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I have to OPEN myself up.. examine who I am

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  • I have to OPEN myself up.. examine who I am

    when i do this..
    I SEE
    1] my male spirit
    2] my deceived soul [my wife eve]
    3] my body...


    do i obey 'my wife'?
    does the 'woman' teach a man?

    I have to choose WHO tells me what to do,

    my ' soul-wife' who is in deception and nags me so she can have her way with me?
    Do I, the male Spirit, take dominion..over her in our body~!.

    we are travellers together, yet... where do we do we end?
    her place
    my place?

    Her place takes me to my death, I die, because i was too weak to SAY NO to her demands...
    IF I take no notice of her nagging, and no notice of her wiley ways, and teach her how to submit to my authority, the 3 of us end up GLORIOUS.

    I HAVE TO BE, man of my own house..
    I have to have AUTHORITY over my own home...
    MY wife and I are spiritually married.. we are as ONE FLESH...
    Do i embrace her lower realm, as she nags me to death?
    do i DEMAND, she obeys my advice at all times and we dwell in harmony and reproduce heaven within us?

    The creator..... taught that a house divided cannot stand (Matt 12:25),
    in bible numerics no 12 - the govenmental authority of God
    in bible numercis no 25 - forgiveness of sins..
    so remember this
    when your ''soul wife eve' rules over you you [the spiritual male] shall have no authority and no forgiveness of sins
    see Roms 8
    ''for there is now, NO CONDEMNANTION for those [spiritual males in authority over their soul wife eve] who are IN Christ Jesus, who WALK AFTER THE SPIRIT [directed by their spiritual male Holy Spirit] not after the flesh [wife eve, the deceived soul] but after the spirit.'' amen


    A LITTLE THINKING, = some 'splaining from ~ Lucy~!

    to explain our real state.
    why not ''cut yourself in 1/2 and see you, and your ' soul -wife'


    how she is re-acting to your headship.


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    to my CHILDREN
    to HIS PEOPLE.


    The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

    I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
    That is why I SAVED YOU.
    For ME.



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      so~! the question can be asked...

      WHEN SHALL MESSIAH come...

      the answer is


      Messiah the anointing,[Christ IN you, the hope of Glory] shall come, when our soul has been brought under the controL of OUR SPIRIT... WHICH IS THE OFFSPRING OF ABBA FATHER... His image...

      AS we practice making ''our woman within'' silent... we will have HEAVEN ruling in our temple. amen

      you will have to ''grab hold of your lady'' and silence her...big time... so that your Spirit shall be the boss...

      get rid of your inner Armageddon


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        we are too EXAMINE ourselves....

        why are we doing this?

        we are to SEE ourself, as we truly are... we cannot remain blinded to our condition.
        The bible speaks much about being blind... naturally and spiritually.

        JESUS CHRIST, must OPEN THE DOOR, so that we can ''see'' that woman [eve] in us all...Jesus shall explain our 'wife's deception' and show our spiritual male [heaven] how to overcome her.... and then ...allow our body to return to LIGHT....

        it is so hard to explain these things...i know i am doing the best i can here...

        this 'wife Eve' -we all have her inside us..SHE rules the roost... and swallows up the REAL US, = MALE SPIRIT...
        so that he is made into an EUNUCH., and unable to reproduce heaven within his house.

        Perhaps, I CAN TRY another tact.. in explanation..
        the carnal mind is 'eve-our-wife' in us...
        the MIND OF CHRIST, is the husband - the real spiritual mind containing truth.

        we have to shut up that woman, - that eve mind... and ALLOW the mind of Christ to reproduce HEAVEN fully in our lives... and when we do this, our body benefits.
        TO GROW OUT FROM DEATH, we are to listen to the Spirit of Life.
        cannot afford to hear/listen to the carnal minds vile faulty reasonings.

        OUR NEW SPIRIT... HAS TO STRICKEN... the old mind-wife eve...

        The way that Jesus Christ walked is a purely spiritual path that enables man to overcome and transcend the limitations of this world, and enter the Kingdom while still alive in the physical body.


