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i am looking/but/am i seeing.

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  • i am looking/but/am i seeing.

    Most live inside this world of ''the one way mirror!''

    2 Kings 6.v.17
    this is looking and this is seeing.- these OT saints NO longer live in the land of ''the one way mirror!''

    the one way mirror has been smashed, for these 2 people and seeing and looking comes into a new spiritual dimension.

    Ringo mentioned that we can live on plateaus, we can stay on this plateau of knowledge or move up ever higher!

    The Saviour, would have His people mature and more up ever higher into His realm and move into His style of real living.
    We can move up out from overcoming into overcame, past tense.
    The level/plateau, is the overcame plateau, that on this level the enemy is fully defeated.
    see Elisha KNEW how to defeat the enemy and he did, he was an overcamer... he had passed from overcoming [ he did this whilst following Elijah] now he was an overcamer, with a testimony.

    I read a excellent word of edification by Quinton Miller asking this question

    ''much would you give to own one of Elisha's bones''?
    2 kings 13.v.21
    while we are yet in the process of overcoming we are surrounded by our enemies, for overcoming has to be learnt as a faith/trust/relying not on our own understanding process.
    the next level is to come out from looking into seeing = our spiritual man is arising and seeing for the first time, awakened and alive now,by having 1st place... so that this NEW man has 'eyes that will see'' into the realm where he was been awakened into. the one way mirror has been smashed.

    The level of Rev 12 v 11 ''they overcame'' is the full expression of how satan is defeated and pulled down so that ''he has nothing on me'' so to speak!

    now, the real interestng thing here is the words of Elisha saying in v.16 ''FEAR NOT!''
    IF our spiritual man is coming of age, he shall FEAR NOT, as he sees his spiritual-family fully equipped rooting for him ......

    do we notice that it was a chariot and horses [ 2v11] that came for Elijah.
    when Elisha prayed for his servant, straight away his eyes were opened therefore it was thru Elisha the miracle flowed out to another.
    That is an awesome divine trait - to give out from our lives for others.
    1 minute of seeing is worth 30yrs of bible study.

    we are to be REFOCUSED, with true eye-sight restored, refocused where we see how it works and then work within that level! - this changes us!

    now i talk about Metamoorphoo.
    The worm that turns into a butterfly, is a process of a changed form.
    We know all about it but it is likened to a changed mind a new spiritual mind implanted over the original carnal mind of man!

    The new form called a butterfly emerges out from its cocoon, but it does not fly right away, as its wings are wet and crumpled. It has to sit in the sun, for the sun to heal and dry the wings so it can fly away...

    we are now entering into a process of coming out from an overcomer into ''they overcame''
    [rev 12 v 11] and it is only as THE SON, puts His healing into our wings so we shall fly.


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    Jesus said unto them,
    If ye were blind, ye should have no sin:
    but now ye say, We see;
    therefore your sin remaineth.

    JN 9:41
    The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

    I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
    That is why I SAVED YOU.
    For ME.



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      Originally posted by israelthebride
      Jesus said unto them,
      If ye were blind, ye should have no sin:
      but now ye say, We see;
      therefore your sin remaineth.

      JN 9:41
      yes RicoEL. these words were spoken to the religious elders/pharisee of Jesus time [ref v 39-40]....meaning..''IF you were really ignorant, you would have no sin, but, you say your'e not ignorant, yet, you resist/reject Me and your enmity is towards me, so your sin remains.''


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        cont, going from glory to glory

        levels/revelation/applying that revelation-growth.... arise again by acting upon an elevator ascending, level upon level.
        growing up - becoming divinely responsible.

        when Elisha prayed and ask for his servants eyes to be opened -question - do you think Elisha was a man who was walking in the presence of God?
        do you think Elisha KNEW all about spiritual things so that he was confident of an answer when he prayed?

        question, does there come a time when a saint has this same ''confidence''.

        Does this confidence come, because fear and doubt/unbelief have been 'cast out' from our mind as a slavish problem?

        one of Christ Jesus names is EMMANUEL - God is with us!

        one level of this spiritual ascension is the knowledge of His presence.... step by step we are to mature into this realm.
        the object of levels is to gain TRUST IN HIM....the more we trust the higher the level, till we are able to TRUST as Jesus trusted in His Father,-- there are benefits to this TRUSTING!- by knowingly walking in His presence.

        by gaining this trusting in Father we gain an immortal mind, [the carnal mind is filled with unbelief and dis-trust and continues to seek the arm of flesh for its life and protection.] the immortal mind is a changed mind and this changed mind will also change our body so we can be blameless at His coming. [1 thes 5 v 23.]
        Jesus is called the Prince of Peace,
        a carnal mind is not a peacefilled mind... it is a wavering mind an upset mind and an unreasonable mind. Therefore an immortal mind will be ''at peace''.- a mind of peace! - ''In perfect peace I
        shall keep you, those whose mind is stayed upon Me''

        do u think when the servant saw the spiritual-horses etc, suddenly he was ''at peace''?
        that is why to enter into immortality we cannot allow the carnal mind to enslave us with its tactics any more, but, to have an opened eye into the realm where Jesus dwells. amen
        the object of ''opening the servants eye'' was TO SHOW HIM THE TRUTH!

        THE TRUTH sets us free, so we can now ask,
        what spiritual truth is Elisha demonstrating to his servant, and to us to edify?
        notice the servant finally sees the truth and when the truth comes on the scene, situations alter.


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          lucy, u have some 'plaining to do!

          today i was thinking about a garden and the 4 rivers of Eden and their meaning!

          Genesis 2:8,

          The LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden,

          and there He put the man whom He had formed.

          i found out the meanings of the 4 river names...
          1] pison - increase
          2] gihon - bursting forth
          3] hiddekel - rapid, quick, sudden
          4] euphrates - fruitfullness.

          4 means - fullness of creation.

          then i was thinking about the garden, and i found this...''a garden enclosed''
          s of songs 4.v.12

          this ''garden enclosed'' is my sister/my spouse.
          In Chapt 4 of songs is the description of the bride.
          The garden is the epitome of productiveness and new life.
          a garden will always have a gardener...... [a lovely garden cannot bring life into itself, it has to be cultivated.] so it is with His spouse, she cannot bring life into herself.

          what if there comes a time of perfect union, + perfect balance [ i e 2 kings 6 v 17] where THE TRUTH, sets us free and we walk in full liberty, In Christ, so that, this world and the spiritual world are in perfect balance.

          the 2 have become ONE!

          all the fallen things from this world have ceased and all the abundance of the spiritual have increased.

          now the 2 worlds are reconcilled
          reconcilled back to the original postion, with one exception, rather than a ''formed'' man subdue-ing, it is the new creation.
          with this example in mind - do u think Elisha knew how to subdue the powers of the enemies?= by reconcilling the natural to the spiritual = by allowing the spiritual to control rather than the fallen natural?
          do u think his servant learnt from this experience ?