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  • RicoEL... i went to your site....

    The BODY OF MESSIAH... thank you for sharing
    i was INTERESTED... in the NECK, of this holy body... His temple yet shaped as a human outline..
    I noted THE HEAD... which IS CHRIST ofcourse... next is THE NECK... that joins the head to this body..

    I NOTICED... the neck... was STEPS...
    THE MINUTE i see ''steps'' or ''stairs'' revealed.... i go ballistic.... in a holy expectation of revelation~!~!

    IT IS BECAUSE of a verse that appeals to my spirit, found in S of S....that tells us
    O~! my dove,that art in the clefts of the rock, IN THE SECRET PACES OF THE STAIRS, let Me see thy countenance, let Me hear thy voice, for sweet is thy voice and thy countenance is lovely''
    so... it would seem to me from your picture... the neck representive as steps /stairs.. KNOW A SECRET...
    i am most interested in its discovery....I HAVE CLUES...ofcourse... YET i would love to understand....FULLY.... WHY THE NECK IN THIS BODY IS repesented as STEPS/STAIRS.....

    the steps that lead out from the Holy place... into.... the HOLY OF HOLIES.

    via... the NECK
    if we notice we see this NECK is small and it reminds me of A SMALL REMNANT... who knows a secret of how to link the Holy Place with the Holy of Holies...or... the secret of joining the head to the rest of the body amen....

    ALSO I loved your choice of music on this page...i could listen to those words all day forever. amen I used to sing this song in my kitchen when i was first really born again from took me a while to be born again..infact too many years were wasted, i feel ''a loss'' at those stupid wasted religious years.....
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    BELIEVE me, YOU were SAVED at the right time, HIS TIME.
    Now, no time will be wasted.

    BLESS YOU for visiting our HOME.
    YOU are WELCOMED to use our site as a Study site.
    We are linked to the world in all KNOWLEDGE available, on earth,
    on GOD YHSHWH.


    The "neck/stairway" is open to us, HIS PEOPLE, now.
    We HIS BODY have FULL access to HIS HOLY of HOLIES.
    HIS SACRIFICE TORE the "curtain" of separation.
    We BELONG to HIM.

    Please listen to:
    No More Curtain (click)

    The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

    I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
    That is why I SAVED YOU.
    For ME.



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      BELIEVE me, YOU were SAVED at the right time, HIS TIME.
      Now, no time will be wasted.
      i wasted the years i was ''saved'' by the church...i regret this very much.
      it is a page i wished had never existed in my life, yet, it must have been a learning curve, necessary to be able to look back and compare 'a whore to a virgin' lifestyle.

      my children have not suffered my fate, and i am so pleased as they grow like strong palm trees around the table of their father.
      They were able to understand so quickly, Resurrection life and the Gospel message.They even teach me and correct me when i fall to pieces.

      The steps.
      from one place into another.
      the steps joining one force to another.

      the neck - the small section does this work....the neck... is the vital link between the 2 sections.

      on the real plan of the ancient temple,
      holy of holies raised HIGHER than the holy place and steps were used to get into this H of Holies place?


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        cont.THE STEPS... from the shoulder to the Head

        via....the neck.
        Into the Freedom of the Glory - Romans 8

        the body of Christ needs ''the neck'' to join the shoulders to the head.
        the 'neck' moves the body into the freedom of the Glory.

        The ''neck'' has to understand HOW to press into the realities that Christ Jesus, paved the way for~!
        There is a reality of true-life and real-existence, without carnal limitation, without evil barriers, but in a level of indwelling of the Father, of which Christ first partook of, that is awaiting each of us, hovering as it were, right over us at this time

        The tape will not be broken by those who approach this time with any carnal limitation, with any measure of doubt, but it will be broken by those who have set aside the thinking, the values, the modern society way of this age, with all its limitations, and its definitions.

        It is almost as simple as the scripture states; "Anything is possible to him that believeth".


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          studying the Neck...

          S of S 1 v 10
          Thy neck — The yoke-bearing member. ''Take My yoke upon you";
          a yoke is built for two — Jesus and one other.
          With chains of gold. — The Divine nature.
          Each act of loyal burden-bearing becomes a link in the golden chain.

          S of S. 4 v 4

          ''thy neck is like the Tower of David, builded for an armoury,whereon, there hang a 1000 bucklers, all shields of mighty men.'

          mighty men
          Tower of David...