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          cont..15th Feb

          here is a quote i would like us to mediate upon...

          ''Mahatma Gandhi said that he read the Christian Bible every day, but he would not convert to Christianity because he had yet to find a Christian who actually followed the teachings of Jesus.
          In fact, as a dedicated Bible reader it was Gandhi's position that the whole world would be the followers of Jesus, if it were not for the people who called themselves Christian.

          Institutionalized Religion
          Was Gandhi right in his assessment?
          Does it matter?
          why did this brillant man have this opinion?
          it was because he SAW NO MAN WALK like the Holy book said.

          Most, ''Christians'' HAD FAILED in their ambassadorship, for = they only had a form of godliness THAT FAILED to match THE WALK OF THEIR SAVIOR...
          IN OTHER WORDS..
          '''form of a saviour''' had failed TO SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES as they showed their carnality to the whole world, YET FAILED TO SEE IT IN THEMSELVES.
          understand this Plz..

          THEIR ''EVE WIFE soul'' inside themselves was the DOMINATE factor of their deception... why
          because =
          she blinded their eyes by her carnal reasoning of religion to the TRUTH,
          WHAT IS THE truth~!~!
          THAT THE MALE SPIRIT shall DOMINATE over her...


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            i am a house.. a temple...a living sacrifice

            let us spiritually understand Luke 17 v 21..'' a house'' divided..[me and my soul wife] cannot stand.
            Bible numerics no 17 - victory
            bible numerics no 21 - sin...

            My spiritual male man inside of me... cannot get the victory [ of real heaven appearing In me] .. if.. i am forced to submit to my deceived soul wife eve [my carnal mind]

            OT symbolism, the plight of carnal man [my soulish eve] is embodied in the reality of the unmarried and unfaithful woman.

            It is for this reason that James used the feminine gender when he wrote: “Ye adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore would be a friend of the world maketh himself an enemy of God. Or think ye that the scripture speaketh in vain? Doth the spirit which he made to dwell in us long unto envying?”
            (James 4:4-5 ASV.

            two great powers live inside me.
            WHO WILL RULE?
            the harlot / a loud mouth deceiver
            THE REAL RULER.. THE SPIRIT [my true self] - made inTHE IMAGE OF GOD

            '''' the soul-wife eve''' in me =MAKES HER HUSBAND [the real spiritual me] SPIRITUALLY STERILE.
            she is DETHRONED~!
            this is why, the bible teaches that a wife MUST be in full submission to her Husband.
            [this has nothing to do, in the natural, of some big bully boy, lording it over his little cowed down wife... as insane people love to depict]

            the spiritual meaning is MY FLESH HAS TO SUBMIT TO MY SPIRIT, SO THESE 2 POWERS MAY BECOME ONE~!
            [the flesh has to become a servant of the spirit within.]

            once this is spiritually understood the bible is never sexist nor anti-woman.
            When my male spiritual man is in full control, wife eve and our body CHANGE into light beings... the hope of Glory... the exact same life power Jesus Christ walks in....
            our eyes change
            our realm changes
            our thinking changes
            our limited becomes limitless
            etc etc
            all because our eve-WIFE shut her mouth... and BECAME SILENT...


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              I have a TRUTH for you.

              GOD is GOD.
              I AM HIS CREATION.
              HE EXISTS.
              I exist.
              HE IS GOD.
              I SUBMIT.
              To SUBMIT is dying to "self/carnal mind/flesh".

              I stay concious through this SUBMISSION.

              I SUBMIT to GOD YHSHWH.
              HE MOVES through me.
              HE SPEAKS through me.
              I AM, still, existing while HE is in me
              HE IS, STILL, in CONTROL.

              My PERFECTION is in my SUBMITTANCE.
              This SUBMITTANCE is ACCOUNTED to me
              as RIGHTEOUSNESS.
              In this SUBMITTANCE,
              HE IS GOD of HIS TEMPLE.

              I CHANGE in that HE LIVES through me, not I.
              It is not I LIVING as GOD
              GOD YHSHWH LIVING, through me, as GOD.
              My sinlessness is not in me stopping my sin.
              It is in me SUBMITTING to GOD YHSHWH
              and HE EXISTING through me.
              HE WILL not sin.

