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question! what would be the ''evidence'' of walking in LIFE NOW

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  • question! what would be the ''evidence'' of walking in LIFE NOW


    would there be ''evidence''?
    would it be the walk of faith?

    does faith comes first and evidence come next?

    while I believe In Life Now [the same life force Christ walked into] as a personal revelation,+ I have heard ''FOLLOW ME'' and when i do this ''FOLLOW ME'', i am not asked to vary my footsteps,but to be one eye only. This is all because my 'eye' [thinking and manner of life] as been RE-DIRECTED!

    when I am RE-DIRECTED, it is placing me back into the right direction [THE ADAMIC NATURE IS THE WRONG DIRECTION] and I then come into balance with THE LAWS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

    THE DIVINE principles that now work!
    here is the first principle

    Jesus Christ simply said, "Follow Me."

    if you did not, He would say, "You were not worthy!"
    How inconsiderate this would be in the minds of some who live in this particular time and generation.-see Luke 9:57-62.

    Jesus simply knew that when a person truly desired something, "they would do what they have to do to get it."
    now the question - do we do OUR all to get HIS DESIRES into our heart?
    We are to be separated unto Him alone,. If we are we have entered into Life now!

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    separated unto Him... alone!

    When we enter into His desire for our life, - We were/are PERSUADED - to "eradicate everything in our lives in order TO FOLLOW JESUS!"
    some 'evidence' of LIVING IN ''LIFE NOW'', would be the continual erradication of the adamic nature that hinders our walk.
    so ask...
    ''am i [my adamic nature] being erradicated, to make way FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL LIFE TO DWELL IN me? or AM I DECREASING AND IS HE INCREASING... is my adamic nature being removed so His divine Nature is installing.

    We are to
    EMBRACE, the true power of transformation!
    when Jesus was performing His first miracle at the WEDDING of Cana [John 2] He filled the 6 jars to their brim!- they were continually being filled right up to their brim. No part of these jars was UN-filled!
    6 is the number for man!
    6 jars - jars are earthen vessels...
    6 eathen vessels.
    changed at a wedding, filled up to the brim with new wine that was far greater than the original wine poured!- the Master-of-the-house was amazed at this new wine.
    When we BOW to the Word of God over any situation in our lives we Bow to be changed to usher in His Kingdom into our life. This is the tranformation process!
    We Bow - He gets greater within us.
    The Word of the Father continues to permeate throughout our soul "until it has fully conquered and consumed everything within us." = transformation.
    This is the divine process creating His LIFE-NOW within us.


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      Faith (EMUNAH) and then WALK (HALACHA)?

      I will give you the proper defination of faith by which one must first have this idea called "faith" and then what follows is "evidence":

      The outcome... in the hearts of those who study, is emunah, faithful obedience. Normally translated as faith, Emunah has a dual meaning. Etymologically, it is related to the word meaning to train or accustom oneself, and also to the word for power and strength. This definition is very misleading! The basis of Emunah is knowledge! We start with knowledge and then when we are faithfully obedient to that knowledge, we have emunah, we have faith. Emunah is our faithful obedience to a knowledge. Something you connect to so thoroughly that you would give your life for it. Emunah must be the same as the knowledge that you exist. After this is acquired, then one must be faithfully obedient to that knowledge despite the influence of the lower self. The pinnacle of Emunah is to connect with knowledge so thoroughly that you can experience it’s future pleasures, now. Emunah is a zera, a seed. Just as you KNOW, without any doubt, that a seed will produce a plant with fruit, if it is properly cared for, so emunah is something you KNOW. It is something that is certain.

      The blindness of emunah is that you don’t have the end result now, even though you KNOW what the end result will be.
      Our Sages teach that a person is a seed. A seed has two possible uses:

      1. It can be eaten as food immediately. A person without emunah will eat the seed now. A person without emunah is literally eating himself. In the world to come there will be nothing left.

      2. It can be planted so that it will yield fruit forever. In order to yield fruit, it must be planted. A person with emunah will plant the seed. A person with emunah will plant himself and undergo decay in order that he will yield fruit, which yields seeds, which yields fruit … for all eternity.

      The seed contains everything, but, it is hidden in the darkness. Emunah is the seed of the next world. If you water and fertilize it correctly, it will disintegrate and only after the disintegration will it begin to sprout and produce more seeds into infinity of fruit production. A seed yields it’s fruit in the darkness and only with the tremendous faithful obedience to a multitude of tasks by the one who planted it.

      The following table compares the formation of a seed to the formation of a human:

      A Seed: A seed begins when the “egg” is fertilized. The seed contains all the genetic material of the parents.

      A Fetus / Baby: A fetus begins when the “egg” is fertilized. The fetus contains all the genetic material of the parents.

      A Seed: Starts out attached to it’s source of life – the plant.

      A Fetus / Baby: Starts out attached to it’s source of life – his mother.

      A Seed: Whilst in the pod, the seed does not need water, fertilizer, or soil. It grows well with an environment of air only.