          Thy neck — Willingness to bear burdens.
          Is like the tower of David — David was a type of the Church militant.
          Builded for an armory — Designed to accommodate a great number.
          Whereon there hang a thousand — "One shall chase a thousand."
          Bucklers of shields of mighty men — "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me."

          4. v 4
          neck--stately: in beautiful contrast to the blushing temples (So 4:3); not "stiff" (Isa 48:4; Ac 7:51), as that of unbroken nature; nor "stretched forth" wantonly (Isa 3:16); nor burdened with the legal yoke (La 1:14; Ac 15:10); but erect in gospel freedom (Isa 52:2).

          tower of David--probably on Zion.
          He was a man of war, preparatory to the reign of Solomon, the king of peace. So warfare in the case of Jesus Christ and His saints precedes the coming rest.
          Each soul won from Satan by Him is a trophy gracing the bride (Lu 11:22); (each hangs on Him, Isa 22:23, 24); also each victory of her faith. As shields adorn a temple's walls (Eze 27:11), so necklaces hang on the bride's neck (Jud 5:30; 1Ki 10:16).

          the neck ....mighty warriors..the S.A.S of the Body.?

          the warriors move up the steps??? AND into.....


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            pieces of revelation

            the neck ....mighty warriors..the S.A.S of the Body.?
            the warriors move up the steps??? AND into.....
            i am thinking of the NECK in the body of Christ and the work the Neck DOES in relation to the head joined to the shoulders.
            If the temple is a drawing of a human body, then this neck plays a very important role in the joining together of.
            I have to thinking along this lines, and i am not saying this as a doctrine I am only thinking and studying secrets...than need revelation.

            so we have the holy place, stairs, moving into the holy of Holies.[as per diagramme]
            for clues i have to go back to King david and his mighty men.

            these men were ALWAYS VICTORS.

            Some of the deeds these men accomplished were:

            Adino, the Eznite:

            He was the chief of three heroes. He killed 800 men at one time with only a spear.

            Eleazar, the son of Dodo, the Ahohite:

            After most of the Israelites had fled, this man stood his ground and smote the Philistines until his hand was weary, and clung to the sword. By him, God gave Israel a great victory.

            Shammah, son of Agee, the Hararite:

            The Philistines were gathered at Lehi, on a piece of ground full of lentils: and the Israelite had fled. But this man stood in the midst of ground and defended it, and slew the Philistines, and the LORD wrought a great victory.

            Abishai, brother of Joab:

            One of the three men who broke through the army of the Philistines to get David a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem. He also slew 300 men with his spear in one battle.

            Benaiah, son of Jehoida:

            He slew two lionlike men of Moab. He also slew a lion in a pit on a snowy day. He also slew an Egyptian who was armed with a spear, while he had only a staff. However, he snatched the spear out of the man's hand with his staff and slew the man with his own spear. For these acts, David set him over his guard.

            The Bible also records thirty-two other men who were noted as being David's top fighting men. etc

            It is interesting to note that one of these was Uriah, the Hittite.
            2 sam 23.
            the first 3 who ''strengthen themselves''

            they are Princes, men of war, strong men, champions,

            "Why did the Holy Spirit record these names for us?"
            Abba Father, kept a detailed record of the names and exploits of David's fighting men .
            This is significant.
            It indicates to us that Our Father records our personal service, too.
            If God kept track and applauded David's valiant soldiers by name, how much more does He keep track and reward the faithful servants of David's greater Son?

            so...Jesus Christ is the GREATER we know...

            IF we look at these men, we see they accomplished much for their King.
            Therefore, could we say that ''the neck'' in the body of Christ is the OVERCOMER...that accomplishes much on behalf of His spiritual Kingdom.?
            perhaps this is a clue.
            Eleazar..... stood and fought the enemy even though his fellow soldiers had retreated.=though he was at the point of exhaustion he would not rest until the Lord brought victory = A GREAT VICTORY~!
            another mighty warrior was
            Shammah who defended the position and provision of the Lord's people.
            The Lord is looking for the Shammahs of today who will defend the faith and be willing to go to "battle for the Bible."
            In Jude 3 we are warned to "contend earnestly for the faith."
            also notice.
            The mighty 3 men overcame the enemy and brought the water to David at great personal cost and in spite of overwhelming obstacles!=They acted out of love for their king.
            Another Great warrior was Benaiah.
            Benaiah showed his might by overcoming "two of Moab's best men."
            Benaiah (v20) "went down and killed a lion in the middle of a pit on a snowy day''
            In 1 Peter 5:8 Satan is pictured as a lion: "Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