              I teach:
              Quit trying to change, to be like GOD.
              SUBMIT and LET GOD BE GOD.

              GOD YHSHWH TOLD me,
              "I don't need you to BE like ME.
              I NEED to BE ME through you."

              LOVE, RICOEL
              The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

              I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
              I CREATED YOU for ETERNITY.
              I CREATED YOU for ME.
              That is why I SAVED YOU.
              For ME.

              YOUR HUSBAND,


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                when i used to go to church

                there was a man there who was so addicted to cigarettes... he would continually smoke... puff puff puff... and he reeked of its poisons...
                People would say to him

                ''Arthur, give up the smokes, ''

                and he would say

                ''I am waiting for God, to take them away''...he said that for 16yrs...

                it is a PARADOX... and so as a person who walks with Father, we have to come into fully understanding of HIS PARADOXES....

                the late GANDI saw a group of people not fit to bear the name CHRISTIAN...and made a dreadfull indictment on them. Masses of people from all around this world view this late leader as some type of saint....
                that is because the counterfeit church, the harlot, has allowed satan to put her out of action... just as ARTHUR, was put of of action [ as a christian witness] for waiting for God to move on him..

                waiting on God
                waiting on God...
                means very different things to many people., and we have to LEARN how to .....differentiate .
                we have to consider our 'testimony'.... Are we magnets to faith or poison pellets
                our wife-eve the carnal mind is IN CONTROL...
                WE ARE A POISONED PELLET
                If our husband, the Spirit, made in the Image of God is controlling...WE ARE MAGNETS TO FAITH amen


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                  cont/ 16th Feb

                  we have to consider that our 'soul-wife Eve', meaning, the carnal mind within us.. COMES FROM THE PERISHABLE realm...
                  Eve - the seduced wife, listened and obeyed that ruler from the perishable realm. That is why..most men die... they die because they are controlled by that perishable ruler who introduced them to their eve-the carnal wife.
                  in us also, is our male spirit, our husband...the mind of Christ, the spirit.. who is IMPERISHABLE. SO~! we have 2 lives living in one our persona...
                  we can PERISH [as the bible tells us] FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE...
                  we can be IMPERISHABLE, from gaining divine understanding of HOW TO USE THE MIND OF CHRIST, putting it ON in everything we do.

                  as example...
                  I can be angry with someone over something they did on me,
                  i can be at peace in Christ's spirit the power of God.
                  My 'wife-eve -my deceived soul', shall wish to be riled up, and ready to ''give it to them'', but, my 'husband, male spirit' shall seek to be a PEACEMAKER... WHOM [according to the bible] ARE BLESSED.
                  so.. using my divine understanding I ALLOW my husband in me to rule me by His Spirit so i maybe a peacemaker.
                  in that situation, the ruler of this world PERISHED IN ME, and in that example, my spirit male DOMINATED over the ruler of this world by being IMPERISHABLE as my male-spirit was ALLOWED TO SUBDUE... all things.

                  that example showed ..
                  that evil was subdued...
                  evil has swallowed up into IMPERISHABLE LIFE.
                  the laws of sin and death were REMOVED from my persona and TRUE LIFE enter in, as I [my BEING OF 3 PARTS spirit/soul/body]matured into the image of Christ the hope of Glory...
                  This is repeated in my life daily .. over and over.. till 'my wife-soul eve' is NO LONGER DECEIVED, and becomes a HELP-MEET, for my male spirit..=the 2of us become as one~! and NO longer a house that has been divided.
                  This is ''picking up the cross daily'' = dying to the chattering of 'my wife soul eve'... dying to her false concepts, dying to her lies and false belief, dying to her faulty reasoning and mark missing and her perishing attitudes.
                  MY male spirit, my real life.. comes from infinity-he is the begetter of the divine nature. Our male spirit, comes from invisible things, the mind of Christ,


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                    Weakness Or Strength?

                    Hi Lady Lucy,

                    In the spirit of opening myself up and examining who I am!

