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have you ever had a person BE THERE just for you.

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  • have you ever had a person BE THERE just for you.

    have you?
    have you ever had a wife, a husband, a pal, a child, a leader, who simply IS THERE, just for you.

    there is always harmony in their presence
    no matter what is happening out there, that person just UNDERSTANDS you.

    It is like they are your other 1/2.
    and when you meet there is a clicking into place, cuz that person is somehow ''bound'' into our own persona.

    Everyone thinks their wife or husband, their child, their good friends is this type of person, but, mostly they are not, YES, they can be ''there for you'' for a while, but, they are not there always.

    With that person you can sit with them and know their heart, as they know yours, know their dreams and desires and needs as they know yours.
    It is like a person joined to another person who has come home.

    Not many people find another person they relate to like that.

    that special person will always lift u up, even when you appear a fool before them, they shall have a reason for your foolishness that is kind and caring.
    The way this world is structured, most people from the womb to their tomb feel '' i am on my own''., in many ways.
    They are so lonely for the company of another person who understands Just them and their dreams.

    i was thinking of this today...
    My mind was on CARING PROPERLY for another person...or many other people, and to be there, just for them.

    I do believe a saint is being prepared by the Lord, just to be such a friend,
    a very personal caring friend, to people He places before them, no matter who or what they are.
    When groaning creation is groaning, much pain is being felt, therefore the pain gets less and ceases to be, when there is another to share and to bear that Load.
    I DO THINK, THIS IS THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE TRUE GOSPEL.. that each person is extremely precious and not to be regarded lightly.

    People have hearts, that are so easily broken
    JESUS CAME TO RESTORE AND MEND those broken hearts,
    i do believe HIS PEOPLE shall grow and mature to be the same

    A people who are ''just there'' just for you amen

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    SHE is the ONE WHO is here for me
    because SHE was GIVEN to me by GOD YHSHWH.
    I AM here for HER
    not because of anything SHE does
    because GOD YHSHWH PLACED HER here for me.
    I AM to TREAT HER as HIS GIFT to me.

    No one can live up to be as GOD IS with me.
    No one can BE GOD, only GOD YHSHWH.
    HIS GIFT of my WIFE, to me,
    Which results into my BEST WITNESS; my WIFE.

    SHE, in turn, WITNESSES to my SON
    as my SON WITNESS as to WHO I AM to HIS MOTHER.
    These are my WITNESSES to my GOD YHSHWH
    and to HIS PEOPLE.

    It is not who is here for me
    WHO am I here for?


    The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

    I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
    That is why I SAVED YOU.
    For ME.



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      yes and amen RicoEL, you are most blessed.

      Jesus Christ came to bind up the broken hearted.
      I SEE THAT ''Bind'' is a doing word of action,
      also it seems to say ''bind'' has a time element attatched to it
      as mending that is not automatic and fast, but time consuming..

      TO BIND-UP takes work and time.
      it is like a broken heart takes time to bind with cords of love to be mended again.


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        This Is Really Good!

        Hi Lady Lucy,

        This is really good!

        Sincerely, Ab
        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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          i was seeking a scripture for what i am learning today

          about BEING THERE just for another person forever.....

          i found this one

          1 Samuel 18:1-3 “Now when he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.
          (2) Saul took him that day, and would not let him go home to his father's house anymore.
          (3) Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.”
          ''loved him as his own soul''

          I dont really feel too many people in this world care in such a way as King David did for his friend.


          I do believe the Lord will have His saints CARE for another in this way.
          IT IS PART OF OUR JOURNEY and is the Gospel [ meaning the goodnews standard] of the kingdom.

          I know i have to be this type of person, - i am thinking this divine caring is an attribute of a king.


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            cont....24th 2nd 2006...did you see that word????

            the soul of Jonathan was KNIT to the soul of David,
            KNITTED together like a GARMENT~!

            I noticed, as i am mediating and wondering about this KNITTING together on the
            24th of the 2nd 2006. suddenly i found
            IT is an interesting group of numbers 24/2/2006 [thats how we write our date here in Australia]
            when i look at this grouping of the date
            24 -- is the offspring, the priesthood, the elect,
            no 2 is witnesses
            2006 = adds up to 8 -resurrection life and new beginnings.

            could i be so bold as to say this with certainity...

            Father shall KNIT His elect together in RESURRECTION life, so that THEY CARE AND SHARE together, and they are simply THERE, for each other.