            '' We are commanded to "resist the devil" and we are promised that he will "flee from us" (James 4:7).
            is this learning the secret ...remember Neo standing and resisting Mr Smith? Neo is a type of man, who has been MADE ALIVE by the power of Christ.HE HAS BECOME UNLIMITED... a position we should all long for~!~!
            now the ''best men'' = were The Moabites + physically related to Israel and yet they were enemies.
            Human beings are very closely related to their enemy... their carnal mind and their flesh that is not under control! = "Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry" (Colossians 3:5).

            notice this mighty man Benaiah was able to do this!
            again we have to praise Benaiah for he
            ........ showed his might by killing an impressive Egyptian (v21).
            Abba - As God Creator, redeemed His people out of Egypt, so God has redeemed us out of this world.

            let us notice the...Devotion of Mighty Men
            Whenever God raises up a man, He always raises up "mighty men" to help him do that work.
            Any where you find the "work of God" being done, you will always find this principle to be true

            3 mighty men got the cup of water for their KING...
            WHY did they get the "Cup of Water for the King?"
            He did not ask them too~


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              cont 1.34pm sunday avo


              The Army of God is now beginning to make strategy for VICTORY; the primary focus of this strategy involves unifying the Body and joining the parts that are suppose to be JOINED. We must work to properly discern and join the Body properly... This is not a joining for the sake of joining, but rather a fitting of the parts that are CALLED to be joined.


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                cont monday...

                i am thinking of the steps/stairs that lead up from the holy place into the holy of holies and i feel these secret stairs are LEVELS OF REVELATION...

                like in school...
                we go up grades...
                moving from one area of learning into another... level upon level.. and this thought seems to line up with that verse that says

                ''line upon line, precept upon precept''...
                from glory to glory etc

                If we consider THE WORD....GLORY... it means the very nature of Father...
                we move up LEVELS... SO THAT ON EACH LEVEL... THE VERY NATURE OF FATHER is developed into perfection within us
                say we are on level one... He gives us the revelation to TRUST IN matter what...
                our flesh has to crumble over many issues in our lives as we learn to TRUST ONLY IN HIM.... HE IS ORDERING OUR PATHS, despite appearances...= NOT SEEING DELIVERANCE...
                WE HAVE TO HAVE TRUST..[no excuses]
                this lesson when perfected in us..
                removes some part of the law of sin and death as WE GROW INTO HIS CONFIDENCE.... and then we cannot be moved from this place,
                because our adamic condition of ''lack of trust in Our Creator'' has been fully removed...
                TO PASS THE TEST OF TRUST and go into the next revelational level... WE HAVE DEVELOPED THE VERY NATURE OF FATHER, in us

                then... onto the next that divine levels are being reached for...

                on each level.. FATHER SEEMS TO spiritually STRETCH an elastic band... this is the pressing forward... being violent....straining to achieve, as an athelete running a race...THIS HAS TO win at all costs...
                THIS IS LIKE A SPIRITUAL CONQUEROR.... like the natural mighty men of me it is like that motto that says ''above and beyond the call of duty''.... this is what these people attain too as they move upwards...

                inside these levels is GRACE AND MERCY...for we are never given more that we can bear.
                Also. In Revelations we hear of a people called ''the manchild'' who are ''caught up'' or to,rule and reign with Christ.
                This speaks of a vibrational level of existence [the divine energy, not new age jargon] that we are coming to[a metamoorphoo or a changed DNA that is altered as DEATH IS DEFEATED in us], and as we are ready, we move progressively higher and higher up within the Father’s house, to that place and dimension which has been prepared for us. -authority, rulership, lordship.. as JESUS CHRIST.. is THE KING of kings and JESUS CHRIST THE LORD of lords...
                The vision Father has given you, is the vision that will drive you forwards.

