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    the training-up to live in the real world

    takes a spiritual earthquake in us to remove our confusion, our babylon.

    There seems no one to talk this over with, no-one to comfort us but we are flung into JESUS CHRIST, as He says ''FOLLOW ME''.
    It is like we have become a type of sweetheart, a wife in progress, and HE JEALOUSLY GUARDS US , so we are alone in His Presence.

    Did you ever notice, there in Gen 5 v 24... ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD, and was not, for GOD TOOK HIM...Enoch was alone with Father... no pals, no family, nothing but him and the Lord walking so that Enoch could be ''was not''.

    in bible numerics no 5 is grace
    in bible numerics no 24 is the elect, the offspring.
    could i make a sentence to say ''GRACE OFFERED, THEN ACCEPTED, MAKES AN OFFSRPING.
    WALKING WITH OUR FATHER, talking together, chatting together being told what to do, gaining beauty and wisdom from above, never needs the company of this world and its familar things.
    They are all too noisy, so much noise, so little wisdom is this world's way.
    IF you are alone in this walk, TREASURE IT~! dont sigh and be moved on by feelings.
    Enoch never murmured never said anything recorded that he was unhappy.
    FATHER, filled Enoch with His presence.
    The Kingdom of Heaven within, manifesting out, takes ''us'' out of the way, our feelings, our will and emotions go, and what overtakes us the most is HIS His presence... we never wish to leave it.
    WE HAVE TO BE TRAINED UP, to walk this way, to leave this world and learn to cross realms, to go into and come out from, filled with the knowledge of HOW TO SERVE, and then manifest out this divine service we are trained up to do.
    If you are alone, and no-one understands you, and you walk in the Presence of God...rejoice YOU ARE ENTERING INTO THE REAL WORLD.
    The realm of true reality is when, the laws of sin and death have no hold upon us, so we need alone-ness, to learn, to mediate, and most of all learn how to hush-up, those clanging voices, screaming at us, from this far too noisy world.
    WE ARE LOOSING the concepts that kills us and all rebellion in us is fading away.
    Remember you are growing into the MOST BEAUTIFULL WORK IN THE ENTIRE, rubies, pearls and golden vases en masse, SHALL NEVER COMPARE TO YOU.

    how do u know Lucy?.. some shall say...'splain yourself now....
    I found out, a secret,
    now you go look at the GIFTS, the un-named servant brought inside the 10camel bags to the choosen bride for Isaac.[HAVE U EVER FIGURED OUT just how many gifts are in 10saddle bags?]
    lets us take a peep...
    Rebekah, the name means 'noose'... the bride is noosed so she cannot get away..
    see the marriage of Issac.[Gen 24]
    no 24 - the elect/ the offspring.
    the 2 bracklets of 10 shekels worth of gold, would make gold wire 1,200,000ft long.
    the gold in 1/2 a shekel ear-ring, would make gold wire 56,000ft long.

    you are HIS GOLD, and YOU are going to be S.T.R.E.T.C.H.E.D out like godlen wire, stretched out for service to others.
    Drawn and stretched out, so bad, all your groanings shall leave you, as you PARTAKE of His very nature.
    YOUR GROANINGS shall cease, as you are stretched out, FOR YOU shall cease from your own strivings as you enter into HIS REST.....the holy of Holiess BECOMES YOUR HOME.
    WHEN, you enter into His rest, SILENCE AND HUSHED, is the first experienced.
    NO noise can be heard FOR 'PERFECT PEACE' IS THE LORD.

    THIS IS NOT, somewhere out there...
    it can be standing in your room,
    in a park,
    anyplace at all... but.. you KNOW YOUR IN HIS DWELLING PLACE and you never want to leave.For His kingdom of heaven is being allowed to overtake your soul and body as your spiritual man WAXES STRONG.
    ENOCH, experienced this, no-one else is mentioned in his story, FOR ENOCH, Abba, the Father was enough.


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      30/60/100 fold [thinking out aloud]

      is mentioned in the bible.
      i was looking at the 'neck' area of the body and it seems quiet narrow, to compare to the rest of the body.
      like a tunnel
      maybe even,
      a highway leading from one area into another.[ A HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS, Isa 35,..a people who walk here are healed, It is a divinely beautifull chapter]
      Then i am reminded of the 30/ the 60/ the 100 fold.
      have u ever asked.........................................
      what is the 30
      compared to the 60
      why is 100, a 100 fold
      why did the 30 not become 60 and why did the 60 not become the 100
      it should be 30 to 60 to 90...UMMM.NOT 100... there is a 10 added.

      could it be, that there are different degrees of authority within the body, or different departments? some more authoritive than others?