      A Fetus / Baby: Whilst in the womb, the fetus does not need air, light, space for movement, food, or waste removal. It’s lungs are filled with water without ill effect.

      A Seed: The “death process” begins when the seed is viable and the pod splits and it is exposed to the world while still attached to it’s source of life.

      A Fetus / Baby: The “death process” begins when the baby is viable and the womb opens and it is exposed to the world while still attached to it’s source of life.

      A Seed: During the “death process”, the plant begins to turn brown and becomes dessicated..

      During the “death process” the mother looks and sounds like she is dying.

      A Seed: When the seed is detached from it’s source of life, the plant, and falls to the ground. It no longer receives nourishment from the plant.

      When the baby is detached from it’s source of life, his mother, and is caught up in the arms of the midwife. It no longer receives food and oxygen from it’s mother.

      A Seed: When it gets covered with dirt, the seed begins dying and decaying.

      A Fetus / Baby: During birth, the baby’s blood circulation reverses, as a hole in the heart closes, and begins filling the lungs. The baby begins dying in the womb.

      A Seed: Suddenly, the seed can not remain viable without soil, water, fertilizer, and weed control.

      A Fetus / Baby: Suddenly, the baby can not remain viable without air, light, space for movement, food, and waste removal.

      A Seed: The seed sprouts and begins growing into a mature plant.

      The baby grows and begins growing into an adult.

      A Seed: The seed that became a plant, now begins producing fruit and many seeds.

      A Fetus / Baby: The seed that became a fetus, that became a baby, that became an adult, is now producing many seeds and fruit.

      The phase of rational knowledge. It is called “daytime”. During this phase we focus on the outward things because they are the focus.

      The phase of blindness is called “night time”. This is related to the concept of night – the time when we can not see. To experience night as it really is, without artificial light, is to experience what emunah really is. During this phase we focus on the inward things because they are the only things we can see with clarity. The blindness of emunah is the blindness of planting a seed. You “know” that a seed can produce much fruit and many more seeds, with an enormous amount of work, when it is planted. We start with knowledge!. It is NOT the idea that I can plant something, anything, and blindly hope that it will produce. Emunah is knowing that a seed will produce!

      Before we can have emunah, we need to have knowledge. Before we can have knowledge we must have a place for the knowledge. This place is the possibility that something may be true, it is a doubt.. This possibility is enough to start basing our life on this possibility.

      Emunah in HaShem is something that must find expression in action. This idea is also repeated in the Nazarean Codicil:

      Yaakov (James) 2:17 Even so emunah, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

      The Torah tells us (Shemot, 16:11-12) that when Israel was attacked by Amalek, Moshe raised his hands toward heaven, and, when he did so, Israel was able to overcome its enemy. The mishnah in Masechet Rosh Hashanah explains that Moshe's uplifted hands directed the people's attention to HaShem, and their emunah helped bring them victory in battle. In describing Moshe's action, the Torah says, "Vayehi yadav emunah", and his hands were 'emunah', faithful. This means that emunah is something that must be concretized through one's hands, through action. One must express his emunah through the outward actions of his hands. The Talmud in Shabbat refers to the mishnaic order of Zeraim as 'Emunah' and the commentary of Tosafot explains that this is because the act of planting seeds, with the hope that they will ultimately yield a crop, entails a certain degree of emunah.

      Shemot (Exodus) 17:12 But Moses’ hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady (emunah) until the going down of the sun.

      Wow! Moshe hands had emunah! We surely can not say that the hands had faith, rather we must say that they were faithfully obedient.

      The Talmudic volume about agriculture, usually known as Seder Zeraim ("The Order of Seeds"), has another name: Seder Emunah, ("The Order of Faith"). Think about it, farmers plant seeds in a dark, damp place, where they begins to decay; believing all along that there will be fruit after they water, fertilize, weed, train, and protect from insects and other pests. Thus we learn that the one who plants has emunah (faithfull obedience to the tasks at hand) that the order of the world will continue, and his seeds will grow and yield fruit.

      to be continued


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        The Gemara in Tractate Shabbat, based on a verse in Prophets, tells us that the section of Zeraim is referred to as emunah (faithfull obedience). This is because regardless of the quality of the soil, the seeds, and the farmer’s labor, if the rains of blessing and other elements, which are necessary for the growth of the crop, do not happen, there is no harvest. The farmer, understanding his inadequacy and dependency on the natural order, is therefore compelled to have belief in HaShem. This is the “blind” aspect of faithfulness.

        This study is designed to give us knowledge, daat, so that we can begin to be faithfully obedient.

        “The advent of Mashiach will be so unexpected that it could not possibly be predicted.”

        This pathway is revealed in many regards: Mashiach is always referred to as a Tzemach, a plant. The aspect of "Zemach" that is emphasized is that it often remains underground, out of sight, for long periods of time, before rising to the surface, as has Mashiach remained hidden until he will come to the fore. RADAK and Ibn Ezra note that the "gematria," the Hebrew letter sum of numerical equivalents of the word "Tzemach" is the same as that of "Menachem," a name of the Mashiach. The Targum says outright that the meaning of the term is the "Mashiach."

