANGED NOT THEM.... they are still there = the walking wounded and nothing shall revive them BUT RESURRECTION LIFE of MESSIAH flowing out from you.

    you see, the power OF HIS RESURRECTION is anchored in LOVE... and... there is NO greater thing in this world or this universe than LOVE...
    IT HAS POWER, like no other...LOVE IS THE greatest and the highest PRINCIPLE element... and there is NO way, groaning creation can be released UNTIL TRUE LOVE, finds home in an earthen vessel.

    Phil 3 IS A BLAZING LIGHT,- and- the very foundation walk of Jesus Christ.

    If you do this one thing.. BE A SURRENDERED UP EARTHEN VESSEL,
    [PS 110.V1-4]
    Expect the best, that...
    HE shall flow thru you, and restore the blinded bullock and make the beast-man weep with repentence, so bad, he shall never return to that sinfilled life again..this beast within this man shall see MESSIAH, MANIFESTING OUT IN YOU, and your eye shall glow, with an overwhelming love, so that the darkness shall flee all because RESURRECTION POWER has been released thru you, In love.

    Abba Father is not looking for old worn out war horses,
    old religious wimps
    BUT an army OF OVERCOMERS WHO SHAKE HELLS GATES AND RELEASE EVERY CAPTIVE that groans under the defilements of rebellion.
    BUT FIRST, we have to LEARN how to be walking in RESURRECTION power, the same power that raised up Christ from the dead...

    phil 3 - the highest power one can walk in.
    We have to come into an understanding of how it is done,
    how to carry such power, and how to minister out IN such a power. amen
    otherwise.. it is a waste of OUR time.

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    The moment our spirit, soul and body are flowing in the harmonious state for which God created them, then all warfare and battle will end.
    We have to break our bonds and ways of thinking with a whole way of life that has been handed down from generations, too distant to even recall;
    we have been enslaved to this way of thinking all the days of our lives.

    We have to break the cycle of this way of living and take on the full nature of Messiah. In so doing, we then bring about the universal gathering of God’s people so that we can complete the mission that is ours as God’s army.


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      the title of 'king'

      under the KING OF KINGS...
      I was reading about King David today, and if we can have opened eyes there is a pattern there about KINGSHIP in the Kingdom of God, under the King of Kings.
      I noticed David says in Ps 119 v 19
      ''i am a STRANGER in the earth,HIDE NOT,thy commandments from me''
      To be a King under the King of Kings we are to be or become STRANGERS to this world, and then the Lord shall not HIDE HIS COMMANDMENTS from us.
      could it be...
      ''if we are NOT strangers to this world, HIS COMMANDMENTS are hidden''?
      see 2 corn 4 v 3 for our answer.
      King David, says ''deal bountifully with Thy servant that I MAY LIVE, and keep Thy word- ONLY a person becoming a stranger to this world, shall understand this plea.

      A king shall be asked to be quickened in Thy righteousness, v40.
      Quickened, Thou me INTO YOUR WAYS v37.
      A King will pray to walk in LIBERTY as they seek His precepts.v 45.
      THIS WORLD, is becoming a SHADOW, to the real realm of living, to this king, learning to live under the Lordship of the King of Kings...the SHADOWS are passing away, they are no longer being feared, as they are turning to vapour.
      the king is being quickened the king is moving into the power of His resurrection life,[phil 3] and learning how to move with this power, as a servant and an earthen vessel.

      this person is a stranger to most other men.
      this person is no longer their own persona.
      this person is not from here now, but from above,- a land of the higher order, the land of living glories.
      this person is expected to live in a different realm, yet, learn to administer here.
      we have to ask are we ''different'' ?

      a king, Has a destiny to conquer.= he is a SUBDUE - ER.
      THE REASON, the king, was first conquered by THE KING OF KINGS.. amen


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        I am HE WHO LIVETH, and was dead, and Behold ~![look and wonder over this] I am ALIVE forevermore,amen, and HAVE THE KEYS of hell and of death''
        Keys can LOCK OR UNLOCK.

        JESUS CAN UNLOCK, death from us....

        could this ''death'' BE UNLOCKED for us....

        by learning to live IN THE POWER of His resurrection life...
        BY, becoming His image....THE HOPE OF GLORY= when ''death'' sees the Image of Christ DWELLING RICHLY WITHIN US... it has to flee, because the KEY HAS BEEN USED by Christ, that unlocks resurrection life.


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          again consider

          what could be '' the seal of God upon their foreheads"?

          do you think ''the seal'' would be KNOWING EXACTLY HOW to walk like His son and in His image...and in the exact same power.

          do you think, anything less, would be considered ''a seal''...

          do u remember at the wedding of Cana [Jesus 1st miracle performed] that the water in the jars was filled to the brim.

          THE Governor of the Feast said in part ''.......''Thou hast kept the GOOD WINE till now''.

          IS OUR eathen vessel, filled to the brim with RESURRECTION LIFE...
          Is our carnal mind being dis-lodged so much so, that DIVINE LIGHT POURS INTO it, renewing it daily?

          resurrection LIFE, fills us up, to the brim of our earthen vessel so
          all we have to do, is say NO~! and mean it, to our carnal mindedness or our own pig-headedness.

          A PIG is an unclean animal
          the carnal mind is unsound and unclean too.
          pig-headed - unclean and unsound mind- or put another way - insanity~!

          are we INSANE or SEALED


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            the power of His resurrection


            It is a NEW creature made out from a formed creation and then placed into A HIGHER REALM OF 'BE'-ING~!
            This new creature, this new being REPRESENTS a MAN, walking with God, in the fullness of incorruptable life that Father has made available for all men, who will Believe HIM and Obey HIM~!