      Are the 100fold only contained in the 'neck'?
      if this is so, could it be that ''the narrow-neck'' part of His body, contain the Keys into the house of Knowledge,so that people DO NOT PERISH.
      as they UNLOCK His mysteries and make known His secrets?

      One Key that comes to my mind is THE KEY OF DAVID, and we know he was a king.. so a king has keys which is = power and authority.
      The King of Kings has the key in His hand of hades and death.[rev 1 v 18]
      no 18 in bible numerics is for BONDAGE.
      bowed over in a form of bondage.
      Jesus has the keys to release us from the grave of our bondages.

      IF we learn to walk down this highway of holiness mention in Isa 35, would
      HE give those people ''keys of authority'? to use on His behalf?

      Do you think, these people who walking down such a highway as Isa 35 have denounced the synagogue of Satan [hell and the grave teaching and mind-sets] from their lives, and are learning, not have have any slavish manifestations within their lives.?

      Do you know, that false teachers from the synagogue of satan, may stand with you and agree with you, for a short time, but in a little while they flee, as THE TRUTH, has cast them out.
      The rippling effect of the superior realm called THE TRUTH, always makes darkness flee as it is a lesser value and inferior.
      Therefore in the ''neck'' falseness and darkness are passing away as the Key of Authority is being established within their lives.


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        i had a very nice email from a very sincere ''remnant bride lady'' asking why i still called Jesus Christ His name and Abba Father His name.
        umm...tis a paradox for sure., ORATORS ON BOTH SIDES SOUND VERY CONVINCING thats for sure... and very determinded to add others to their ways of thinking, namely, men telling men how to think...same old same old.

        We have to lose that religion - meaning what other men tell us to believe in FOR NONE HAVE WALKED IN THE SAME STEPS AS JESUS CHRIST despite all their rhetoric.
        Lots and Lots of talk, but not alot of walk.

        The neck portion of His body is very aware of all false teaching that makes sincere people drift off onto an ever learning but never arriving tangent
        they do not grow up and mature into the fullness of Christ ,[by having a quickened spirit]
        all these ORATORS never overcome the grave and never turned this world upside down, despite their talk and their uttering the ''holy names''.They remained religious.

        FOR IF these teachers and founders of cults, did have THE TRUTH THAT SETS US ALL FREE, they would have bypassed the grave and turned this world upside down with the proof that,==== these people would be alive today,
        because they have had a rather long time to convince others they ''have the truth only'' and the sacred cow of their sacred name works.

        They are living PROOF to Truth, as their lives are transforming and the grave is loosing its grip upon them.THEY ARE LEARNING HOW TO OVERCOME ALL THINGS.
        THESE PEOPLE KNOW this is happening to them, as their new mind changes their death-atoms, and their new atoms, called life abundant are now INDWELLING, so this changes their DNA, so that they are RE-NEWED AND QUICKENED...into an ASCENDING LEVEL.. = that is walked out daily and not talked out add nauseum.

        ASCENDING is not some pie in the sky sentence, but ascending is when THE TRUTH IS WORKING in lives and PRODUCING THE FRUIT spoken of in the NT.
        It is like a hand holding us onto the highway of Holiness and this hand does not let people wander off and fall into the ditch of rotten fruit bearing and death
        because, the group is HIS WORKMANSHIP .. amen and no longer their own.


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          a highway

          this highway is OF HOLINESS.

          and we are able to walk upon it as we have a HOLY TEACHER..
          A holy highway, with a holy teacher, going from a Holy Place into the Holy of Holies.

          lots of holiness for us to wonder about.

          With all this holiness, the people who would walk upon this route, would have to be Holy.
          To be so holy! one would have to be developed into the Image of Christ.
          Daily they would have to loose that sin nature, by overcoming it.

          This is ''putting our enemy at the footstool of Jesus Christ''... is an action....that TAKES HIM UP, FROM THAT ''SITTING POSTION '' into HIS APPEARING in us.

          it is also interesting to understand, that with His 1st appearing, a very small number of people KNEW about this event, and the great majesty of it.

          let us consider this...