        We speak in our prayers, of the messianic era, in a way that is the way of plants: To break forth (from the ground). A seed is the picture of something unexpected. Until a seed is detached from the living plant, detached from its source of life, it can do nothing. Until it is utterly cut off and alone, it can be nothing more than a speck. Until the seed then goes into a hidden place and rots, it can never sprout. This rotting, this disintegration, is the last thing that you would expect from something that is about to yield new life. And just when it seems that all is lost, a new plant bursts through the ground!

        ...We see this same kind of unexpected result when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and when a person dies and is resurrected. We must learn to know, and understand, the unexpected process of disintegration which will produce

        (Rosh Paqid Hillel ben David)

        This shows that the evidence is very easily attainable.

        Jesus Christ simply said, "Follow Me."

        if you did not, He would say, "You were not worthy!"
        How inconsiderate this would be in the minds of some who live in this particular time and generation.-see Luke 9:57-62.

        Jesus simply knew that when a person truly desired something, "they would do what they have to do to get it."

        When Jesus said, "Follow me" , hi disciples already knew what to expect. They expected that he would train them to become prominent Rabbi's as the Master himself was. That their hopes of a good Torah education would be fulfilled. Only thing is that they had not known all the specifics, every minute detail, of what they were about to embark... but they knew their process. That each of them would be elevating status of authority, of development until they reach being Rabbanim. Then even in this, some would become Dayyanim (elohim-rabbis) and some would only remain Rabbanim (lawyers-sages)... while was or another could become Nasi (prince of the legal court-Sanhedrin) or Av bet Din (President of the legal court-Sanhedrin).

        This was their faithful obedience... it wasn't some so-called notion called "faith" that people today have an idea of.

        Hope that all is well with you


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          YES, all is well ..thanking you.

          In my personal walk i always felt i did not wish to live in a religious myth.

          I did not wish to live 'how other people tell me how to live',
          I wished to expereince first hand, the whole spectrum of the transformation process into a divine life.
          as example.
          the 4 days ago i broke my toe, it faced the wrong way, was so sore i went every place without a shoe..YET... today it is healed.
          Not because i am so super, but because I am dying to all my adamic thinking, that kills me. I am in training to think as Christ wishes me too.
          I follow Him... He tells me how to think regardless of my condition.
          Christ and His personal resurrection power healed me.
          but how?....
          well! it was strange to say the least, but i was watching a movie i dont even know its name, as i was not watching it correctly... but there came a place [i looked up] where the man said to his lady '' I love you more than my own life, you are everything to me''...
          and right there....
          i was healed...
          for I knew that is how Jesus Christ gave His all for His 'called out' people.
          Love healed me, all i did was allow LOVE TO OVERCOME my hurt!

          It is also intersting to notice that Abraham had 2 sons, one from the flesh the other the supernatural miracle son Isaac.... have we really understood this ''son of promise''?
          That son of flesh will kills us, but the son of that promise brings us up into real life and life that comes in unlimited power as we grow up into full maturity. Just like those 6 earthen jars were filled up to the brim.

          That's what i mean,
          I cannot survive on some myth,
          some ancient book,
          others telling me 'how i must think',
          telling me,'' i dont understand,''
          telling me ''how i think is not so!''
          It is not in the book, nor in other's advice, but only in that personal relationship of ''FOLLOW ME''! right there is the secret place of the most high God
          It is being able to rightly divide, as the Holy Spirit draws alongside us and comforts us in His understand! Correcting us, and then allowing the ancient book to speak to us, not by men, but BY HIS SPIRIT.
          when I WALK, tis only ever BY GRACE and MERCY and always only in the daily living power of His realness. amen

          J-Bond... thank you for your quote..
          The basis of Emunah is knowledge!
          We start with knowledge and then when we are faithfully obedient to that knowledge, we have emunah, we have faith.
          Emunah is our faithful obedience to a knowledge
          = amen! the basic word here is FAITHFULL to this knowledge - it is hard to be so faithfull when our circumstances seem rather hopeless! - YET- in this training up - all things are possible to a Father Abba who loves us amen and knows our frame.
          To be able to stand in that day is an awesome quest, it is fair to say, withOUT HIS ANOINTING upon us tis impossible.