            The reason is, that by being knitted together, [ like David and his friend,] they have no veneer, no guile, no agendas, no ego, no carnal tactics of manipulation, towards each other... and... the carnal feeling of ''love verses rejections and hurts'' has been REMOVED, from each heart.

            that SOMEONE who is there JUST FOR YOU, actually is YOU just being there for them too.

            That person, your real other 1/2 and friend is A GARMENT OF LIGHT, they conceal nothing from you, as you conceal nothing from them.
            No darkness can hide, in such a light bearing relationship.
            The kings, UNDER THE KING OF KINGS, have to be LIGHT, shining in a dark place~! They are nothing like the kings of this world and nothing like the people of this world. But first they have to move into this caring realm and matured into ''BEING JUST THERE FOR OUR FRIEND'', in brotherly love... as we are always JUST THERE, FOR OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.


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              the bible records that these 2 people are KNITTED 2gether

              that is ONE AWESOME relationship/friendship...
              I cannot get over this word is IN MY MIND.. as a FIXED THING.. A TRUTH THAT SHALL NEVER BE MOVED out from.

              so... i am to think outside the square..
              how i love this style of thinking.

              I AM GOING TO dwell on this word KNIT.. the knitting of the soul to another.

              Now i am going backwards, to retrace my thinking...
              All people LONG for a person to love/fellowship/ relationship whatever we wish to call it with another person WHO IS THEIR OTHER 1/2...most do not find this person,[yet they think they do for a time, till it goes sour] so all their lives it will seem ''they are on their own and have missed out''.
              the whole idea of relationship/fellowship is to be with someone like yourself who watches over you, as you watch over them and has our best interests at heart...

              i now shall tell i am thinking.

              THIS IS THE LONGING OF OUR SPIRIT.... for.... when we use our deceived soul-wife our eve's thinking ''this is it'' it is NOT, generally [there are sometimes exceptions that is why it is so hard to figure this out.]

              There was a song years ago, that was so touching it was called ''WE ALMOST MADE IT, DIDN'T WE GIRL''...that is what happens over and over and over,
              the LOSS OF EXPECTATION,
              THE hard to bear~!
              this is a part of the syndrome of a broken heart...[not all ofcourse but a part] for when there is a loss incurred somewhere along the line it is a form of BETRAYAL.


              So the whole expectation from each person is to be knitted to someone/or others, JUST to BE THERE for them.... but... it seldom comes to pass.

              i feel this is so big an issue i am writting about and an issue as saints of the Most High God, we have to come to fully understand.
              [ps i have not got every dot dotted on this OK]

              what we have longed for and what we get is 2 very different things, BUT, this never stops the expectation, the longing of perfected relationship/FELLOWSHPPING and that '''' FOREVER TAG'''''' that goes with it.
              now... to my revelation.

              I think [only an opinion] IT IS OUR SPIRIT, CRYING OUT IN US ALL, [every person born on this planet, --- it is an age old mystery, no one has cracked open] FOR ANOTHER LIKE SPIRIT TO BE KNITTED TOGETHER, SO THAT HARMONY FLOWS AND BALANCE IS RESTORED TO US. = a perfect union of souls. together to create CARING~!

              we are ALL in a family...yet.... a family is destroyed by wrong harmony flowing.

              so back to my thinking.
              KING DAVID, found a soul who was KNITTED to his soul.
              KNITTED... KNIT, is n action a doing word and KNITING MAKES A GARMENT..
              we need to be making FELLOWSHIP GARMENTS...


              THIS kniting together of our soul correctly has to be when our soul is ceasing to be DECEIVED...
              THIS kniting together HAS AN ENDING THAT IS...... TO BECOME.........

              GARMENT OF LIGHT.

              WHY? because this type of caring/sharing is divinely ordained [as originally intended] and the soul in each person connected has become A HELP-MEET and no longer an enemy and no longer in deception.

              when one soul is knitted into another soul THEY MAKE ONE WHOLE PERSON.
              2 halves re-joined... the SPIRIT TALKING TO HIS SPIRIT not spirit talking to soul... or soul talking to soul...

              fellow-ship is 2 words... a fellow and a ship...
              we are to be a fellow who finds their ship... that carries them out from a carnal relationship and into the divine oneness.
              they have become a garment~!
              THE CORDS THAT MEND THE HEART, are cords of perfected harmony... like a opera being played out where there is discord at all.