          In the whole of Israel, - a very religious nation, filled with scribes and Pharisees to name a few, = very few KNEW HE HAD ARRIVED...
          infact, IT IS RECORDED, the family + 2 others, Simeon and Anna, were the only ones out from a whole nation who RECOGNISED His the temple of the 8th day.
          It kinda reminds me of the 300 in Gideons army/ the 2 great spies Joshua and Caleb, knowing how to enter into the promised land.... FEW...seem to RECOGNISE...the kingdom of God.
          THE RELIGIOUS do not, they are off elsewhere waiting... waiting...waiting...
          and still waiting for the appearing.
          WHAT the religious say, is MOSTLY not what the bible reveals.
          IT IS AS IF, we wish to be a lawyer, and go to law school, but after a few yrs of study we have become a plumber.
          kinda grotesque~!~!

          Religion changes the meaning so that people are ever carnal, in their thinking, this carnal thinking cannot allow CHRIST to appear, for it is AN ENEMY, just as death is an enemy.. THESE 2 ARE LINKED TOGETHER, both enemies of the Kingdom -carnal= death

          THAT IS WHY, on this Highway, + climbing up the stairs, = learning about the secrets they contain, brings a saint into full maturity, of BECOMING THE SAME SPIRIT AS ABBA, and waxing strong in this Spirit so that THE RELIGIOUS LIES OF THE MATRIX, no longer hinder the flow of perfecting-revelation.
          What the religious mind thinks, is NOTHING, like the revelation secrets the bible contains, for it is written to Spirit and bypasses the soul's eve deception every time.
          The Neck, is learning HOW TO Wax STRONG IN THE SPIRIT AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT, that overcomes all things even death, that last enemy.
          The SECRET OF PROGRESS IS how to understand overcoming and to have the same confidence as Jesus Christ has in this.....overcoming all things.
          UNLESS grace, favour and mercy, are our pillars, we shall never make it.
          they hold us up, as we die, to everything about 'us', as we hang on that cross of self and give up our ghost into His hands..
          FEW do this.
          THAT IS WHY, the neck is so small compared to the rest of the body.
          THAT FEW, is a type of hero of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11, they shall never give up, they have become INDOMITABLE... just as Joshua and Caleb were, THESE 2 KNEW, how to cross over Jordon AND claim that promised land, the rest of the millions of that nation did not, they were carnal and were so afraid of the giants, never knowing THE GIANTS ARE ALLOWED, as a test of Faith amen.

          ps...i think it is very interesting that the false religious babylon holy temple had it's golden head blown off in the last few days...This golden calf was there for centuries, yet in one rush of the mmmmmighty wind was gone..PUUUUUUFF.
          do you know and understand how to look at happenings around you that are clues to receive by the Spirit of what is REALLY HAPPENING ummm?


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            the NECK, joins the head to the body...
            i have had this on my mind for the past few days, ALONG WITH another thread '' SOME-ONE being there JUST FOR YOU''
            to me these are BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS subjects i am only just beginning to understand, just peeping behind that cloud of unknowning and LEARNING how to ASCEND higher and higher, up those secret stairs built in the Cleft of the Rock
            [s of songs 2v14]
            the neck that joins the Head, is a small group [ a remnant] and today i have discovered the ''connection'' between ''the neck'' and ''being there JUST for you''

            i found it in Colossians 2 v 2..a wish a prayer of Apostle Pauls saying

            ''that their hearts [ the neck , small remnant, learning the secrets of the stairs] might be comforted, being knit together in love, [ caring and sharing by just being there for each other ] and unto ALL RICHES of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the Mystery of God and of the Father and of Christ''
            6 things Apostle Paul DESIRES OF THEM , these knitted together saints... so that
            the KNITTED TOGETHER SAINTS CAN receive, comfort, love, full assurance of knowledge, understanding the mystery of God, acknowledging the mystery of Christ

            therefore IT IS ESSENTIAL for these remnant saints TO BE KNITTED together INLOVE....SPIRIT SPEAKING WITH SPIRIT, and their soul as a help-meet.
            THE devil SHALL DO EVERYTHING HE CAN, not to allow this to happen,
            for when
            this neck [remnant] is connected TO CHRIST [the power of God] correctly... it is only then...HE shall APPEARING IN HIS TEMPLE.

            but... we can have HOPE for HE IS REVEALING HIS SECRETS, to His friends. amen


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              cont, rev 22 v 12

              ''And BEHOLD [ intently, notice and wonder over this aspect] I will come quickly [2nd time mentioned/reminder in Chapt 22 v 7] and My reward is with Me [ what reward is this?] to give to every man accordingly, as his work shall be''
              in bible numerics no 22 - light
              [revelation how not to perish, revelation to reveal an understanding of all things, lacking nothing.]
              in bible numerics no 12 - divine government.

              this word BEHOLD - not a simply ''look plz, if u can be bothered'',
              a word used to SAY ''LOOK AT WHAT I AM TELLING YOU'' a teacher in a class-room emphasing a point so everyone child will understand.