                You will ''strive'' for this glorious vision, for without it... people perish. = So THE SPIRIT will POD YOU.
                HE will make you let go,your restraints, after all ... you are HIS 'WORKMANSHIP'
                He will make you dare, to take this plunge into LIFE rather than a religious-death, we have accepted as ''normal''.
                We are to remember the secret of the stairs, are ordered steps of revelation, we have to claim and then put them into action within our own personal life... this way... each area of the laws of sin and death is removed, so that we are cleansed from all the adamic fallen stages...
                Adam did not die on day one, sin did not shrivel him up like a cinder on day one... adam lost the right to rule in stages...till he became fully corrupted as his master, who controls him by the laws of sin and death. His mind grew perverted...

                as a NEW CREATURE, we are like a seed, that has come into the real world, the real life, the TRUTH, so that we cannot attain as a babe, but, we grow up...matured...under our NEW MASTER.. THE KING JESUS CHRIST.
                we are to be DE-PROGRAMMED to be RE-PROGRAMMED....


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                  cont.5-30pm monday..13th

                  i have learnt so much from the study on ''the neck''..
                  i feel like an overflowing river so plz bear with me on this...
                  These people will walk up those stairs and into a realm, few enter into, [yes~! the religious think they are there...but..alas it is a deception for once there in the Holy of Holies...mighty men appear]
                  so who is a MIGHTY MAN?
                  The MIGHTY MEN, have developed beyond the limitations of this world.
                  They now fully experience Lk 17.v21. REAL LIFE has been developed into their persona.
                  no 17 in bible numerics is VICTORY
                  no 21 in bible numerics is the sinfullness of sin.

                  A SENTENCE could be made to read like this......
                  ''to have the kingdom of heaven revealed IN US, we are to walk IN VICTORY [In Christ] over our sin''.

                  As i was thinking along these lines today i suddenly heard 2 words..

                  GOD'S GENERALS...followed by....
                  DO NOT dwell under the cloud of unknowing~!

                  "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light." Pistis Sophia (Faith-Wisdom):
                  "Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures." Luke 24:45

                  in bible numerics..
                  no 24 - the elect of God-The Priesthood
                  no 45 -preservation.

                  a sentence could read

                  opened scriptures, is for our understanding of the transcendent Christ`~!

                  God's Generals.. perceive these holy things as their understanding is opened up to the scriptures.

                  1]= Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come,
                  He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation;
                  "nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."
                  (Luke 17:20-21 NKJ)

                  GOd's Generals LEARN all about the KINGDOM WTHIN the spirit of the real world has to dominate over their carnal mind and their body.
                  The Kingdom of God , being within us, is indeed the treasure that is hidden in the field of our body/mind.
                  And the Kingdom can only be found by those who are "seeking beautiful pearls" and are prepared to sell all that they have in this world in order to acquire it.

                  2]=Those Who Profess To Believe
                  "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."
                  (Matt 7:13-14 NKJ)

                  God's Generals, UNDERSTAND the kingdom and how to enter in.
                  Jesus opens the scriptures for them~!or...HE RE-DIRECTS, their ability to understand, without the carnal mind hindering, as they ask for WISDOM, and HE GENEROUSLY GIVES IT to them. amen.
                  IN this new learning He gives them the ability to pass from our natural world.= the TRUE believer is given the understanding how to pass out from this 3 dimensional world [governed by carnality] into this new dimension of REAL REALITY~!where His kingdom exists.
                  He teaches His pupil all about the ''vanity'' of this world, then contrasts this to the stability of His Kingdom.
                  He does not just tell about it, but tests attitudes to see if vanity has ceased its hold and REALITY [real life force] has taken root.

                  When a person lives INSIDE THE TRUTH, they take the life-power away from other people. -THAT IS WHY Truth is hated.
                  THE TRUTH, is a HIGHER reality FORCE than the lie...
                  When the lie sees THE TRUTH, it knows it is defeated, so that a person walking in the lie, has their life-force lessened.= as The TRUTH, becomes a THREAT to this natural world.
                  The bible describes the natural world as darkness, people live in this darkness, this is because the 3 dimensional world is INCOMPLETE.
                  Most men cannot comprehend divinity in REAL LIFE~! as REAL LIFE is a THREAT to this natural world.
                  God's Generals OVERCOME this horrid state... that prodigal son has to return home to the FAR COUNTRY in order to fulfill Math 5 v 48.
                  They have learnt how to embrace their destiny, [as the true offspring of God]- and have escaped from their self-imposed suffering - the carnal reasoning


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                    cont 16th Feb

                    the bible records that FEW will find eternal life...
                    again a question can be asked is ""WHAT DO THE REST FIND THEN"?

                    regarding the neck, FEW are in this neck portion for it is a very small part of the whole.

                    COULD IT BE, that the neck DOES FIND ETERNAL LIFE?
                    like a living river.


