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  • preparation to depart,

    changed minds
    lead to
    changed realms

    having a changed mind, will lead into the realm of Life.
    to be prepared to fully ''cross over'' and have death in us swallowed up by Christ IN us, takes preparation.

    we dont have too many examples of this divine preparation, in the bible... there is no chapter and verse that lists the preparation proceedure step by step.

    ofcourse there are clues!
    Elijah is one example.- in fact Elijah told those prophets in the school that the Lord was going to take him that day. He knew the day of his departure.

    one real clue i notice, is the Lord speaking personally to us, saying ''Get your house in order''.
    tie-ing up all those loose ends.

    ''since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
    v.2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
    v.3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.
    v.4 When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory. (Col. 3:1-4 NIV)

    one part of our preparation is learning not to depend upon our human reasonings.

    BTW in bible numerics no 29 - depart.

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    some quotes of edification, from a saint who lived in 1797

    We were created to live on earth unlike animals who die and disappear with time, but with the high purpose to live with God — not for a hundred years or so — but for eternity!
    i am convinced, the bible holds secrets that the religious men of this world will never find.
    There is a group of religious adamic creatures who come from that rank of '' the ever learning but never arriving''.
    When i read these types of religious works, i feel faint from their lifelessness.
    It is like in their words, all TRUE LIFE, has just been vacuumed out and a death shroud put in.
    when i read words like that above comment, it confirms the Holy Spirit teaching that,- there is now available to us all, [if we accept certain conditions] a new type of life! = the exact same life force/power Jesus Christ worked within.
    We have to learn HOW to depart from all conditions of this life and into a NEW FORM OF LIFE, by being able to realm-change.

    Have u noticed, that people long for HAPPINESS.
    It would seem that no amount of adamic pleasure and works and goods, contain lasting happiness.
    People strive for all the wrong things, when true happiness is within them, IF, they would only learn how to plug into their ''happiness switch''. In our true being it seems as if something continually reminds us of a ''happiness lost'' and we have fallen short of '' continual happy and perfect times''.
    Solomon had an unquenching thirst for this ellusive happiness. In the book of Ecclesiastics he describes his search and his disappointments.

    When we are under instruction and learning to 'depart' from this life HAPPINESS comes.
    Happiness is not a feeling for the flesh so much, but a growing up from one level of revelation into another level, [glory to glory walk .] - or -perhaps the best way to describe our happiness, is knowing we are coming out from those laws of sin and death and then understanding the reason for it.

    here is another quote from this old saint saying...

    ''Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to this earth in order to return to us our lost capacity to spend eternity in the blissful presence of God''
    Did you ever notice that Jesus did just this, while walking this earth....
    He did not go anywhere else,. BUT., was here!
    When i received this revelation that ''eternal things'' are available here / now , I was so amazed i wanted to shout it out from the roof tops, and when i did, no one believed me!

    'preparing to depart ' is not going someplace else, but able to walk continually 24/7 in the divine presence of God and no longer need continual correction.-Just the exact same daily walk as Jesus walked inside of.
    It is being 'caught up'' into a higher realm of understanding, that makes this world look feeble and very insane.
    Jesus shows people how to 'depart' from this life and enter into the same LIFE HE CONTAINS!

    The beginning of real happiness begins, when we begin to ''deny ourself''.

    When we do this, our 'adam god'' within us all, is being stopped from causing our death.

    IT IS LIKE, our birth god, called ''the adam fallen nature'', is being removed, by this living sacrifice of ''denying self''.

    I guess, my explanation would be,
    we have to be turned upside down and allow our spiritual man to dominate over our soul/will, mind, emotions and our body, so that, by denying our flesh-self we will begin this process.
    The next step follows on - of hating sin and death with a passion, and striving for the PERFECTION OF CHRIST! - ''to work out our salvation in fear and tremblings.''

    All these lessons are to MAKE CHRIST OUR HELPMEET! amen.-meaning we are to learn only to have Him as our reliable and faithfull husband.
    did you notice Jesus LOVED, to do His Father's will.

    this is our own preparation for departing - loving only to do Abba Father's will.