              Also we can see this '' LOOK I SHALL COME QUICKLY'' said again [ He has said this 2 times already]
              the 1st time is in verse 7 [= no of perfection]

              ''BEHOLD [ Take notice of what i am telling you]I COME QUICKLY''
              if we swing back to the church viewpoint we find out JESUS TELLS LIES, for he has failed TO COME QUICKLY.... He is simply not there according to their religion.
              2,000 odd yrs come quickly has not eventuated for these people, they are all STILL WAITING.

              this reminds me of the jews all waiting in their religious teaching for their Messiah... waiting waiting waiting, each generation waiting....
              that is religion.

              in v 12 we see His reward is with HIM...what reward is this?
              could it be
              THE OVERCOMER'S REWARD, mentioned in Rev Chapts 2/3
              These are awesome rewards mentioned to the overcomer, who can overcome that problem stated for that church.[except for Philadelphia,] who have an opened door before them, they are the church of brotherly love.
              It is interesting to also notice Heb 13 v 1 saying '' Let brotherly Love continue,''
              then give 7 commands for living in this brotherly love.
              and having done this can BODLY SAY ''THE LORD IS MY HELPER AND I DO NOT FEAR, WHAT MAN SHALL DO UNTO ME''

              it seems to me, that the neck, has overcome many things, so that they can be knit together in this brotherly love, so that the LORD CAN COME QUICKLY to bring His reward with Him.

              These REWARDS, will institute HIS GOVERNMENT, within His people.

              The HEAD
              flows into
              that flows into
              THE BODY.

              "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another" (John 13:34).

              in bible numerics no 13 is rebellion and sin
              in bible numerics no 34 is naming of a son

              LOVE, HAS CONQUERED SIN,
              LOVE HAS BROUGHT, the power of God from the HEAD, into the Neck, then into the Body..

              SO THAT



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                4th March - we are BE-COMING what we preach~!

                IT IS not ENOUGH to preach salvation, we are TO BE-come saved.
                saved - to walk in the same LIBERTY as Jesus Christ does.
                [He paid the bride price that this could be so]
                2 Cor 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. (KJV)
                changed INTO THE SAME IMAGE ...[after death and after the grave experience...nope] HERE AND NOW ..TODAY..''if u hear My voice''.
                FULL transformation is taking place... today...
                John 3:2 - Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is. (KJV)
                The neck, is a part of the Head [by joining to] and the body is part of the neck [by joining too] the NECK is the go-between~!
                The body, shall benefit from the Neck, as much as the neck shall allow
                it is not so much the Headship but THE NECKSHIP.
                [however we all know Christ is Head.]
                There is a difference, the neck is next to the head, the body is next to the neck.

                ''Arise ye mighty men of Valour, you are to present yourselves to the Lord of Glory''.

                of interest..
                The neck is supported by 7 vertebrae - this reminds me of the 7 stars in constellation Plaedes and the 7 stars held in the right hand of Jesus Christ.
                The 2 vertebrae at the top of the neck are different from the 5 others ...again this has reminded me of Joshua and Caleb.
                The 2 King and Priest ministry~! or the 5 fold ministry, there is a difference.

                The 1st vertebrae [at the base of our skull] acts as a SEAT on which the HEAD rests. A priest ministry.
                I found out its name is called ATLAS perhaps named for ''bearing the world on his shoulders''? ummm...but.. we are NOT to bear our burden but sacrifice it up see Math 11 v 28-30.
                The 2nd vertebrae is named Axis.-The word "axle" comes from this word. The reason this term is used for this 2nd vertebrae is because it is used to nod the head and give mobility to it. The word Axis speaks of stability and symmetry of Balance. This is the mark of a king of a kingly ministry.
                The 'king' shall represent balance and stability and security in ministry.

                In the Neck Ministry the vocal chords are located~! Sound vibrates and a clear sound is to be heard. A voice that can articulate TRUTH~!
                The Messiah WANTS TO SING thru his neck people..

                Ps 104 v 4

                Eternal Flame--Bangles

                Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling
                Do you feel my heart beating
                Do you understand
                Do you feel the same
                Am I only dreaming
                Is this burning an eternal flame

                I believe it's meant to be, darling
                I watch you when you are sleeping
                You belong with me
                Do you feel the same
                Am I only dreaming
                Or is this burning an eternal flame

                Say my name sun shines through the rain
                A whole life so lonely
                And then you come and ease the pain
                I don't want to lose this feeling
                that's His song... He wants HIS ETERNAL FLAMES,[ps 104 v 4] HIS MINISTERS OF FIRE.. who can bring forth HIS ETERNAL LIFE AND VALUES.

                a people who will move in HIS OWN POWER AND MIGHT.
                a people who can be trusted with His power and His ability
                a people who are HIS SERVANTS and simply OBEY Him.
                a people who are only dedicated to His purposes.