              I LOVE 2 WORDS..
              and now


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       with the enemy


                most people wind up living with an enemy, it can be a wife, a husband a child, children, a good pal, a girl friend or boy friend or a good neighbour... somehow and in some way ''OFFENSES'' occur, and these ''ships'' sail away into the night.
                This is because it is all a carnal-based expectation on a relationship, mostly a selfish one as ''self'' intrudes and gets in the way of wanting ''their rights'', and '' you dont understand me'' cycle.

                I have had lots of practice here, as i deal with many people [because of my work]and view others lives, as well as my own life lived with large family and a few friends.
                When i create a bouquet of flowers, i think all about the flowers i will use before i create it. I think of the person's request, their likes and the colours they have choosen, then i blend together their request, just the way they wished it to be.
                I choose the main flowers first and then the lesser flowers and i make the main flowers stand out, by raising them up into a higher level so that they are the first to be seen.
                to me, my work in flowers is how......
                I like to fashion my life,
                for no-one can ever find a fault with a i said before, no one can hate a flower... and maybe some day NO ONE shall hate the Truth, for IN THE TRUTH LIVES true LIFE, and when true LIFE IS CORRECTLY EXPLAINED, HOW CAN ANYONE hate real life?
                ... but...
                it is IN the explanation and the how this REAL LIFE is lived out before all men
                It has to be in harmony and balance, rather than in choas and hostility.

                So, I create a HARMONY AND a BALANCE, so that my bouquet looks perfect to the receiver... and using this as an example i do believe that is how a garment of Light, knitted together is created... for a divine purpose.

                KNITTED TOGETHER, a garment of light, contains NO hostility and no chaos.
                this morning i was eating my breakfast in a restaurant with my family and i was thinking over all i was being taught and the Lord reminded me of 2 people, and as soon as He did this I REMEMBERED my lessons way back on


                I used to hire out their old movies and watch them dance,[ i am fasinated with dancing, i love it so much] time and time again i would see how they united together to form perfect harmony to the senses and each time i watched these old re-played movies I KNEW, [the spirit in me knew] that their dance in the natural had very spiritual lessons, that needed to be learnt.

                I veiwed these movies over and over, till one day, i found a comment from Fred Astaire, in an old movie mag and he said this

                Ginger Rogers and I practice and practice, hour after hour, day in and day out we go thru our routines, so much work goes into our dance behind the scenes, for our 10mins of glory that is staged on the film.
                KNITTED TOGETHER as a garment of Glory -takes practice...for INSIDE THIS GLORY GARMENT OF LIGHT, no darkness can remain...relationship/fellowship is PERFECTED with PRACTICE.

                as example
                Elijah and Elisha... spirit joined to spirit - REPRODUCED MANY DIVINE RENTS, that showed forth the real realm of the invisible, that affected many people.
                Elijah said to Elisha [ 5 times i think said ] ''DONT COME WITH ME'', but Elisha said ''I will follow you'' and... The glory was the result for these united men who were joined in fellowship.

                what of the 3 men, in the firey Furnace,[ Daniel 3,] they where there JUST FOR EACH OTHER... AND THE GLORY CAME... and death was diverted.

                What of Joshua and Caleb, 2 men there just for each other, in balanced harmony, beating the odds against their nation of KNOWING how to enter into the PROMISED LAND.

                Gideon and his 300 soldiers were there JUST FOR EACH OTHER, and the nation's enemy was destroyed.

                As maturing saints, we have to come into that place, where we no longer live with the enemy....,i.e the unbalanced relationships, the chaos and cruelity of broken hearts... we are to learn to FELLOW-SHIP by spirit talking to spirit, and become practiced being covered WITH LIFE AND LIGHT in this divinely knitted garment. amen


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                  Our New Garment!

                  Hi Lady Lucy,

                  Wow! This really speaks to me, and you know why! If this were American Idol, I would surely judge that you are going all the way, my Lady.

                  My heart has been broken. I understand the hurt that comes from betrayal, and I know that betrayal ends the relationship because it means that belief has departed. It is a wonderful thing to believe in another person. It is just as wonderful to have another person believe in you.

                  Messiah has entered into a relationship with us because he saw something in us that he wanted knitted to himself despite all our filthy rags. Messiah began this relationship through unrelenting intense suffering. Messiah suffered our sin because sin is all that we could at first bring to the relationship.