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                      This is what I have learned.

                      Whatever HOLY SPIRIT OPENS
                      your HOLY SPIRIT EYES to,
                      in other words,
                      whatever HOLY SPIRIT LETS you see
                      that is wrong with GOD YHSHWH'S BODY,
                      that is your responsibility.

                      HOLY SPIRIT let me see
                      that HIS BODY'S DIRECTION,
                      in GOD YHSHWH'S LIFE and PLAN for HIS BODY,
                      needs to be REVEALED to HIS BODY;
                      so I AM part of HIS BODY'S FEET.

                      You are seeing that HIS BODY'S NECK
                      needs HOLY SPIRIT REVEALMENT.

                      LOVE, RICOEL
                      The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

                      I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
                      I CREATED YOU for ETERNITY.
                      I CREATED YOU for ME.
                      That is why I SAVED YOU.
                      For ME.

                      YOUR HUSBAND,


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                        yes,, amen RicoEL

                        i do believe you are spot on...

                        You are seeing that HIS BODY'S NECK
                        needs HOLY SPIRIT REVEALMENT.

                        LOVE, RICOEL


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                          the neck- to -the body..

                          a small remnant people, joined together in one accord.
                          Satan will hinder such a gathering.
                          because, It is his death-knell... his time for passing away, umm, like a funeral.

                          ''HE PASSED AWAY''.

                          HE JUST PASSED AWAY, died in his sleep. dropped dead....
                          BECAUSE, HE WAS NO LONGER THE CONTROLLER of the small remnant people, HE WAS FINISHED.
                          HE WAS DEFEATED
                          HE NO LONGER HAD CAPTIVES.

                          the remnant people, the mighty men, arose to their destiny in SERVICE TO THEIR KING. THE REDEEMED, THE PURIFIED had climbed the steps and into the heart of the holy of Holies.
                          what are the steps/ the stairs?
                          THEY ARE IN THE CLEFT OF THE ROCK.-hidden in Christ~!

                          HIDDEN IN CHRIST.
                          hidden - to hide - to conceal - to shelter!
                          in a rock - that is CHRIST
                          WHO IS CHRIST = THE POWER OF GOD.

                          therefore... the steps the remnant people take have a final outcome and that is, these people WHERE CONCEALED INSIDE THE ANOINTED POWER OF GOD.


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                            if i could find a ' pattern of a king' ..ummm 19th Feb

                            I FOUND A PATTERN.
                            King David.

                            Psalm 89:19-23

                            v19. Then thou spakest in vision to thy meek ones, and saidst, I have laid help upon a mighty one; I have exalted one chosen from among the people. v20. I have found David my servant; with my holy oil [literally with the oil of my holiness] have I anointed him.
                            v21. Therefore, my hand shall be established with him: my arm also shall strengthen him.
                            v22. The enemy shall not exact upon him, nor shall the son of iniquity afflict him.
                            v23. And I will break in pieces his oppressors before his face ; and I will strike those who hate him.

                            to me these verses speak of a king, under the King of Kings
                            a person who is CONCEALED, inside the power of God = messiah.

                            LOOK at the benefits this 'king' receives.

                            this pattern is of a 'king' YET A SERVANT.
                            this pattern is of a 'king' that is anointed with holiness.
                            this pattern is of a 'king' who is established and strengthen
                            this pattern is of a 'king' the enemy cannot afflict
                            this pattern is of a 'king' whose oppressors are broken to pieces.

                            would these types of people be called mighty men?

                            Men, who would would bring HONOUR, to their Father's business, without needing continual correction?
                            Mighty men servants who are trusted in the works of their Creator~!
                            ...THIS IS SONSHIP... at its highest level

                            The Head, joined to the body via HIS SONS, MEANING, the maturing disciples of Jesus Christ, who heard the call to FOLLOW ME, same as the original 12 did.
                            THAT CALL has never been hushed.
                            ''FOLLOW ME'' is TRUTH and is ETERNAL.
                            Our 'performance' depends upon our training period as we FOLLOW His just instructions.

                            we have been given an opportunity and the blessing that comes with this divine opportunity.

                            On the Mt of transfiguration, Jesus turned into CHRIST - THE POWER OF GOD MANIFESTING OUT AND ON DISPAY for 3 eye witnesses to see. Remember He did not show to the others..but.. HIS spiritual man was able to manifest out unhindered.