                    The spirit within you and the spirit within me came from ELOHIM who emptied HIMSELF into formed ground (Adam). This spirit given to us is by itself neither male nor female. It is both. So the spirit is not complete as male; neither is it complete or whole as female. The spirit is complete when it is unified as it was in Adam who was created both male and female. Then this spirit was divided when Eve was taken from Adam, and then when Eve was presented to Adam, a wonderful process of reunification began.

                    What I am trying to express here is simply this: Spirit is spirit, and spirit takes on male characteristics when spirit is given a male body. Similarly, spirit is given female characteristics when it is given a female body.

                    The spirit within a woman is not weaker than the spirit within a man, but the spirit within a woman will learn different lessons because of her weaker physical body. It is the same with a man. The spirit within a man is not stronger than the spirit within a woman, but the spirit within a man will learn different lessons because of his stronger physical body.

                    Both men and women must learn to be kings of their earth or masters of their domains (I am thinking of a Seinfeld episode here ) in all things. If I am understanding you correctly, you are assigning weakness as a female characteristic that must be overcome, and you seem to me to think that this weakness is symbolized by Eve.

                    Which is stronger, weakness or strength?

                    Sincerely, Ab
                    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                      hi spying... reminds me, that you are flying up there spying out the land for us all, and sending us a good report. amen
                      hard to express.. THATS FOR SURE... amd i agree i could well have got the anology wrong...

                      1] eve is my wife who is my carnal mind... a deceiver! YET powerfull and i cannot allow this woman to teach her tricks upon me, telling me lies, weaving her illusion upon me. etc

                      2] my spirit is my husband, the spirit is from Father Abba my creator, and yes [both male and female characteristics] who is the Mind of Christ.

                      together we live in my body.. so i am a person containing the spirit, the carnal mind and my body,

                      IF i bow down to the wiles of my wife.. i am a dead man.
                      IF i bow down to the MIND OF CHRIST - i live eternally.

                      my wife eve - the carnal mind, kills my body, ages my body with her poison...
                      IF, i have a changed mind, a spiritual mind, from my TRUE FATHER, [ the same mind that is in Christ]i will receive a changed body. [ a process = ascending on High]

                      the MIND OF CHRIST, is allowing my husband the spiritual man to develop with HIS THINKING PATTERNS fully installed inside of my mind.
                      also the benefit of this new way of thinking CHANGES MY D.N.A.- called being refined or purified.
                      THE D.N.A. in me is altered, by a higher living energy called vibrations [ no not new age stuff] but the energy field around me comes out from 3 dimensional... into... the dimension of the Kingdom of heaven.
                      On a graph a human being only has a limited senses.
                      He has not been developed into all the ranges that are available.
                      He is a limited person in many ways. He cannot see correctly not hear correctly nor smell correctly. There is a whole range of experiences humans have not taped into... yet are available.
                      DECEPTION MAKES HUMAN BEINGS A LIMITED people.
                      Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within... [luke 17.v.21] it is all about HAVING A PERFECTED 10O% USED MIND.
                      this creates power. The NEW MIND could be said to be THE NEW LIFE FORCE AND POWER OF GOD WORKING IN US.. amen

                      When my 'soul-eve -wife' is my controller.. and.. my spiritual man is weak and puny I MISS OUT on all the best things that are available to me.
                      I have become a missing person.
                      I MISSED THE BEST THAT WAS AVAILABLE TO ME all because i listened to her.

                      3 times IN THE BIBLE.. WE HEAR
                      '' and HE waxed STRONG in the SPIRIT.''

                      this was ever only recorded of 3 men
                      J the B
                      and Jesus Christ

                      A STRONG SPIRITUAL MAN, MY HUSBAND, lifts me out from this world of lies and into the real world WHERE LIFE BEGINS. amen
                      [now that is the best way i can explain my ''being'']


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                        ONE BODY, 2 lives [spirit or flesh]

                        perhaps not too many shall agree here... [ a sacred cow is being disturbed]
                        and i am subject to change, as i mature IN Christ.