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            cont.. about metmoorphoo... i once read where tests where made on some cocoons to understand the process- once the worm was inside to be turned into a butterfly.
            At all stages, when they cut open these cocoons, there was only ever water present.[ this is what i read... not sure if it is fact!]
            When Jesus said, "Follow me" , his disciples already knew what to expect.
            They expected that he would train them to become prominent Rabbi's as the Master himself was.
            That their hopes of a good Torah education would be fulfilled.
            Only thing is that they had not known all the specifics, every minute detail, of what they were about to embark... but they knew their process.
            That each of them would be elevating status of authority, of development until they reach being Rabbanim. Then even in this, some would become Dayyanim (elohim-rabbis) and some would only remain Rabbanim (lawyers-sages)... while was or another could become Nasi (prince of the legal court-Sanhedrin) or Av bet Din (President of the legal court-Sanhedrin).
            well Jesus Christ took them far above their expectations, rather like the metamoorphoo dont you think?
            Jesus Christ takes His people far above their expectations He says ''EXPECT THE BEST''.. Has He spoken these 3 words to you? SIMPLY = EXPECT THE BEST!
            ''FOLLOW ME,'' AND EXPECT THE BEST amen


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              would there be any ''evidence'' of LIFE NOW.... according to our flesh?

              ''LIFE NOW'' - THE SUPERNATURAL REAL-LIFE LIVING.... the flesh was have to cut away, and how we run to the flesh for assistance - be abandoned..... This is a process OF WEANING.
              If we begin to study the LIFE IN CHRIST, we will find He depended only upon His Father for every will and need...... this has to be our standards too.

              the flesh is a hinderer, the flesh is a god, the flesh shall kill us all... therefore it stands to reason to become ALIVE NOW IN CHRIST, our flesh has to go.

              but what is ''THE FLESH''?
              ...... everything that takes the place of Father Abba, everything that springs from a dependance upon ourself and others... for needs and quick fixes.
              We are to be WEANED-OFF our own 'god-like' self dependance and into a GOD-DEPENDANCE only = where HE IS OUR DAILY PORTION.
              When WE ENTER INTO ''HIS DAILY PORTION'' we enter into 'NOW' time!
              IN NOW, time there is NO time, for we walk in His ever present NOW.
              in 'NOW' we have no past or no future, for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN has no time, it simply IS.

              to be............................IS.............................................

              it is hard to explain 'IS' but 'IS' in HIS LIFE has to become us.... WE ''IS'' and then there is NO argument. none... WE JUST ''IS'' as He is!
              To be this 'IS' we have to learn how to take our DAILY PORTION from Our Father = by learning how HE SHALL MET ALL OF OUR NEEDS DAILY, rather than, ''I will do it all myself, in other ways''.

              These are very hard lessons, hard on our flesh-man that hates to give up his throne! I was reading about Abraham, and In one place it said
              ''Abraham went face down and prayed to the Lord''. - FACE DOWN - NO DEPENDANCE upon himself.
              Then Abram fell on his face, and God talked with him, saying: "As for
              Me, behold, My covenant is with you, and you shall be a father of
              many nations." Gen. 17:3-4
              notice.= Abraham was reverent and submissive.
              Probably there is no better picture anywhere in the Bible of the
              right place for mankind and the right place for God. God was on His
              throne speaking, and Abraham was on his face listening!
              Entering IN ''LIFE NOW''..... will place us in this postion, [gradually ofcourse, ]but nonetheless His people shall come into that place of BOWING AND LISTENING, WAITING AND HEARING HIS JUST INSTRUCTIONS.

              This is the only way, to ''succeed'' in 'Life' now, to cut off our own 'god of flesh' and have the divine creator TELL US HIS NEEDS AND then make a way for His divine PROVISIONS and supplies to us.

              when we are self dependant we are saying, in a nut-shell - GOD IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH for me.


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                cont... so we have to ask... is my flesh decreasing

                are my needs being supernaturally met?

                as I TRUST IN HIM... for everything!

                when we can say 'yes' i am being weaned from the flesh and the carnal thinking to becoming a son of promise supernaturally....

                I can then say '' I am inside His resurrection power and I am ascending In Him..... now.. what does this mean.?

                HIS MIND,- HIS THINKING IS NOW BECOMING MY THINKING... oh Dear God in heaven how wonderfull is His wisdom, when we allow it to fashion us into His Image.

                The POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION is being formed within us,
                The power of His mind is operating within us, as that filthy adamic nonsense is being removed.

                The Prophet Isaiah says, “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”
                The water, wine, milk and bread are the spiritual food that comes from the waters above the heavens.
                The power of the tree of Good and Evil wanes! as the power of the Spirit of Life increases.

                now i wish people to think........................