    Is ''just being mortal, a counterfeit condition of being an immortal''?


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      the sad facts are - our flesh shall never receive its salvation

      cont. 15th Jan 2006.
      when our flesh, does our thinking for us = we die!
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        the sad facts are - our flesh shall never receive its salvation

        cont. 15th Jan 2006.
        when our flesh, does our thinking for us = we die!

        I have come to realise that for 2,000yrs approx, religious flesh teaches us death, and not true- bible SALVATION, and so most of us are to dull not to find out for ourself, as we hang upon other people's opinions - most never have an inkling of THE FULL LIBERTY from the laws of sin and death.

        Jesus has given to us ''great wealth'' but, this world populations still live in poverty to the fallen nature.

        Elijah KNEW the timing of his departure...dont u think that is amazing.
        it kinda reminds me of that verse that says ''the bride made herself ready''.
        she KNOWS too~~~~suddenly this phrase popped into my head. It's taken from the very last chapter in the Bible where it says,

        "The Spirit and the bride say, 'Come!' And let him who hears say, 'Come!' Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life." (Revelation 22:17)
        in bible numerics
        no 22 - light/revelation
        no 17 - victory.

        Remember that when Paul exhorted, "Be filled with the Spirit"
        (Eph 5:18), the meaning is, "be filled and keep on being filled."

        Always that divine infilling is happening... that flow....that growing in divine awareness, and the ability to have His divine wisdom.
        you know
        Solomon asked Father, for wisdom and used it but then his gift of wisdom seemed to vanish, but, Jesus Christ had wisdom too, but it never did leave Him, - He never became as King Solomon. That is the difference , Jesus Christ personal power, has to DOMINATE OVER US so that we are used as a vessel to contain HIS OWN PERSONAL WISDOM.
        Are we KNOWING the wisdom of Christ and knowing the day of our own departure.?
        The ultimate object is to be changed over, from an earthy body into a glorious body as per Mt of transfiguration..Math17. Jesus displayed Himself and His divine manifested life, infront of 3 favoured eye-witnesses.
        why did He do this?
        what was the reason for His glorious manifestation?
        If we find the reason and we find the divine concept for that reason
        is an edifying comment for us all to consider
        Most people are familiar with only one verse in the Bible associated with immortality:
        "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3: 16).
        What is not well known is that this concept is repeated almost 50 times in the NT.
        Certainly, the heavy emphasis on this by Christ, as well as, the same priority expressed by the Apostles, testifies to its importance in this incredible message intended for humanity.
        The almost 50 references to the promise and inheritance of ever lasting, eternal, or immortal life in the N.T. provide, in number alone, proof of its importance to the message of Jesus and His Apostles.
        It is important to understand that this immortality is easily accessible to humans. All that is required is find a way to get to the Tree of Life:

        Heaven is NOT a divine retirement home!

        the church has made 'heaven up there, out there, someplace'' our home... but the bible says

        because of our ignorance and very dull perceptions, we have allow others to dictate their belief onto us, as being TRUTH!....religious men have given the perception heaven is where u go when u die - out there-up -there, in the sky!.....someplace...
        YET, Heaven is here, [within] a place where all evil has been made redundant and perfect balance and harmony is present.

        we have to be trained up to fully understand, how to push our ''heavenly button correctly''. amen.

        Salvation and a Calling to His saints into....Immortality
        ♦ 2 Timothy 1:9
        Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,
        v10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:
        The pulpit keeps people numb, from bible realities.
        it is called DUMBING DOWN the bible, in modern terms

        When Abraham, sent his servant to find a bride for Isaac, did you ever notice the conditions and responses.... Gen 24-25 v 11. This story is filled with types and shadows.
        IT IS A STUDY OF ''here comes the BRIDE''... A virgin, who was so beautifull and yet, retained her honour to provide a godly seed.
        The MAJOR emphasis for this Bride was her f.u.l.l. CO-OPERATION, with the Holy Spirit [ the un-named servant in type]
        The LAST words of the un-named servant were...
        When Rebekah sees Isaac walking in the field, she says, "Who is this man!" And the servant's words are, "It is my master."
        do you think for one, moment the Bride -that wise virgin - neglects the return of her Groom, and is unsure? It is the day of AT-ONE-MENT! = Atonement, AT-ONE-MENT, AT ONE WITH GOD, when God and humanity come together.