                        but, suddenly i can see, that when we ''split'' Adam and Eve into STORY OF HISTORY, we go off on a tangent that fails to discover our true human make-up.
                        WE go outside of the problem we all face. -LIKE LURED AWAY by religion and opinions and confusion...
                        And because we put Adam and Eve back into the ancient past as having nothing to do with us in 2006, we have failed to come into an understanding of a vast drama and woe and sin being played out IN US.... YOU AND ME... equals -one body containing, 2 lives each one competing for their right to rule in us and over us.
                        OUR BODY, has no choice it is just a vessel that will carry the divine mature spirit who is a servant to a King , or a deceived flesh god who wants to be GOD but, called a Liar by our Creator.

                        Adam, was put into a deep sleep and it is not recorded Father awakened him.
                        that sentence is missing..GOD AWOKE ADAM... is not there.
                        if adam is represented as our spiritual male, he is still sleeping, while eve his wife, the soul woman is very active.
                        I counted 36 times in the bible the word AWAKE IS USED..,
                        awaked used 8 times,
                        awakest, 3 times,
                        awaketh 3 times
                        awaking 1 time
                        AWAKING,.... is found in acts 16 v 27.. and in part it says ''and the keeper of the prison awaketh out from his sleep''

                        do you think, the dominating wife, [our flesh, our eve,] keeps ADAM the spiritual side of us, in PRISION, and IN this prision of lies and deception, the True man, is asleep and not functioning in his correct postion and 36 times + he is told to AWAKEN...

                        now let us consider this awaken stage...
                        only An EXAMPLE... say
                        I HAVE A HUGE problem, it has been allowed by Father, for my joy and blessing, however, my first reaction to this horror is to gasp, cry and moan over it and then seek a way-of-escape using my own methods..however.. all this time i am worried, agitated, and nervy over this horror of ''am i doing the right thing'' cuz i dont really know the outcome of my drama... how will it all turn out is the question....
                        this is my eve, my solution to my horror, of '' i did it my way'' yet, i am not really sure how it shall pan out.
                        now on the other side I go spiritual over my drama I AWAKEN my Spiritual husband and seek HIS PROTECTION, knowing that the spiritual is more powerfull than the flesh...i use it is written and have trust and faith.
                        however, '' my soul wife-eve'' sees my decission of awakening my spiritual husband and begins the war of ''what God shall ye choose this day'' and then the inner struggle begins... so much so, generally eve/flesh, my human reasoning takes control and adam is back to sleep again.


                        this GAME is played out over and over inside christian people, it is the battle of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITEST..spirit or flesh.

                        to WAX STRONG in the SPIRIT, is only ever said of 3 men in the bible..
                        J the B
                        Jesus Christ
                        EACH ONE....WAXED STRONG...

                        could it be that when dramas arose in their lives, They HUSHED THEIR FLESH and only relied upon their spiritual man to dominate their decission.


                        well I thought i would try it out, kinda experiement on myself to see how it would work...

                        YOU CANNOT WAVER, NOR LISTEN to the enemy within, telling you, youre foolish, your'e mad, your dont know what u r doing.... DONT LISTEN, SWTCH OFF... for the SPIRIT IS MIGHTIER than our flesh.
                        We have to come into an understanding of ''how to cross realms'' how to silence our flesh and listen only to the still small voice and putting our confidence in this divine message.-''it is written''
                        CROSS realms, will led us into our immortality, we shall continue to learn how to successfully walk in the Spirit of life NOW!

                        in this place, there is NOW no comdemnation... only there is no condemnation...SPIRITUAL WALKING..
                        can u see this?we are to learn to walk spiritually and this walk, shall set us free from all condemnation..
                        God is Spirit and when we learn how to walk in the Spirit WE ARE WALKING IN HIS REALM... IT IS IN THIS PLACE WE WALK WITH OUR CREATOR amen



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                          cont.. OUR COUNTERPARTS...

                          our spirit - superior
                          our soul - inferior.

                          UNLESS we know about these 2 living beings in us, we shall never UNDERSTAND OUR LITTLE PROBLEM.

