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  • a MIND, that is SET LIKE FLINT.

    with a 'spirit of excellence''.
    I was watching the Aussie swimming trials yesterday for the Commomwealth games here in March 2006....and a few times our swimmers broke world records, to much cheering from the crowds.
    When interviewed, the swimmer would tell of their dedication to their craft, and how they sacrificed their lives for these types of rewards...
    It is the OLIVE WREATH crown ofcourse, and, after this is won, these people are 'made' and have a life style many will envy in the years to come.
    Very few people reach these dizzy heights, many begin but few get the olive wreath.
    few have that spirit of excellence, inside them, yet, all other people do admire such a gift, even if it is not within themselves.
    Most people are ho hum... so... a hero is valued and admired by the many.. as an ACHIEVER.
    I was thinking of translating this natural thing into a spiritual reality... and to have a mind that is set like flint, not counting the cost, not looking back, but having a vision of EXPECTING THE BEST, in spiritual excellence. amen.

    I went and I had a quick look at the S of Songs and the story of a bride made for the KING OF THE UNIVERSE... not just ''a my fair lady'' for the kings of this world But THE KING OF ALL CREATION.
    Have you seen how beautifull she is in the Lord's eyes?
    ... even in her ruff stages, she is developing into a wonder of wonders to become a ''''WHO IS THIS?''
    3 times this'''' WHO IS THIS'''' person is mentioned in S of S... and 3 times there is a description of her beauty and power.

    s of s 3 v 6

    s of s 6 v 10

    s of s 8 v 5

    the Holy Spirit is asking the reader the QUESTION...
    ''WHO IS THIS?''
    and HE IS WAITING FOR US, too supply Him with our answer~~~~~~

    now what i am going to ask y'all.. is

    if you say ''''YES I DO'''?
    i suggest ask we ask for this spirit of excellence, to divinely excel and become an expert tool in the hands of OUR Bridegroom.
    This is our opportunity... to be made whole... not to be back with the ho-hum set - the general average people, but BE made amazing, BE made astonishing, BE
    made beautifull IN His image...

    made to be able to speak out in learned ways of wisdom.
    made to be able to draw people, as Jesus DREW men into His circle.
    made different, than others as Jesus Christ differed.
    made to be a awesome tool, a tool that is expert at its work, a tool that is fashioned for the purposes of THE KING.
    WHEN JESUS SPOKE.....people were affected.

    i was thinking, IF I HAD BEEN alive in that day, would i have been there to hear HIM SPEAK would i have been affected?
    how did He sound...
    How did HE present HIMself to others
    was He charasmatic....and admired...
    we are told.............................................................................

    I do believe that's what all people find great security in.... TO SPEAK OUT WITH CONVICTION AND AUTHORITY... not.. that hatefull saying of ''i dont know''.
    I hate that saying ''I DONT KNOW''... it means we are some weird idiot... cuz WHY DONT WE KNOW!!!!! it is so childish..... YET... Jesus is never recorded as saying ''I DONT KNOW''.
    when WISDOM SPEAKETH.... MEN KNOW they can be secure.
    Jesus taught with authority [math7.v 28-29]

    Jesus had a mind, that would not tolerate the flesh... a mind we are to have as well,
    so that our flesh is.... SUBDUED... made silent,.... hushed and ceased to have its hold over our thinking.

    When we have received an excellent Spirit we have received that spirit of dominion... authority..power.

    Joshua and Caleb had a different Spirit.[they were not like the masses of the religious people around them]. notice what the Father told Joshua [there in Joshua 1 v 5-9]
    here is an excellent tool.. doing his work of co-operation with Father..
    ending up with ''Be strong, and of good courage, be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord Thy God,is with thee, wheresoever thou goest.''
    ofcourse it is so easy to be as most men,
    we can be negative,
    build walls about ourself to protect our egos,
    have hangups, that none will understand,
    we can make much of our afflictations, [that are considered 'light'' by divine standards ]
    have heaps of woes,
    thinking of ''might have beens'' and lost oportunities of yesterday,
    filled with self pity and have a self pity one ese will come too.

    yep! we can do all this creepy stuff, by having, the vanity of the admaic nature in full manifestation...
    we can BE DIFFERENT...

    we can LEARN, by seeking Truth and Wisdom HOW TO HAVE AUTHORITY. how to walk in victory, HOW TO LIVE FROM ABOVE... NOT BELOW.
    WE HAVE TO SET OUR MIND LIKE FLINT, and not be moved upon by ANY darkness that wants to swamp our candle light of BECOMING ''WHO IS THIS''?

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    t.h.r.i.v.e. [thrive.]

    Joshua and Caleb THRIVED,...for their day!
    are we THRIVING? too.
    why not THRIVE...and grow and then adjust to the power of God working within us... amen.

    T - trust in the Lord and IN the power of His might.
    H - Holy appointments and obtaining Holy Spirit empowerments.
    R - is to have a righteous resolve
    I - intercession over others, heart pourings for divine change-overs in others.
    V - victor, rather than the victim- a victim is a pathetic being -a victim is someone NO-ONE WISHES TO BE....
    E - Excellence in obtaining everlasting life.