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          cont, going from glory to glory

          FROM SOME STUDY NOTES i found.....

          When Jesus Christ returns for His Bride, there will be AT-ONE-MENT..
          In Israel, for the bride, the betrothal was a time of ANTICIPATION AND PURIFICATION. That fits us today like a glove. Typically, it was a ONE-YEAR PERIOD, enough time to demonstrate the purity of the bride by proving that she was not pregnant.
          Esther (meaning hidden, secret, and star) is a type of the Bride of Christ.
          Now I understand why Esther's time of purification was "TWELVE MONTHS, according to the manner of the women, (for so were the days of their purifications accomplished, to wit, six months with oil of myrrh, and six months with sweet odours, and with other things for the purifying of the women
          Then thus came every maiden unto the king" (Esther 2:12,13).
          This YEAR of purification proved that the maid was a VIRGIN.
          At the end of the year, Esther "obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set the royal crown upon her head" (Esth. 2:17).

          John wrote to the last generation saying, "ye have an unction (annointing) from the Holy One, and ye know ALL THINGS...the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you; but as the same anointing teacheth you of ALL THINGS, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him. And now, little children, abide in Him; that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before Him at His coming"
          (I John 2:20,27,28).

          did you notice that Isaac's bride '' was looking for him''... she NOTICED HIM FIRST! = she was NOT CAUGHT UNAWARES. The brides question was ''what man is this'' -could this co-respond to this NT verse saying ''ye brethren are not in the darkness, that , that day shall overtake you as a thief in the night''?
          The Bride is being brought into that place where she is fully and totally devoted to ''His appearing''.
          The Bride learns how to spiritually survive.
          as exxample...
          a revelation i had, perhaps most shall not believe it, but i do, as it was revealed to me and is not a ''commonly held belief''

          it was this verse,
          "I watched Satan fall like lightning from heaven." (Lk.10:17-18).

          in bible numerics
          no 10 - fullness of responsibility to the Word of God.
          no. 17 - victory.
          no. 18 - bondages

          ofcourse there are 'levels' of a Truth and here is what i learnt about the Bride making herself ready.

          Jesus said in Luke.17 v .20-21 ''the kingdom of heaven is within you'' we dont have to go out and look for this place....
          if heaven is within us, [ and never outside of us] and satan fell like lightening from within us = Jesus saw it happen.
          The only way for this to happen is for the bride [who makes herself ready,] is denying herself on the cross daily, so there comes a time when satan no longer has slavery and bondages over her, for, she has changed masters and now has Messiah as her King/Shepherd and Husband.
          She was able to walk in victory, in the presence of her Saviour, learning to lean not on her own understanding but having Him as her Husband and help forever.. These acts, from her, threw satan off the throne in her mind and installed the King of Kings as her God.
          When this happened the bride received her full salvation = liberty and freedom from the laws of sin and death.
          Satan had NO hold over Jesus Christ and so when we die to our flesh etc we are hidden in CHRIST AND ALL satanic bondages broken,- he fell like lightening from our ''heaven within' amen.-Jesus saw this happen,
          now If this is real life and a divine happening dont you think, Jesus would then 'appear'' in His bride, as there was no more hinderances TO HIS APPEARING, so much so HE WAS ABLE TO FILL HER UP, to the brim, so that there was no space left, for anything else BUT HIMSELF...ummm.