                          BABYLON has us off on some tangent, that ''''this mean that and that means this, ''''' by putting it all in some anceint history lesson, rather than an up-to-the-moment-tragedy of ignorance and men have thrown away the KEYS OF KNOWLEDGE...thinking oh~! well that's how it is...
                          we have to learn,
                          the male and the female role in the LIFE of a BELIEVER.
                          most people are going to live with their-Eve..
                          EVE THEIR WIFE, plays a dominate roll in their house [temple body persona]
                          “God is Spirit, and they that worship God (connect, commune, interact, or walk with), must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”
                          I kid u not UNLESS U WALK IN THE SPIRIT - your'e deceived like the rest of mankind, and it does not matter if your'e churched under a brand name church, think your'e all ok cuz ''they said'' or an outcast still inclined to 'church' leanings.

                          Plz let me add this...


                          A spirit THAT has been awoken by THE SPIRIT, called HOLY, and then taught how to SURVIVE their wife eve.
                          HOW TO PUT HER IN HER PLACE AND DOMINATE HER MOUTH, with the kisses [word of God] on her lips.

                          I have never known a natural man, who wants a nagger for a wife, a woman who knows everything, a woman who is controlling and manipulative..
                          A natural MAN LOVES to kiss a yielded woman of his choosing, to be HER MAN and allow him to be her head... and his sweetheart.

                          it is the same with our spiritual man.

                          We are to learn FATHER'S BEAUTIFULL Plan FOR OUR SPIRITUAL MAN
                          Leviticus 12:1-5. “Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

                          “When a woman gives birth and bears a male child, then she shall be unclean. On the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised. Then she shall remain in the blood of her purification for thirty-three days; she shall not touch any consecrated thing, nor enter the sanctuary until the days of her purification are completed.
                          But if she bears a female child, then she shall be unclean for two weeks, as in her menstruation; and she shall remain in the blood of her purification for sixty-six days.”

                          God is distinguishing between male and female.
                          He is creating a distinction.
                          He is setting the male over the female to establish order.
                          A MALE SPIRIT to be head of a female soul.

                          Ephesians 5:22&23 reads, “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord, for the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is Head of the church…”

                          Most of these big burly church men, LOVE to lord it over their wives,[totally misunderstanding the bible is for our spirit man within each of us, teaching our spirit what to do and how to think spiritually] making her to cower down to his rule, and he can get away with murder [so to speak] and insults etc, but woe to any church female who says ''stop you ugly hypocrite'' She is branded a ''Jezebel'' with an unteachable spirit by their church.
                          oh... those hypocrites, -
                          men with their vanity all over their life. How could a wife get near them as their breath smelt as a white painted sepulchre - a place of death.
                          Why did Father - always referred to in the masculine gender, for Jesus revealed that “God is Spirit”.

                          David said in Psalm 34, “My soul will make her boast in the Lord!” (KJV).
                          David said in Psalm 34, “My soul will make her boast in the Lord!” (KJV).
                          David said in Psalm 34, “My soul will make her boast in the Lord!” (KJV).

                          now... to consider this.
                          When it is written that, “I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man…”, we learn that our mind is not permitted to have authority over the revelation of God in our spirit!
                          how are you coping with your 'wife-eve'?
                          does she tell you how she wishes you to think...
                          OFCORSE SHE DOES..
                          The Holy Spirit TALKS to our spirit, to that '' the man of our house'' in spiritual revelation, that will defeat our wife eve and make her yield up, to the Spirit of holiness.= He speaks to your spirit and your spirit communicates it to your mind, like a husband to the wife.

                          why not ask some questions..
                          Who did satan come to in the garden? = The woman!

                          This is out of order. ======= NOTICE, NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE....this is OUT OF ORDER...

                          He always comes at you through your mind, not your spirit.
                          He always comes at the woman, not the man, because Christ dwells in your spirit, and there you are strong!
                          let us again consider this

                          He said, “Adam, where are you?”
                          God always comes to the man,[the spirit living there inside you] because He is a God of order.
                          God always speaks to the inner man of your spirit.
                 the sacred realms of His Spirit, it does not matter whatsoever if you are male of female in your body.