                DO WE KNOW all about all THINGS -everything as an adult...
                do we know how to fix our body?
                do we know how to eat correctly?
                do we know how to help and advise others?

                if we did.......................this world would never be as it is... for in fact we know HARDLY NOTHING!

                we JUST dont know how to 'control evil' and 'control not knowing and lacking knowledge'................ WE DONT UNDERSTAND ALL THE POWERFULL THINGS, that decend upon us for no reason and we dont know how to fix them, so they go away

                ALL WE DO............. IS TO PRODUCE A BAND-AID..... for some gaping wound.
                This is the rotten fruit from this tree of good and evil!
                WE ATE from the wrong tree.
                THE WRONG EATING HAS MADE US INSANE, dull and an idiot but most are UNAWARE of their own rotting corpse of ignorance.
                Christ has come to FIX IT ALL UP................. BUT..................... WE HAVE TO EAT AS HE EATS.
                We have lived in our wounded Matrix for too long.... sleeping in our religions unable to make them work... all because we thought of ourself more highly than we ought,.
                Our 'flesh god' as made us into the image of rotting flesh - the flesh is corrupted and vile and does not understand anything of real value.
                The truth is that the LAST ADAM who is a life giving spirit swallowed up the FIRST ADAM who was a LIVING SOUL, for in so doing the First and the Last Adam were reconciled at the cross
                why not be reconciled.... fully , totally and forever.
                ALLOW CHRIST, simply to swallow us all up! swallow up our ignorance and rottenness, swallow up our deaths and stupidity! His death has to become our death!


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                  FAITH has nothing to do with BELIEF.
                  If I BELIEVE it;
                  I don't need FAITH.

                  FAITH is SUBMITTING to GOD YHSHWH,
                  WHO I don't see.

                  Sometimes, we learn this when we are in desperate need of HIM.

                  1. Having lost all hope; despairing.
                  2. Marked by, arising from, or showing despair.
                  3. Reckless or violent because of despair.
                  4. Undertaken out of extreme urgency or as a last resort.
                  5. Nearly hopeless; critical.
                  6. Suffering or driven by great need or distress.
                  7. Extremely intense.

                  Desperate LOVE

                  When I first gave myself to YHSHWH, HE put my wife and me into a Children’s Home. A Home where abandoned, left, mistreated, and denied children were taken care of. We lived on campus and were separated from the outside world.
                  I still didn’t know how to be a YHSHWH FOLLOWER and started studying HIS WORD/LAW. In my mind, I thought I didn’t have much to learn because as a young boy I had read the BIBLE, the Q’ran, and the Book of Mormon. I knew all the stories and was a good student in all my BIBLE classes. In my mind, I was going to be the kind of FOLLOWER YHSHWH could not do without.
                  Any time off I had I would study HIS WORD/LAW. I started using HIS WORD with the young people. There were young people from 8 to 18 years of age at the Home. The more and more they got used to me, the more they would memorize verses to impress me. Again, I thought, that I was doing this great work for YHSHWH. Here were the kids being exposed to HIS WORD/LAW and they were memorizing it. What a man of GOD, I was, I thought.
                  Everything around me had to do with YHSHWH. I spoke of YHSHWH, I would present plays about YHSHWH, I would get the kids to do things concerning YHSHWH; I was working for YHSHWH and had everybody else around me working for YHSHWH. Everyone thought I was a GODLY man.

                  I was faking it. I was doing what HIS WORD said to do, but I really didn’t believe it. I saw the changes HIS WORD was doing around me, with the people and the kids of the Home, but I was not changing. What was I doing wrong. I tried to figure it out and could not.
                  One day, a boy, that was in the football team of the high school the Home went to, got into an argument with another in the team. The other boy hit him and my boy stood there and did nothing. The other boy walked away. When I picked him up that day, he told me what had happened. I couldn’t believe he had stood there and did nothing. I asked him why. His answer was, “Because I didn’t want you to be angry with me.”

                  I went to bed that night thinking about the incident. I knew that I would have probably hit back and not just stood there. I cried, because I was ashamed that I would not have done what this boy did for me. He wanted my love and he stood up for it.
                  I PRAYED that night wanting to have that kind of LOVE. Nothing happened.

                  One day, YHSHWH SAID,
                  “Bring the children to ME, instead of to you, and LOVE ME.”

                  I realized what I had been doing. I was with YHSHWH in pride. I was with YHSHWH, but I wanted everyone to see that I was. I wanted everyone to see how much I knew about HIM. I wanted everyone to know how much HE had SHARED with me. I wanted everyone to turn to me, if they wanted to come to YHSHWH. I would introduce them to HIM. I wanted to protect them from YHSHWH in case they made a bad decision while with HIM. I was president of my own fan club for YHSHWH. I wanted everyone to be impressed how close I was to YHSHWH and I wanted to impress YHSHWH. All I was doing was impressing myself.

                  I got Desperate (later I learned desperately in LOVE)