          This bride is not some wimpy old duck, nor is she some old harlot filled with 1/2 truths and pagan ideals... but WISE ...unto her salvation, and a spiritual survivor, who counted the cost regardless, and who has developed a fierce and determined spirituality. This heart was sown into her by her Bridegroom as He woos her too Himself. amen,
          This wise virgin, His bride is filled up with a holy lovesickness that will not be denied.

          part of wedding preparation is ''putting on the dress'' the wedding dress, to be worn for her wedding.
          ‘Friend, how did you come in here not wearing wedding clothing?’
          But what are these wedding clothes?
          When we see this bride, we shall be looking at the help-meet for His Son.
          Therefore we have to see - the image of Christ IN her., for she is HIS BEAUTIFULL BRIDE.- THE MOST BEAUTFULL WOMAN OF ALL TIME AND ETERNITY
          a SPECIAL finishing work, a glorious work of a bride without spot wrinkle or unclean thing.
          This finishing work happens before His return
          "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, He hath covered me with the robe of righteousness." (Isa. 61:10)
          garments of salvation,= a wedding dress, that has broken us off from the bondages of sin and death.=and
          His wife did make herself ready; and there was given to her that she may be arrayed with fine linen, pure and shining, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints."
          - Mth 17 ...''and He was transfigured,before them,and HIS FACE SHONE, and HIS RAIMENT WAS AS WHITE WAS LIGHT''amen.



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            Clues to departure/transformation

            If we do a spiritual/flesh survey,upon our selves, a few transformational things can be discovered about us.

            1] we have received a re-focused eye, this means we go into training not to look at our situation/problem but, refocus upon Our SAVIOUR! - He saves us, as we cannot save - a changed eye.
            2] a great longing to be Holy, as He is Holy.
            3] we are told secrets [contained in the Word of God] about our changing thinking patterns = receiving divine revelation, so that, it is that anointing that breaks the yoke as we practice the revelation for ourselves. We have to become DOERS of His Word.
            4] we no longer feel ''connected'' to many things we were used to, we seem to have grown away from the things of this world and the love of this world, others find so important. Even friends/relationships we once found a delight and very important to our social lives, no longer seem so necessary to keep us amused.
            5] careers dont seem so important, as we are taught ''The Lord is Our Shepherd''.
            6] we loose that earthy 'hunger' for material things. We are no longer interested in ''keeping-up-with-The Jones'' mentality.
            7] we have made a discovery about ourself - of a lasting peace and a happiness, that comes from within, namely, a divine contentment.
            8] breaking ties with physical things happens, breaking ties from old sins and habits, breaking ties with evil imaginations, - a whole lot of ''tie-breaking ' is going on inside us.
            9] we are led into a 'change of diet'',- the kings' dainties are surrendered up and a new form of eating gradually begins to take place.
            10] time is speeding up....days fly by... a year seems like 5 months not 12. This is a very pronounced feeling that time is becoming no more.. as if we are coming out from time itself.
            11] emotions of love and compassion are becoming more intense.
            12] personal cleansing is happening, fear is being overcome by Faith IN the Son of God, unbelief and doubts are ceasing their grip upon us as ''pass-over'' takes place within us. Faith is being added to us, as a fruit, and ''Give us More Faith'' is happening, as we learn to submit to His Kingdom rules.
            13] A hungry-ness for TRUTH AND FREEDOM overtakes us so we can understand this divine way,namely moving from glory to glory, the darkness is being taken away from us, and this new light is revealing treasures of glory and these things are being added to our lives as we DECREASE and as He INCREASES. amen.
            14] we can ''feel'' our change coming over us.- it is the fact that ''the bride made herself ready''.
            15] ''Traditional beliefs'' are in a stage of UPHEAVAL, -what most people seem to believe in, and are satisfied with , we do not, = it is as if ''spiritual earthquakes'' are happening in our lives.
            16] we become very restless in the presence of Lies, as the Truth is being woven into our inner man.
            17] we are in the process of shedding things in our lives that no longer matter,- negative things, negative words, negatives seem to be uncomfortable around us. negative is assoc. with loosers, postive is for victors...the word of God is a postive influence upon our spiritual man.
            18] not only are we being changed, this world is in upheaval as well...look around.. notice changes in the natural.....
            19] The Spiritual man within, suddenly begins to growup...become alive for the 1st time... He stirs and stretches and begins to dominate.....rev 12 v 11 comes to pass saying........We OVERCAME (notice that it does not say that we overcome, but overcame which is an already established fact "in spirit", in heaven, which is an IT IS SO in heaven) by The BLOOD OF THE LAMB, The WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, and loved NOT our lives UNTO THE DEATH.-the awakened NEW man....being a NEW creature amen


