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  • 01-24-2006

    God first
    May the Love of God abound unto you my dear friend of the world wide inter net. Here I Roy William Perry III a man of God known to some as year2027.

    On this year I will see God face to face for this is the two thousand anniversary of the year our Lord and Savior went up into the air so it could be Christ in us the hope of glory.

    Now some will say my date line is off by this must or that must but I got my date from above. Now is this going to be the year for the return of Christ? I will not say but it will be a day that I look forward to coming.

    I say take it as the two thousand anniversary unless you get told differ from above but watch and be ready because Christ will come back after this year has past because this year marks his leaving by two thousand years.

    The birth of Christ was mark by the four thousand year from the beginning of the first Adam and this first Adam live thirty years without sin then his action begin the ministry of sin and death.

    The death of Jesus the Christ at age thirty begin the ministry of life and healing of sin by washing it away. First my water washing away old sins then giving a new birth one without sin.

    While now we live in the womb of God as Christ lives in us healing us by the renewing of our minds taking away that old ways so only truth remains in us until that day we break out of the womb of God and receive a new body of light and truth.

    For now God looks over us like a good mother looks over the child inside her but like the child in the good mother’s some grow to be born alive but others are born dead because things the good mother can not control because the growing of the child has free will.

    While the bad mother’s child inside her womb has free will and can be born alive or dead our God loves it the same as if it came out a good mother’s womb. For both these children have the free will to become a child of God or a child of the world because they both have free will.

    But our God loves them has he helps them as they let him help and reaches to take as many as will into his family so they can be born alive for with God as the spiritual father and Christ as spiritual brother there only live births but with the world as there father its just a roll of the dice depending on works.

    But with God as the Father and Christ there is grace without end but with just saying he or she is of God means little because the mouth can turn like a ship with no one at the wheel but God looks at the heart which can not lie.

    For the heart of man is either good or evil while the mouth can sound sweet as honey but be as sour as old milk. But watch the mouth because if its sour over time it will slip up when it thinks noone is listen.

    For learn to look at the heart for out of a pure heart will flow the fruits of the spirit but out of a evil heart will flow the lust of the world. For one chases after things he or she can not see and the other chases after things of this world money, lust, and many others.

    For I tell you look for how you can love, build up others hope, heal, comfort, teach truth, and others ways as you open up to each others the things that can not be seen while others are looking for what they can get from whoever.

    For even today there are bad man who say they are good who look to take that which can be seem but follow the man who tries to help to receive the things that can not be seem.

    But recall all man are saved by grace and Christ is renewing there minds. So do not judge a man by what you believe in your mind but ask God to show you the things he is trying to teach you. For parts come from above while other parts may come from his mind the part that still needs renewing.

    Now I believe all I write is from above but I still got things in my mind that are old as do all men until the renewing of the each men or women’s mind is completely renewed and he or she breaks out of the womb of God to live as children of light and truth knowing as he or she is known.

    I say this so even if my words do not line up with your thinking you will take the time to let God judge me and let him show which parts to eat and if there be any part God show you spit out because either you are not ready for it or I am not growth to the point I hear it right yet spit it out.

    For we all can not go beyond our believing or there are things that until we ask God about our hearts can not receive. Even if I ask God to guide my words I still have a worldly mind and free will. Now I do my best to hear God and write what I hear but I do not want to get puff up.

    Now I tell you the spirit can not lie but because the spirit can not be seem I can not prove how must of my words are of the spirit. But I tell you go to God ask him because he is my spiritual father and Christ is my spiritual brother.

    For my spirit does not lie while parts of my mind needs renewing and God as given my spirit the job to share with all that will hear me. Now I leave you with one thing my love for you.

    Thank you

    with spiritual love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way like a two year old blows a kiss bye Roy