                  Messiah then transformed our sin into righteousness though the Cross. This is not easy to understand. Paul writes about it a whole lot, and he calls this gift of righteousness, grace. It terms of your analogy concerning knitting. Messiah used the threads (our individual sins) from our garments (our filthy selfish life styles) as the border of the new garment that he is weaving. How could sin be knitted into a glorious new permanent garment?

                  These treads could be used as the fringe or border because in the skillful right hand of Messiah all our sins become righteousness.

                  Sin is righteousness through the Cross, and only righteousness can be used in the new garment.

                  If my eyes are opened to this new relationship into which I have been knitted through the Cross, what is my response? I want more! I want to be more that just the fringe. I desire to be knitted into the garment itself, and I think that this is where your skillful hand and the skillful hands of others are necessary for my full inclusion in the new garment. I don't know, but I don't think that I can knit myself into the garment. I must trust other likeminded knitters for my inclusion according to the pattern set by Messiah. So I must knit for others, and others must knit for me.

                  As you say, this takes practice, and through practice comes perfection. In perfection there is no betrayal. This is a permanent relationship!

                  Please keep graciously knitting for me!

                  Sincerely, Ab
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                    Spying, you always add another dimension to the diamond

                    thank you
                    i am thinking


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                      i see that David and Jonathan, made a ''covenant'' of knitted souls..
                      see 1 sam 18.v.3.
                      i also saw in Judges, 20 v 11 a rather interesting fact..''so all the men of Israel GATHERED against the city KNIT together as ONE MAN.''

                      for someone- to be there ''JUST FOR YOU'' contains POWER~!

                      i have also found that in colossians 3 v 12,13,14. is a command to the ELECT OF GOD, of 9 things to put on.
                      notice the knitted friendship between Joshua and Caleb, these 2 were the only ones TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO DEFEAT THE GIANTS and how to cross over into the promised land.
                      THERE IS POWER IN BEING THERE.. ''JUST FOR YOU''....
                      I AM TELLING THE TRUTH... we get this right - WE GO ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP of the ladder and into the holy of holies. AMEN


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                        HI Lady Lucy,

                        I have told you that I will be there for you (
                        Will you be there for me?

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          Originally posted by Spying
                          HI Lady Lucy,

                          I have told you that I will be there for you (
                          Will you be there for me?

                          Sincerely, Ab
                          I Will Be There For You!


                          Hi Lady Lucy,

                          I have no heart to convince you otherwise than you are already convinced. You are holding fast to a doctrine that is the backbone of Trinitarianism, and I am against Trinitarianism. So, what should I do? Perhaps, I should change your name to Trinity?

                          I have learned that knowledge fails us in many ways. I have already forgotten so many good arguments, and I continue to live just fine without remembering them (While my desk and room are cluttered, my mind is not). I have also found myself to be wrong in my thinking at all times. So my knowledge is imperfect, and it may always be imperfect. I may be forced to depend upon my brothers and sisters for perfection so I have great need of their knowledge and experience.

                          This is what is important to me: The ELOHIM are important to me. When I first stepped forward to publicly write about LIFE NOW in an aggressive manner, you were the first to really lend your voice to mine, and I could tell that you were ahead of me in overcoming. You cannot be in the tradition of overcoming unless you have learned from Messiah. Messiah is in charge of your learning, not I. Messiah is in charge of your progression, not I. So, Trinity, why should I judge Messiah? Both of you are too important to me!

                          Now, if your belief leads to wrong action, and everything begins with belief, then I have a duty to judge the action with the hope of saving your life. Even so, I am also forced to acknowledge that wrong belief can lead to right action; otherwise, I am right now surely dead as I have already admitted that I have found myself to be thinking wrongly at all times.

                          Do I have a bottom line about belief? Yes, I do. LIFE NOW and overcoming are my bottom line. So, Lady Lucy, I am blessed to be with you and others at Messiah's foundation!

                          Accordingly, I may yet write against what you believe, but please understand the spirit in which I do write. You need not change your beliefs for me in order to have my unqualified support in LIFE NOW and in overcoming. I will be there for you!

                          Sincerely, Ab


                          OFCOURSE, i am putty in your hands,, only cuz you think up stuff i never do. You have revelation i do not and
                          I DO APPRECIATE THIS, NO END.