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              the point of NO return

              i have flown over the pacific ocean 6 times now and it is a very long trip from Sydney, 14hrs in fact, over a huge area of water... thats all there is... water.
              There comes a time when we get to a ''point of no return'' where we cannot turn back to get more fuel/help.. as we have come to far to return back from where we have come from.
              I was thinking about this today, and i believe we come to that place spiritually where we cannot turn back... we have to PRESS ON.... into the High calling of Christ...phil.3.v.10-14... press into that finishing line experience.
              To mature and gain full statue, IN Christ, we are to EXAMINE OURSELVES...
              and the human nature in us all does not really like self examinations.....
              [2 corn 13.v.5] to prove if we are in the faith...prove our own selves.. to......consider IF I AM A REPROBATE...
              That is what we have to consider... if we are a reprobate..
              immediately we say ''NO!.. ofcourse i am not''...
              as the human mind could not stand this adjective of describing themselves...
              but if we have past this point of no turning back, it is a sign of maturing to examine ourself to see if we are upon THE WAY correctly and not suffering from a strong delusion.
              after much self-suffering, i have to say....when we can stand there with evil around us, bombarding us, roaring at us and remain UNAFFECTED BY IT... we have past the point of no return...

              did u know... there is enormous POWER, in this one act...the POWER is NOT in us as a carnal-human being, but in HIS NEW CREATURE as, we are only a vessel/living sacrifice, to carry this enormous power = Enchristed...but.... when we remain OUTSIDE of evil and completely UNAFFECTED by its presence..WE HAVE ATTAINED...we have been found in the faith, we have 'proven'' our own selves that we are no longer a reprobate.
              the object of maturity in Christ is ''we shall no longer BE CONTROLLED by outside circumstances''
              let us now we grow up
              what ruffles our feathers...
              what annoys us,
              that sin that so easily besets us...
              EXAMINE IT...
              take note of it...
              prowl around it,
              open it up, look at it and dont hide 'it' in the closet and
              then release it = math 11 v 28-30 -this begins the elimination process from us as we surrender up our own helplessness into the VICTORY of Christ for us.
              We will begin to ''see'' a pattern forming...when we are attacked.. most times there is a timetable to it....etc...
              Old 'wounds/torments' shall be re-opened, to see if they still crush they once did, or, if now we have grown out from them and, we are UNMOVED by their appearing.

              We are entering into our finals... our probation is almost over... the 300 men of Gideon... are being tested and watched for ''their lapping''....[in type]
              As we surrender our ''all'' HE EMPTIES US, and we become so filled up with His Truth, that we become HIS IMAGE...
              we have ''warts'',, so what....Just display them infront of Him, recognise them and then DO SOMETHING strange and foolish... GIVE THEM AWAY, they no longer belong to you.. HE WANTS THEM...ONLY HE CAN DEAL with them and He asks..''give them all to Me''. amen.

              Grown up Adult-people, make wise decisions, so they say.... children are incapable of showing adult the natural world.

              therefore, it will pay us to become SPIRITUAL ADULTS... THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE and understand KINGDOM business amen....=....the physical and the spiritual have to become as ONE,- married together as a husband and a wife - to reproduce, the physically-divine AMEN...HIS new CREATURE CALLED THE HOPE OF GLORY.


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                part of this divine preparation is....

                learning how to combat our stresses and susceptibilities...
                1] the stress that takes a root into our mind, and we manifest out this stress to others and then onto others......
                2] the auto-sugestions from others to our susceptable minds, shall manifest out the fruit of all evil-suggestions.

