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  • 02-11-2006

    God first
    Here I Roy William Perry III sat reaching to hear from My God the Heavenly Father of all things whether of Flesh, miner, soul, or spirit.

    Whether they be life kind in the air on earth or in the heavens, life kind that grows in the dust on earth or in the heavens, life kind that swims in the water on earth or in the heavens, life kind that lives in the sound waves on earth or in the heavens or life kind that lives in the rays of light on earth or in the heavens God is their Father.

    You see no matter where you look there is the love of God in everything. For I say there even love in bad things like the devil the love God gives us it and calls it free will to pick for our selves.

    Let me tell you that there no greater love than the love God has given to you before you were even planted in your mother as a seed. There the love of all God did all things just so you could be born.

    If there was no heaven there be no place to place our earth and if their was no earth were would you life the list goes on and on. But the greatest thing you ever received was his only begotten son Jesus the fleshly man that gave up his life of flesh out of love God’s son the Christ.

    Adam was made in the image of God who is spirit and God’s son Jesus was born in the image of God. While Jesus walk in a world full of sin with a fleshly image he all so had a spiritual image.

    Jesus look like flesh and this flesh was from his mother Mary but Christ look like spirit and this spirit was from God the Father.

    Jesus Christ can be called Jesus the Christ because Jesus is the image of his mother Mary while Christ is the image of his father God.

    Jesus the Christ die fleshly so he could heal the spiritual death Adam receive the very day he ate of the Tree of Good and Evil.

    This act of love turn that dead spirit Adam past from generation to generation to a living spirit we just need to turn from evil ways to good ways by the direction of our hearts reaching for love only.

    A heart of love is a pure heart. A heart of love all ways tries to think about others first, a heart of love is reaching to do that which is right and just and a heart of love reaches for how he or she can love their, God, their Christ, others believers, and sinners more each day.

    No matter what others say about them they only see the good they can do to help while there is still time to help the people of the world whether these people be Christians or not.

    Ok lets move on to things we must watch and be ready for my dear friends. The Seasons will change were it should be winter we will find summer and were it should be summer it will be winter.

    The change is coming whether you get two winters back to back or two summers back to back for it depends on were you live. For this is a sign that the end is near.

    But before the end comes they will change back to the correct order again. These changes of weather will make a great shortage of food in many parts of the world.

    For the farmers will miss a summer of planting grain for food which will cause mankind to eat up all the food their have warehouses alone with many animals before they die of shortage of food.

    There will be fights over water when the earth oceans leak back into the great deep and the earth returns to two-thirds dry land and one third wet land like it was before the great flood.

    This will contaminate the flesh under ground water ways with salt making many undrinkable without the cost of taking out the salt.

    Some flesh water that did not get contaminate by salt will be fought over with evil wars. This too will be a sign that the end is near. So for a time many will die for lack of flesh water and shortage of food.

    But in time the rains will give enough flesh water for the people and the farmers will grow more grain then they can sell. All this is the signs we will see before the end when all will see the light of Christ coming.

    I love you all my dear friends I end with love of God towards you all and a holy spiritual kiss blowing to each and every one of you Roy