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                  I am blessed to live within a family who speak alot about the Presence of Messiah. We just speak and ''air'' things to each other and it is like spirit talking to spirit, as we talk and gather understanding together.
                  i was thinking about NOAH... why? cuz a lady came into the shop telling me the name of her new born son... NOAH... and it was a real rainy type of cyclonic tropic rain week-end... so Noah and wild rain seemed to go together

                  we all know NOAH means = REST.

                  Jesus Christ told us about these days... the days of Noe.
                  He told us what to look for...
                  and ofcourse we all look see such a time is here now
                  on another tack, what of NOAH'S NAME... REST...
                  Has ANYONE thought of what is going on inside [in the heart] His remnant bride, rather than looking on the outside and seeing that day progressively approaching. what is happening within His people.?

                  THEY ARE FINDING THEIR REST~!

                  and the RAIN/REIGN of the HOLY SPIRIT [that mighty wild wind, transforming power] is being formed within them as they REST, in that sabbath rest, so recommended by Messiah.

                  but what is this REST?....

                  There are many ways to describe it and it is not one single thing.... but... how to see it can be this way.

                  a group of people,[the neck /the remnant] about to enter into the holy of holies.. suddenly FIND THEIR REST...and in this place is THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. Ps 91.
                  BIT BY BIT, He shall take us into this place, and it can be anywhere we are, as His presence shall OVERCOME all evil in our midst, AND WE AUTOMATICALLY KNOW... THE PRINCE OF PEACE HAS ARRIVED/MANIFESTED/REVEALED HIMSELF to us.

                  the best way to describe this ''atmosphere'' is HUSHED or SILENCE.
                  but, everything around us is still all functioning, but, it is like evil and power of death has been vacuumed out from our lives where we are standing.

                  rest... perfect peace...hushed and silent.
                  no flesh is there in that place... and you know it, for it is like entering paradise and never wishing to come back here. But staying there in AWE AND WONDER~!
                  you dont speak there, you don't hear noise, you don't do anything to disturb, but just understand this HUSHED AND this SILENCE.
                  Nothing of you is there, it is like your'e a visitor from another land and you don't know the manners of this new realm.
                  so your'e silent and your'e hushed for you dont wish to break this experience with any human crudeness.

                  Ephesians 2:6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:
                  this is the place we have reached.
                  what for....?????.....
                  The Holy Spirit is now placing an expectation of His anointing upon the neck, why?
                  so they will work the works of Jesus Christ in a holy and glorious manner such as the world has not seen since the days Messiah tabernacled among us. =
                  Acts 17:6 These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;
                  Jesus said VERY FEW, find this path into the EXPECTATION OF ETERNAL LIVING~!But to those who did receive Him gave He them the power to become something that otherwise would have been impossible~!

                  Rain, Noah, rest, entering in, holy of holies... all go together~!
                  Remember Elijah saw the small cloud, as big as a man's hand, HE SAW THE RAIN COMING, so do the neck ...
                  they can see it,
                  they can smell it,
                  for the power of transformation IS IN THEIR NOSTRILS,
                  and The power of perfecting... is in their hearts~!


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                    Storm And Wind

                    over this past week end, there was a tropical storm here on the Gold Coast. I went to the beach to look at the waves.. all was raging and the beaches closed. The waves were pounding, the mighty rushing wind was fierce, the sand all churned up, it was all raging, windy and different from our normal beach days, where the waves are tourquise blue, and the wind is a gentle breeze, the sun is shining and the sand is golden.
                    This past weekend all of this was overturned and a different aspect was now seen.

                    i got to thinking about this change of atmosphere and i knew that the manifesting of Messiah IN HIS TEMPLE shall bring great changes TO THE ATMOSPHERES of this world.

                    great upheavels, spiritual earthquakes, mighty winds of revelation shall come forth as this world collapses upon itself.

                    The neck, shall be grounded in the Word of God and shall not fail to deliver the manna from the Divines.
                    A dark day, a fierce day, a day of war, as this world convulses and shudders within itself and its own corruption will manifest out,
                    the TRUE TEMPLE OF GOD IS ALSO MANIFESTING AT THE SAME TIME...hence the clash~!