                  The only way I saw of me changing was to submit to HIS WORD/LAW no matter what I thought and no matter how I felt. In other words, instead of trying to make sense of HIS WORD/LAW, I would submit to HIM even when HIS WORD/LAW made no sense to me.
                  At first in my trying to submit, verses like “the carnal mind is an enemy of GOD…”, “that the LAW is for the sinful man…”, and “HIS WORD is the LAMP unto my feet…” kept coming to mind in re-assurance. I found that when I submitted to one part of HIS WORD/LAW my mind would hear (now, I know HOLY SPIRIT was SPEAKING to me) many other verses from other parts of HIS WORD/LAW re-assuring me. I learned that if I was willing to submit to HIS WORD/LAW, HE would re-assure me with other parts of HIS WORD/LAW. If in my willingness to submit to one part of HIS WORD/LAW and no re-assurance came from other parts of HIS WORD/LAW, I would not do it.
                  I learned that HIS WORD/LAW is ONE BOOK from Genesis to Revelation. If one part from the New COVENANT did not mesh with anything in the Old COVENANT, I was interpreting, not HOLY SPIRIT. YHSHWH’S BEAUTIFUL HOLY SPIRIT (LIVING LAW) will expose YHSHWH’S WRITTEN LAW making HIS WORD/LAW ONE flowing PLAN with ONE GOD, ONE SPIRIT, and ONE PEOPLE.
                  In my desperation, I learned how much YHSHWH really was in CHARGE. I learned that I could TRUST HIM. I learned that I could TRUST HIM with other people. I learned that I could “ball” myself up, at HIS FEET, and let everyone walk over me to HIM. Everytime, someone did, HE would pick me up and KISS me and then let me down back into my human position, at HIS FEET. I learned YHSHWH is FAITHFUL in my submittance. I DESPERATELY LOVE my YHSHWH. I AM desperate not to lose HIM and I want everyone to experience what I experience.
                  Now, is the time to come to HIS CROSS/our CROSS. This is where we meet YHSHWH. This is the only place HE can be with us. This is the only place HE can help us. This is the only place that we will know HIM.
                  Now, is the time to stay at HIS FEET, LOVING HIM DESPERATELY.

                  This is FAITH.

                  Rico El
                  The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

                  I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
                  I CREATED YOU for ETERNITY.
                  I CREATED YOU for ME.
                  That is why I SAVED YOU.
                  For ME.

                  YOUR HUSBAND,


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                    Rico El, amen amen!

                    ''The only way I saw of me changing was to submit to HIS WORD/LAW no matter what I thought and no matter how I felt.
                    In other words, instead of trying to make sense of HIS WORD/LAW, I would submit to HIM even when HIS WORD/LAW made no sense to me. ''
                    yes... that is the truth - ''lean NOT on our own understanding''..............
                    Ricoel... the human adamic make up, that adulterated thing we call ''our nature'' will never every be able to understand divine things.... we work out from a wrong premise.....the carnal reasonings is so faulty.

                    as example...
                    one day I was looking at a huge Hospital being built.... I said to the Lord ''Father why do they need so many pills for so many ills, why are people so sick and hospitals so huge, like never before''.

                    The answer came so quickly... it was

                    ''ALL THEIR PILLS ARE POISONING THEM, KILLING THEM, from the womb to the tomb, they are being systematically poisoned to death.''
                    ''How''? ... I asked....
                    Father said to me
                    '' because they work from a wrong premise,- they try to create a disease IN ANIMALS, then try and fix it but disease does not work that way. Their foundation is all wrong that is why all their pills have SIDE-EFFECTS''.

                    see human reasonings makes pills that kill...
                    the mind of Christ has a different method = ''BY His stripes we are healed''.

                    till we come to understand we are basically moronic and only fit for the insane asylum.... we shall continue clinging to death as a comfort-rag! never understanding Christ's OWN DIVINE WISDOM [now made freely available]GETS US OUT of all trouble. amen

                    but... we have to come to that place.... the sewer of carnal thinking and GIVE UP... casting all cares only UPON HIm... but till that day is reached in our personal life.... we are the walking wounded and the dying dead.

                    however we do live in Hope.... that is not a deferred hope that will make our hearts sick... but here is the hope of Glory amen
                    This is a time of spiritual awakening of epic proportions, when the Body of Christ is rising out of its mortality and death, through the process of Resurrection. These have heard the voice of the Son of God and have been raised from the dead in the perfection of the Christ, who is their life. Their whole purpose in living is to declare the image of God, in loving, blessing and redeeming all mankind through the ministry of reconciliation, until all creation has been released from its bondage.
                    TO ANY WHO WOULD DOUBT I HEARD from Father Abba correctly over poision pills,[ and that occurred many years back] i happened by God -change to come across this exposee this afternoon. I do thank the Lord above for His confirmations amen
                    in part reads....
                    Drug approval is a simple matter of 51 percent telling the other 49 percent that a prescription drug is safe and necessary. The outcome: Deadly drugs are approved for use among misinformed medical doctors and patients
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                      Another thing regarding LIFE NOW is to have established is....

                      WHO IS OUR LORD.

                      this is really tricky.... oH! WE all say ''Jesus Christ is Lord'' very happily and sincerely....but when daily situations arise.... we will waver..... and suddenly old habits from the adamic mind come forth and the FLESH is now 'the lord.'


                      there comes a TIME, when we have to say ''I DIE, THAT CHRIST MAY LIVE''... AND
                      IT IS IN THAT POINT THE CHOICE HAS BEEN MADE, that JESUS IS LORD... and then WE DO JUST AS HE SAYS - see John 14.v.21-24.