    TO THRIVE, IS A MANDATE of heaven....i wish to thrive in all that i do.. LUCY THE THRIVER....i like that nick name ...
    I do believe, Heaven has manners, just as we learn earthy good manners, I do believe there are heavenly essential manners to learn as well.



    something i was thinking about`~ 2 words.... finding favour!

    Daniel found favour with man, as he was obedient to Father.
    Dan. 1 v 9
    Esther found favour with man too, Est. 2 v 9

    Both people, were ABLE to help their nations.

    AS we learn heavenly manners, we are able to ''find favour'' with men.
    This has to be so....groaning creation, cannot be released by UNfavoured people.
    People will respond TO HIS SEED... in most unusual ways....


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      cont .. to THRIVE IN CHRIST.... we have to be

      released from our burden.. IT [whatsoever THE name is] HAS TO BE CUT from our necks, so we can be free and WALK upright.
      [notice this, an ape walks bowed over~! not a man]

      THE BURDEN....[starring Robert de Nero]
      a film with a moral.. DONT.. CARRY IT YOURSELF!
      let it go.... every part of it otherwise IT IS AN IDOL.
      the men/women of re-nown in the OT - all had difficult burdens to bear...but Father allowed it all... burdens that were TAILOR MADE for each person. .....allowed and a learning curve FOR US to consider.
      some were....

      Joshua and Caleb, had to KNOW and understand HOW TO CROSS OVER the Jordan river, usher them all over, and get them all organised, still fighting those giants, that made life a misery... YET.. THEY SAID THIS, before the assemblies....

      ''let us go up at once, and possess it, FOR WE ARE WELL ABLE TO OVERCOME IT''.

      these 2 men threw off their burden of unbelief and doubts and negative gloom, they THRIVED IN EXCELLENCE, BY TRUSTING IN THEIR FATHER. amen.
      Can you do this?
      Can i do it?
      LET US PRAY..YES In Christ all things are possible to him WHO BELIEVES.

      you / me shall be tested over and over TILL we DO... so let us give up now...release our spirit into the hands of the Living Lord, and watch for our freedom.

      you were not born to be religious,
      not born to be a world slave,
      nor a puppet of darkness.

      you were birthed out, with a divine calling on you... look at your given names, [make up a sentence for them] to
      find out what that calling is.... and that calling has to be entered into IN EXCELLENCE... amen

      we have to remember this

      remember ''the whole world is a ZOO, AND its THE MONKEY who HOLDS THE KEYS''.


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        the LEAP into resurrection LIFE...

        we have before us a great RESONSIBILITY of breaking the mortality barrier.

        We are to enter into our HIGH CALLING... amen =....."The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force."

        are you VIOLENT enough....take take it by force?.

        as i wrote the word violent... i miss-spelt and wrote VIOLET...
        only a 'n' separates a violet from the violent.

        WE ARE [in type] LIKE HIS VIOLETS, his flowers, yes..but these 'violets' have to become VIOLENT so that they can TAKE A KINGDOM.

        the kingdom of heaven is within and it is our mind.... the HEAVENLY-MIND OF CHRIST.....we have to become 'violent' to take this kingdom... from.... our own personal carnal mind.

        To win the race and break that divine tape we are to loose our carnal mind.

        THE TRUTH, of HIS WORD, must take over our thinking, despite our situations....

        HAVE U GOT A '''''''SITUATION''''''...... well....the carnal attitute to it, will kill u.

        Father allows these situations... remember JOB.

        TO BE HIS SONS OF LIGHT... we have to learn to walk in the light...we have to learn to 'control' what enters into our mind and what 'seed'' we allow to develop there.

        WE HAVE TO LEARN, HOW TO ALIGN OURSELVES, with eternity.
        the biggest thing the enemy will do is [he wants to delay his fate] to STOP YOU, from being aligned with your divine destiny.
        THE WAY he shall do it, is thru your mind..... he gets u to think on his level only~!


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          IF~! we can lay aside OUR CARNAL MIND [8th Feb]

          we shall enter into the HIGHEST FORM OF LIFE................. ever known~!a dimension that has left the constraints of unbelief and limitation, which knows no restrictions, only the unfathomable riches of His inheritance in His sons.

          I am not sure how to explain this... but everything about our life has energy and vibrations connected to it....we are like an energy source/ a battery... We can be dull, in a run down condition and inaffective or WE CAN PULSATE with a vibrant life.
          This vibrant life is like a blowing wind in our faces...that cleans us and moves us and makes us strong and not able to bend.
          When our carnal mind begins to wane, we realise that Abba's message is one of AUTHORITY AND POWER~!...[divine energy/divine vibrations] that will alter a lesser power and a lesser authority.
          The carnal minded thinking stops authority and power, as it is limited in it's strength.It is only the strength of man~

          Abba, has GREAT MERCY, for His sons at this hour~! His sons are now being created/formed for what shall come to pass. This is the ONLY LEVEL, that shall MAKE THINGS HAPPEN~! so~!His message is one of MOVING into Resurrection power~!
          This 'level' shall STAND WITH Father, and shall bind wickedness in the age in which we live. The sons shall release groaning creation~! as these people enter into the level of resurrection life. amen.
          They are able to co-exist between the 2 realms simultaneously.
          It is a mystery , hidden for all ages of CHRIST IN US~! the hope of Glory.