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                            looking at my 2 trees within

                            i can see the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil
                            i can see the tree of life.

                            2 trees are alive in me, they live in my inner man.
                            which one shall i eat from, that shall bring me into LIFE?
                            which one shall i eat of, that shall never cause my death?
                            [trick question]

                            both trees were in the middle of the garden Gen 2 v 9 [ the garden is my persona] one tree had a warning that went with it's eating saying ''DONT EAT FROM ME, I SHALL CAUSE YOUR DEATH'' [PARAPHRASED].
                            So in the centre of my be-ing is a death button and when i eat the diet of death,i.e. the food of death I DIE...
                            ["For to be carnally minded is death" Rom. 8:6]
                            What is my death-button, that weapon of destruction ? - it is my own thinking
                            When i take all the values of this world into my being, i am taking in death.
                            .There are 2 realities in my garden called
                            1] vanity-the lie
                            2] life-the Truth.
                            YET, there rages a very grave battle, an armageddon, that goes on in my inner man as my mind battles, with my soul lady wife... who has to have the last word...hence the war called... the battles of Mr and Mrs Smith, that rages daily and is never a ''pretty sight''.

                            "For the flesh wars against the spirit, and the spirit wars against the flesh; for these are antagonistic to each other — continually withstanding and in conflict with each other" Gal. 5 v17.

                            My life is one of WARFARE as two THRONES within me are locked into a deadly game.

                            2 rival sovereignties, each one vying for 1st place within my life.

                            The war...
                            have u ever considered this ...[ofcourse there are layers to view this verse, but, i like this way]

                            "And there was war in heaven" [Rev. 12:7]

                            ummm and this ..
                            ''and satan fell like lightening'' [Luke 10.v.18]

                            ummm and then this
                            '' and the Kingdom of heaven, cometh without observation,
                            v 21 neither, shall they say,Lo~! here or Lo~! there for behold [notice what I am telling you]the Kingdom of God is within you'' Luke 17.v.20-21.

                            could I say this...

                            ''when my Spirit wins the battle over my wife-eve, the carnal mind , [who is deceived and a slave to satan]........
                            i can watch her fall quickly, like lightening, as the Kingdom of God [ the renewed mind] prevails and manifests within me.''
                            in another way..

                            "And there was long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: but David waxed stronger and stronger, and the house of Saul waxed weaker and weaker" (II Sam. 3:1).

                            ''the Spirit waxes stronger and stronger.... as I yield up to the workings of the Word of God, and my wife eve, waxes weaker and weaker... ALLOWING THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN to fully manifest inside my life, here and now'', amen


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                              The Smiths!

                              Hi Lady Lucy,

                              In the spirit of opening myself up and examining who I am!

                              I enjoyed the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

                              You are quite correct. There is indeed an internal war within each of us. Man is an image, and Messiah is the exact image.

                              Holy Spirit is good. This spirit is set apart by its goodness. Evil Spirit is bad. It is characterized by its sin and rebellion. The War is between spirit. Which spirit is stronger? Which spirit will win the War and rule the Universe (all matter and all spirit)?

                              ELOHIM emptied HIS holy spirit into Adam when HE breathed into Adam. Now through Adam, Holy Spirit again has a body! (Since Adam is an image, this tells me that ELOHIM at one time did possess a spiritual physical body.)

                              So, it seems to me that Holy Spirit subjected HIMSELF to weakness (the flesh of Adam) because the flesh is indeed weak in order to ultimately bring about a restoration of HIMSELF.

                              Adam and Eve had no idea about the War Between Good and Evil. They were not even neutral. They were clueless. They had no knowledge of good and evil.

                              Lady Lucy, do you think that it is valuable to have a knowledge of good and evil?

                              If ELOHIM was involved in the restoration of all things through Messiah, would it not be helpful (like in helpmate ) for man to acquire an intimate knowledge of good and evil? This is also where the internal war that you write about comes into the picture.

                              I have given a whole lot of thought to these issues, and I really value your understanding here!

                              Sincerely, Ab
                              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!