                      Ps:119:130: ''The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. ''

                      as example.
                      Abraham refused to consider the things that were certainly contrary in the natural to what God had spoken to him. He only considered the promises of God.

                      Because Abraham was fully convinced or persuaded that what God had promised He was also able to perform. Because of this it was accounted to him for righteousness.
                      how would we be in that same situation! Would we doubt and fall to bits?
                      LIFE NOW is not inside people who fall to bits.
                      My son is a commercial pilot, part of the training is to learn to ''fly blind'' by only using their instruments...not feelings or sight.... When he does this he tells me that his whole body is telling him something else, but he is trained up to just obey his instruments.,
                      When he told me the facts, it reminded me of the bible - our instrument - no sight, no screaming 5 senses - JUST HIS WORD.... that is all...HIS WORD IS HIGHER THAN HIS NAME. amen.

                      we are like a computer, we have to be RE-PROGRAMMED, to work under a NEW adminstration = Romans 10:17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
                      here is a clue!
                      If we look at this word........... terrestrial......... it can be opened up to see
                      terra = earth,
                      trial = tests and rest...
                      can be made up ''rest in God over earth's trials''
                      ''LIFE NOW'' people enter into a RE-PROGRAMMING training, where all their old information dies as NEW and VITAL information is sown into their lives daily.
                      They are continually expanding , bubbling over, with living waters = being filled up, with this NEW FORM OF LIFE!
                      THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION IS GAINING A FOOTHOLD, as they learn only to Bow to the Word of Abba.

                      as I was posting this i had a thought!
                      It was because of Br. Abraham's changed attitude, [prior to this change he was like all men]
                      NAMELY his MIND CHANGED to DO as commanded - his body changed as well.
                      not only his own body, but that of his wife.


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                        thinking of Br Abraham.. lead me into this thought!


                        IF Br Abraham, could have been SO CHANGED, so that even his own body was re-vitalised by this new obedient thinking and that of his wife [many people declared her BEAUTIFULL - mature] what of the dispensation of Grace and SO GREAT A SALVATION that is set before us.... ummmm....
                        WHAT GREAT HIDDEN TREASURE DOES THIS CHURCH AGE HOLD, to be yet COMPLETE US! -to bring us up into the fullness of the fullest!

                        well.......... i have a clue
                        In the book of Revelation we see the 7 churches listed with their pros and cons for our learning!
                        Each one described by Jesus Christ in great detail.
                        now - i am never going to parrot what the 'church' says most of what they say is simply flesh-junk...
                        but i have an idea.
                        Do you see that in each church case GREAT REWARDS ARE o.n.l.y.GIVEN TO
                        that person called ''HE WHO OVERCOMES''.

                        OK... Abraham OVERCAME didn't he?

                        The father of Faith, the father of Nations was an OVERCOMER!= he overcame his situation=by obedience to the promises of God... right!!!!
                        but how greater shall the gift be to the overcomer in this 'church' age!

                        You see JESUS IS NOT happy until He mentions ''TO HIM WHO OVERCOMES...I WILL GIVE''.etc.
                        now gifts/rewards He will give out.- To all these people who OVERCOME their church faults, problems, woes.
                        Jesus will take these overcomers out from each 'church' and give them

                        1] eat from the Tree of Life
                        2] not hurt by the 2 nd death
                        3] hidden manna and a white stone
                        4] the morning star
                        5] New Name
                        6] Authority over Nations
                        7] Share Christ's Throne
                        8] Pillar in the Temple
                        9] Name Confessed before the Father and the Angels
                        10] Name not Blotted from the Book of Life
                        11]White Garments

                        the revelation is,

                        it is ONLY these overcomers thru-out the church age who make up HIS LIVING TEMPLE, not made with hands!

                        It is a remnant taken out from a remnant.

                        these remnant OVERCOMERS were taken out from a remnant church.

                        The remnant church has pros and cons about it,
                        Therefore Jesus gives forth ADVICE. [like Br Abraham heard and then obeyed] for those WHO HAVE EARS TO HEAR, what the Spirit is saying [rev.2.v.7]
                        The HOLY SPIRIT is not talking to everyone in this remnant church, [notice this,] but only to those with ''ears that hear''.

                        The overcomers join together as a LIVING SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, having all the rewards given out to them and it is thru these overcomers JESUS CHRIST APPEARS.
                        THIS IS HOW ............... HE COMES.......... HE COMES IN HIS OVERCOMERS.

                        NOW... to be completed IN Christ we are to wonder at LIFE NOW AND THE REWARDS OF HIS PERSONAL RESURRECTION LIFE INFILLING US.

                        to ascend alive, we have to OVERCOME as HE OVERCAME for us. We cannot be treated any differently that Our Master.