          Father is forming a NEW SPECIES of life called 'sons of the living God'... and....The ''they'' are all thrones are being set in order and crowns are being given out. We are to take our crowns, [as revelations says] and ''cast them before Him''., as His people are being prepared for this day. amen


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            One Sinner At A Time!

            Hi Lady Lucy,

            Not too long ago, I was disfellowshipped from an assembly by a preacher who was a prophet of doom. His world view was fatalistic and depressing. He was waiting for ELOHIM to intervene in world affairs through the return of Messiah, and then everything would become picture perfect. This preacher absolutely hated homosexuality, and especially homosexuality in the priesthood. He did not believe that child molesters could change. Take em out and shoot em was his attitude. Spousal abusers in his estimation ran a close second to child molesters. In his view, this world likewise is really in big trouble and deservedly so for its wickedness. Like the vast majority of preachers that I have know, this preacher has made his own covenant with death: Take em all out an shoot em, they deserve to die, but as for me, I am a man of faith and action. I will surely be saved after I die, and if Christ returns before I die, I will be extended the right hand of fellowship, despite my own life of sin. These few short emboldened sentences describe his thinking to a tee.

            It is very refreshing to meet someone who believes in the power of ELOHIM to change even the most vile of sinners into a saint, into a son of the Living ELOHIM! I believe the same! My view concerning this world is optimistic. The world need not be destroyed. The world can be changed. Why do I believe that?

            If sinners like ourselves can be changed into saints, then ultimately this world can be changed into a world of saints. It is just a matter of one sinner at a time for those who believe.

            Sincerely, Ab
            The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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              one man aligned with Father is a MAJORITY

              hello Spying...
              from your quote..
              Not too long ago, I was disfellowshipped from an assembly by a preacher who was a prophet of doom. His world view was fatalistic and depressing.
              you are a MOST BLESSED MAN.. amen...
              I love to hear these testimonies how Father PLUCKS His people out from the hands of false teachers and the wicked inventors of religion...BLESS THAT DAY SPYING, and rejoice AND BE SO MOVED and happy at grace and mercy from above shining upon you.
              AS FOR SIN....
              can we ask... is one sin more vile than another?
              Does a lie seem less a sin than a murder?
              I guess in the carnal mind of men it will be so!
              IS sin a degree thing like..'' i never killed a person so i am ok''.. attitude.
              Most people DO NOT FULLY understand sin so make their excuses.
              In revelation we find, God's wrath on sin in Rev 21 v 8 .... liars and murderers are considered to have the same value....

              if we look at Jesus attitude to sin, i cannot recall Him once accussing or abusing any man for it, IN FACT, it seems to me.. HE WAS SO COMPASSINATE... and said ''go and sin no more TO MANY,
              the only people He seemed to get struck into was the Pharisee...AND... hyrocrites.

              Jesus KNEW ALL MEN'S HEARTS.... HE CAME TO SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES AND THE ruler of this world.

              I do believe, the carnal mind in us, will look down at sin in others... we can say '' thank God i am not like this person''.... but...
              after a while, WE become UNAFFECTED by sin...unaffected meaning - it no longer controls us as it once did, as we are moving out from sin-nature into the perfection of Christ.... and while all sinning is vile ofcourse and separates us from Abba, we have a different attitude of ''there but for grace goes I'' and this new thinking brings us into compassion and when compassion alters others.
              JESUS FLOWED in compassion..He did not SET UPON a person and scream out their sin and abuse them, big time, He never draw attention to their frailities so others could gawk and stare and mutter...tish tish~! He said with AUTHORITY... go and sin no more.

              here is an example of HIS POWER OVER SIN in us...
              remember Peter, the day of the crucification...
              the cock crowing and his denial... remember?
              the bible says this
              ''he went out and wept bitterly''

              When we have learnt TO LIVE ABOVE SIN, and all the emotions connected to it...the radiance from that divine attitude will reflect out to others...

              It is very refreshing to meet someone who believes in the power of ELOHIM to change even the most vile of sinners into a saint, into a son of the Living ELOHIM! I believe the same! My view concerning this world is optimistic. The world need not be destroyed. The world can be changed. Why do I believe that?
              because Spying.... it is the truth.... you look at yourself... I look at myself....
              we can look back at our corpse of corruption, our ''use-to-be's''.....and we know MERCY AND GRACE, now is our covering amen.
              If Abba can change me, HE CAN CHANGE ANYONE.. amen.

              what does the bride say in S of S '' i am black,but comely O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.''
              v 6 ''Look not on me, because i am black,.....

              all of us once were black....and naked... blind and dull.... NOW... WE WEEP IN COMPASSION for others, not so blessed at this present time...
              GROANING creation, shall be there... as long as sons point the finger....
              the NEW MIND in Christ does not point the finger.. Like their Saviour, they grow in COMPASSION and flow out in divine love... so that groaning creation gets its release. amen