                          as for ''will you be there 4 me'' well umm there are special conditions u know

                          only if your'e rich and almost famous, and have black hair and blue eyes, and wear glasses like Clarke Kent aka SUPERMAN.
                          have an exceedingly nice heart like CALEB. who knew how to kill the giants...
                          I have to admit, i do love the company of GIANT KILLERS, anything less, i consider wimpy.
                          if u say NO to this i am afraid it is ''mission impossible''. and i m off like a rocket taking my 'LIFE NOW'' and '' My virgin birth'' WITH ME ....however i am subject to change THAT IS MY NICEST attribute. I am not set in concrete, but moveable in many areas.
                          NOW to my ''serious lucy'' side
                          LIFE NOW and overcoming are my bottom line. So, Lady Lucy, I am blessed to be with you and others at Messiah's foundation!
                          i will be there Spying.. no doubts about it.. for not too many people grow-up into such a secret mystery...few find eternal life.... YOU HAVE FOUND IT, therefore I HAVE TO HONOUR YOU, AS ABBA FATHER DOES, as He only gives away HIS SECRETS TO HIS FRIENDS.

                          just for the record,
                          i left the methodist church, when i was 24yrs old, in all those 24yrs i never remembered one sermon, after i left church service.
                          I never knew about the trinity, OSAS, the pentecostals and charasmatics, never heard of the mormons, and the world wide church of God, never even heard of being born again etc etc...I never heard doctrine just sermons i didnt remember.
                          see I WAS JUST A METHODIST, and apparently that was all i needed to be [ according to them].
                          After i left, I was never desperate to learn the ways of the Lord at all, nor did i bible study, i only prayed to be Like Jesus Christ, and walked Like He did and do stuff like He does.. thats all just a silly child-like prayers without too much substance.
                          I was APPREHENDED on australia day 16yrs Messiah Jesus. I was knocked out for over 1/2 hr and when i came back to myself I WAS CHANGED from one lucy into LUCY a different person.
                          Messiah the power of God did miracle after miracle in my life and because of this, my whole family could not even believe the changes in me, they were converted and born again too, because I HAD CHANGED right before their eyes.
                          My whole family got changed and were saved and delivered because of me...i was like a witness to change.. this APPREHENDED SURE does something , that,s for sure.
                          One lesson i was to learn was HOW TO OVERCOME ALL THINGS.. to be free and live here in FULLNESS OF LIBERTY, NOT TO DIE and ''go to some heaven'' BUT TO WALK IN EVERLASTING LIFE here and now IN THE SAME STYLE OF LIFE AS JESUS CHRIST so that's what i do.
                          i dont go off that track, i dont got into great doctrines of trinity, sacred name movement, faith healing by false money makers, church trends, the Jezebel spirit.. etc etc puke puke... etc etc
                          FRANKLY i cannot stand it, it causes strife BIG time... and i dislike church and its madcap way.
                          I went back to church for 9mths a long time ago and got baptised in a pool and was knocked over 7 times as if i was hit in the right hip, and after this a strange man came to visit me in the shop when i was alone, who had 1/2 a right hand and he asked me a question and to do a chore for him and i did and it was as if i had passed some weird test only he knew about and from that day on i grew and now I UNDERSTAND OVERCOMING and how to over-come death that last ghastly enemy, ONLY BECAUSE i am yeilded up to overcome as in revelation 2/3... so.. i could go on and on telling mysteries and miracles, but now i shall stop for i know ONLY ABBA FATHER CAN TEACH HIS FRIENDS HOW TO THINK LIKE HE DOES.. amen
                          foundations are good, we all need them and when i read the NT i see and understand those foundations... but... the better thing is to GROW UP leaving them behind, and go into perfection... that is what i am learning to do, at great cost to the patience of Messiah, i stretch His longsuffering to extremes,
                          now...on a lighter note.

                          i am into HARMONY...i have to think about this tonight.. HARMONY AND BALANCE AND MEETING THE EXACT REQUIREMENTS that last step into the Holy of Holies, I can see it in my mind and heart, but, i want to explore it in further for once the revelation comes... THE REALITY BEGINS,....and this excites me greatly... ofcourse the revelation is a miracle, but the real life walk is inspirational FOR WE ARE GROWING UP INTO THE FULLNESS OF Himself.