                        To those people with ears that hear The Spirit are taken out to learn how to overcome, so that it is ONLY the 8th church THE OVERCOMING CHURCH, who can hold the power of God as His living stones.
                        Abraham is a pattern overcomer... a changed mind and a changed body - a friend of Gods, a father of nations, the father of Faith...He looked for a city not made with hands.
                        who is THIS CITY, but the church of the overcomer - the living stones who have been trained up to become alive in Christ and in the same life force Christ dwells in amen.


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                          comment i found, If it speaks to you I am glad.

                          “Open wide your being to Me in the intimacy of prayer, and then, and only then, shall I take the liberty to correct you and show you your secret faults.

                          I will change your human frailties into My strength, your anger and hate and pride to My meekness, forgiveness, love and humility.

                          Yield to Me and give Me your will, and I will mold and shape and form your soul to My image, beauty and holiness.

                          Much that is considered as holiness by men’s standard is self-righteousness in My eyes.
                          Set you heart upon Me and as you behold My glory you will be changed by My Spirit.
                          When you invite me to occupy your heart, all will be working toward perfection.

                          I will fight for you if you put your trust in Me.

                          Fix your eyes on the Son of righteousness and He will cause you to walk in the path of light.
                          Stay in an attitude of prayer and faith and I will do all the rest.

                          Don’t be occupied with future events.

                          Minister in the here and now to the present needs (whether physical or spiritual) of those to whom I lead you.
                          Then you shall have much fruit in the day of reaping.
                          You shall go as Phillip went – at the behest of the Spirit – into places that are out of the way, and bring light to those who are in need.

                          Enter into the stream of My life and you shall be a co-laborer in My Father’s work and the recipient of inestimable rewards.
                          Live in Me with a pure motive of love towards Me and refer even the smallest actions to Me and I will give you a heart free from the opinions of others.”

                          <+}}}}>< amen


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                            LIFE Now evidence = deliverance......or in the act of gaining deliverance!

                            The Holy Spirit shall make us read stories in scriptures a few times then one day 'HE SHINES' His divine wisdom that TRANFORMS US into a new understanding... the lights go on the darkness runs away.
                            It is then We have BEEN DELIVERED from another area of darkness that was occupying our thinking causing us death.

                            only one small lit match-stick shall dispel the darkness as a whole and the darkness runs away from even a small light
                            One divine story for our learning is that of ESCAPING EGYPT! = PASSOVER.
                            The religious people {hebrews] go out from Egypt but failed to ENTER IN!
                            They WANDERED AROUND AND DIED in that wilderness but for 2 who had a ''different Spirit'' Joshua and Caleb.
                            This Exodus drama, provided a complete deliverance from the land of Egypt (meaning hemmed in) and also placing beyond the reach of the oppressor, Pharaoh -meaning Great House of Satan.
                            Dont u think Pharaoh sounds a little like Pharasee? umm!
                            infact PHARASEE IS THE VERY NEXT WORD after Pharoah IN THE DICTIONARY
                            Didn't even Jesus Christ say that the religious leaders of His day ''Their father was the devil''?
                            now here's the clues.
                            These people were hemmed-in by satan!
                            BUT A DELIVERER arose [Moses]TO PASS THEM OVER, out from satan's rulership and plans so they may gain an entrance into the Promised Land.

                            Isn't this the same tactic as the DELIVERER JESUS CHRIST?
                            Jesus DELIVERS US, out from being hemmed in to satan's plans and his angels of light, so that WE PASSOVER, into our promised land called ''THE HOPE OF GLORY THE IMAGE OF CHRIST''.

                            If we think - we can beGIN to wonder about a few things that seem to be a pattern,

                            1] the rebellious hebrews in the wilderness dying,
                            2] the rebellious church, unbable to enter into divine fullness - dying

                            The point is 2 houses, same troubles, same ending - death.

                            but... and here is the revelation

                            2 people with the 'different spirit' [ a quickened Spirit] knew.... HOW TO ESCAPE FROM IMPOSSIBLE THINGS,
                            what did they say = Num 13 v 30 ''let us go up AT ONCE and POSSESS IT: for we are WELL ABLE to overcome it''

                            these 2 men WITH A DIFFERENT SPIRIT, must have understood PASSOVER - coming out from satan's rule and being ruled over by Their Creator only.

                            now... come.... let us examine ourself.... to find out where satan still has control so that we can lift it all up to Jesus Christ [Math 11,v 28-30] and be set free, ENTER PASSOVER so that we can be a success at living inside HIS OWN PERSONAL LIFE today.


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                              learning to have an Overcoming Mentality

                              by entering into THE WAR ZONE,!
                              We can be a continual victim
                              learn how to be a continual victorious warrior IN Christ,!

                              ''''Life now''''' is not for the spiritually defeated and spiritual moaner!
                              Life now, is not continually sitting there taking the devastation of the enemy.
                              Unless we are learning how to overcome all the power of the enemies we are not living in Life Now!

                              LIFE NOW IS FOR BRAVEHEARTS!
                              People who have determined in their hearts, IT IS JESUS CHRIST WHO IS LORD.... OVER ALL OF ME! amen!