                We are to learn how to avoid this type of darkness in all of its forms, from taking root in our minds, and when or IF injected thinking overcomes us, we IMMEDIATELY KNOW.. what to do....=..... take each thought captive and make it BOW to the Word of God.
                [That is our new responsibility as a NEW creature]
                When we walk in the presence of the Lord... we are calm and silent and hushed.
                ALL EVIL, has been SUCKED OUT from our situations as HE WALKS WITH US, COMFORTING US, by His knowledge of wisdom and knowing HOW to overcome for us.
                This walk takes much practice, it does not drop into our laps like some over-ripe cheeries... sadly to say... BUT.. if we are patient, HE WILL WORK IT OUT thru us and our minds are transformed into HIS MIND over all manner of things pertaining to our lives.

                IF, you are a keen watcher of any type of media, people are bombarded by auto-suggestions...telling us all how to think... it is the programme of the Matrix..
                so ask ourself this question..
                HOW DO I THINK?...
                DO I THINK FOR MYSELF? or am i wavered to and fro, by other thinking patterns, from people i dont even know.
                as example.
                once it was considered correct to have moral values, to be upstanding and refined in our community an example of neighbourly living.... but today... by socially engineered thinking, it is now 'ok' to have all manner of moral corruptions in one's life and still be an ''acceptable part of society.'

                When people think along socially programmed lines, their children suffer, from their parents inability to discern the signs of the times.
                Children are placed under stress, not knowing real values as they are a reflection and a mirror of their parents.
                look at a child - see the parent!
                Abba, shall lift His people out from this programmed society by placing only HIS THINKING into our mind, so that we become TRANSFORMED.
                As we become transformed, then we are IN CHRIST, the power of God so are able to transform others around us, sometimes in a second, sometimes in years... but.. it will occur for THE TRUTH will prevail as the gates of hell cannot prevail against HIS CHURCH. amen

                I talk from experience as i had a terrible relationship happening for a few yrs with a member of my family. It was very stressing to me and i was at wits end, to understand what to do. I had prayed over this person, for a long while YET did not ''see'' anything changing at all = it was hopeless, till one day, some yrs later I SAW A CHANGE happening...gradually it got better..Thank God for this We are now pals!
                the thing was...
                this man WAS NOT CHANGING SO MUCH AS .... IT WAS ME.... who was being changed... it was me... WHO HAD THE PROBLEM...i was being cleaned out, and my mind changed, so that my evil no longer controlled me in this area.
                Then I remembered that saying...
                ''IT WAS ONLY EVER between me and God anyways''
                now aint that the truth...
                sometimes it is NOT OTHER PEOPLE but us, who have a problem that needs to be cleaned out, we need re-programmed so that we are no longer susceptable to ''them'' longer stressed out ''by them''... but now have self-control By the Spirit of God. amen.

                evil, will prevail against us, as long we we let it get rooted into the fertile imaginations of our mind.

                go.. write down your susceptalities and stresses... air them out... show them to others... confess them as dirty rags.. PRAY OVER THEM.. AND WATCH THEM DEPART.
                the best way to be rid of anything dark and ugly, is to shine HOLY LIGHT upon it and this evil will slither away.
                The rooms in our mind can be so dark sometimes, YET, one small lit match stick can devour darkness and we can 'see'. amen.
                to depart means, we have to leave 'us' behind and just go, walking down the Kings highway, and coming into our destination


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                  1/2/2006...learning how?

                  to depart by learning HOW to live in His Glory!

                  The transfiguration experience [Mat 17] was the BREAKING OPEN to reveal His glory! So we all can see what glory is.. A BEING OF SHINING LIGHT.. a spiritual mature person inside an earthen vessel.
                  ''The glory of God radiated from His face, and as we behold Him we become like Him'' (2 Cor. 3:18).
                  we have to be prepared to hold His glory.
                  ''The Lord gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly” Psalm 84:11
                  We are learning to be in His grace so to be able to walk in His glory!
                  now for the punch line...
                  This eternal glory involves the whole person
                  YES sirs... THE WHOLE PERSON, meaning Spirit, soul and body = the 3 in 1 package deal.
                  God has “called us unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus.”
                  NOW, is the day of our preparation!