                            JESUS CHRIST ACTED OUT, WHAT HE KNEW HE WAS

                            and that is what is taught to His disciples know who they are IN Christ the power of God,

                            The ''kings' are these people who have become concealed in Him and are placed under, THE KING OF KINGS amen


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                              to become PERFECTLY alive.

                              the HEAD IS ALIVE...
                              the head flows into the neck,
                              the neck flows into the body.
                              Just liKe the branches on the vine.

                              PERFECT LIFE APPEARS

                              THE HEAD, is sitting on the right hand of the Father.
                              The neck and the rest of the body are unjoined...the parts are scattered all over ,here and there, for there is NO spirit of unity.
                              However WHEN THE LORD, Jesus Christ, stops sitting.
                              HE, suddenly APPEARS in HIS TEMPLE...
                              WHY? Does He suddenly do this...HE MOVES....
                              WHY? WHAT MAKES HIM MOVE?
                              BECAUSE, all His enemies have been made HIS FOOTSTOOL.[PS 110 V 1]

                              now... here is a secret.

                              in the religious Matrix, there are many religious sacred cows, they cannot be moved from most people's MINDS, for they are a fixed teaching, tatooed into the mind as ''right'' and FROM this perspective IT ALL seems so right, so sincere, so genuine...AND SACRED COWS do have truth, to a point...yet, there is a paradox waiting to be discerned.
                              shall we consider this alarming fact ....
                              NOT FOR 2,000YRS approx, has any other person WALKED EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, TEACHING THE SAME THINGS, DOING THE SAME DEEDS ..EXACTLY... as Jesus Christ.
                              yes, some seemed to have been close.. but NONE have been EXACTLY the IMAGE OF CHRIST IN TALK AND IN DEED...
                              we listen to people teach, show scriptures that seem to contradict each other, have many orators who draw the crowds, have great convincing repartee...YET STILL NO-ONE CAN RE-PRODUCE THE CHRIST IMAGE in people.
                              what happened?


                              BIBLE Numerics for no 10 is = fullness of responsibility, fullness.

                              no man had fullness of responsiblity x 2 = redemption.

                              THEY were hindered by their religious sacred cows, their legalism, their creed, their belief, their own wisdom, all looking so good on the surface, but failing to REPRODUCE CHRIST - THE POWER OF GOD inside them.-the hope of Glory.... and.... their enemy was not made into JESUS CHRIST's footstool.
                              that is the law fo sin and death OVERCOMING the law of Life... LIFE HAS BEEN STUFFED OUT, and made into a ''form of Godliness'' only.

                              The ONLY THING, that shall break this barreness, this form, this stupid UNFRUITFULLNESS... is.... by PUTTING YOUR OWN enemies, UNDER THE FEET OF JESUS CHRIST AND MAKING them, HIS FOOTSTOOL.
                              You begin daily doing this one thing and i tell the truth, YOUR LIFE SHALL NEVER AGAIN BE THE SAME.
                              YOU SHALL FORGET, your sacred cows, they shall go poof in the night, and you shall begin to live inside JOY UNSPEAKABLE, AS THE MOST GLORIOUS, and divine BEAUTY IS NOW being WROUGHT INSIDE OF YOU.
                              YOU HAVE just began to climb those steps into the Holy of Holies and your holiness is beginning to affect those around you and your'e begining to give 'hell' a headache. =YOU ARE BECOMING PERFECTLY ALIVE

                              stop with the religious tangents.. those sacred cows that will never save us.
                              know them... but
                              put them aside... stop drinking milk.
                              GROW-UP, not waiting for Father to do this and to move there...[ever waiting but never arriving]
                              YOU MOVE HIM, [Isa 45.v.11] out from sitting and into YOU - THE MANIFESTING TEMPLE, NOT MADE WITH HANDS.
                              why not
                              HASTEN THE DAY OF HIS APPEARING

                              when Neo, came out from the Matrix [ the 1st movie] he still thought he lived in a real world. It was only when his eyes were opened he saw the real world for the 1st time.
                              We have to see the real world too~!
                              We have to see our real realm ,our real life, our real home that was stolen and lied about to us all, at the beginning.
                              A secondary substitute was placed before us, a counterfeit that is so convincing and so sincere...but...for all it's sincerity it FAILS TO REPRODUCE THE KINGDOM we all desire.
                              WE LONG TO BE FREE... and it can be.. AS LONG AS A SACRED COW does not moo at you and spoil your destiny. amen