                          The main reason i am pushing thru with these thoughts is because all of groaning creation, has a broken heart..

                          and I just have to understand how to fix broken hearts perfectly...the divine way.. amen
                          I have to come out from the ''cloud of unknowing'' and learn how to opperate '' THE CORDS OF LOVE''...Messiah KNEW how to bind up the broken hearted... so do we all... it is part of the reality of His Kingdom.
                          i feel IT IS NO EASY undertaking.
                          Last edited by LucySmith; 02-26-2006, 12:53 AM.


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                            cont.......a little rev, i have to share.

                            ''if you are there for me just for me, and I am there just for you''

                            ....we have OVERCOME OUR OWN divided nature.......

                            that is what is happening now, we are being changed over, taking that final step into brotherly love, the last stair into the Holy of Holies.

                            that is why,the image of true fellowship/relationships is ..mostly... shattered. It is an illusion and part of the lie of the Matrix.
                            People in the Matrix , all, have the divided nature.

                            A DIVIDED NATURE DESTROYS everything it touches... that is why groaning creation groans, for there is too much division ... to many natures manifesting so that THE REAL NATURE fails to appear.
                            let us ask then.....................................
                            what is the REAL NATURE = it is SPIRIT.

                            a CHILD OF GOD, can only be manifested out when THE SPIRIT MAN, finds his HELP-MEET wife, [his soul no longer deceived] and the 2 become as ONE.
                            one spiritual man, knitted to another spiritual man shall REPRODUCE the kingdom of God.

                            Did you notice that when Neo left the Matrix and joined the other outsiders, he grew and was transformed and these new friends, who were in one accord, of freeing people trapped inside a lie.[free-ing groaning creation] upheld him, nurtured him and fed him knowledge that will bring him into power to be free.

                            They were working together and each person was there ''just for another person''...
                            see this?

                            They were a team without a division.
                            [not counting the traitor ofcourse]
                            They were ''creating ZION'' thru fellowship and understanding that one man is not an island and they cared and shared together for a cause of redeeming mankind.[film version ofcourse]

                            These 2 forces [spirit to spirit] come together and interact for there is POWER IN ONE ACCORD.


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                              the CAUSE the EFFECT OF harmony..

                              WHEN Neo [from the ist film the Matrix] was brought forth out from the matrix he is RETURNED to harmony, of truth and friendship.

                              if '' you are there Just for me, and I am there Just for you'' HARMONY IS BEING RESTORED..

                              all this is cause and effect.
                              carnal mindedness will cause DIS-HARMONY... continual carnal mindedness causes chaos, no one can live with.

                              on the other side of the coin we have this illustration.

                              if we PRACTICE, the word of God as an example .. feeding the poor...
                              When we feed the poor we bring harmony and
                              order to bear upon disorder and disharmony.


                              When we clothe the naked
                              we bring order and harmony to disharmony and disorder.

                              To be there 'JUST FOR YOU, for you to be there JUST for me' means
                              we are to bring HARMONY BACK and reduce disharmony with love and patience.

                              WE WERE MADE TO LIVE IN HARMONY,
                              HARMONY CREATES BEAUTY,
                              HARMONY makes THE MIND FLOW WITH REVELATION AND LIFE,
                              the fallen nature does not relax all the time into HARMONY, that is why, most all people cannot find a fellowship that RELAXES THEM into harmony. There is unrest.carnal mindedness causes this unrest
                              IF [notice the word IF] I am restored back to FULL HARMONY with Abba My father, i am also RESTORED BACK to seeing creation restored... as now HARMONY FLOWS OUT FROM me INTO OTHERS...broken things BECOME WHOLE.

                              THAT IS THE SECRET, of mending broken things... JESUS KNEW, that as He lived in HARMONY and FELLOWSHIP, with His Father - HE WAS ABLE TO BIND UP THE BROKEN HEARTED...
                              it is my duty, as a born again saint TO LEARN how to bind up these Broken hearts, AND I shall only be able to do this perfectly as i am in fellowship with MY KING.

                              all of creation is waiting for such a release, from a fallen sparrow to a dead king, none escape being BROKEN and needing mending.
                              It seems to me, there is already an INBUILT expectation born INSIDE OF EVERY PERSON, for harmony, perfection, beauty and full love to be resorted TO THEM.
                              it is like the cloud of divine love needs to be lowered over this world, so that mending is accomplished....