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  • that! word f.a.i.t.h.

    Faith never completely reveals the journey.
    Otherwise, it would not be a walk of faith.
    Today people have knowledge of faith but do not have faith.

    Faith has become a subject when it is a VERB.

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    this word f.a.i.t.h. has to become a verb!
    We can talk all we wish, but that is all it is =talk, but, the divine message is only shown in the fruit-bearing walk.
    is not talk but walk,
    Trained up to be able to walk by faith not by sight = exactly opposite to the adamic nature of ''seeing is believing''.
    A saint has to conquer this unbelief and walk in the presence of the Lord.
    well the firey trial is there, staring at us,
    we are groaning over it.
    unable to handle this horror of destructive influences ...
    the Holy Spirit will prompt saying ''walk by faith and not by sight''-saying again ''practice this new and living way and then watch....wait... for patience perfects and then see the glory of the Lord descending.''
    This is how the glory fills His temple and how truth will ripple out from us changing groans into Joy.
    Do we think Jesus will wave a majic wand[on a certain day] and demand His temple to perform on cue? -like some stupid robot dancing on pulled strings! nope not at all..
    His saints have been sequested, for a long time before hand, to climb His ascension ladder and meet the divine requirements of training not to groan but too rejoice in the heat of the battle! amen!

    Plz let me paint a picture as I was shown..
    imaging a large brick wall, = a saint is to become this wall, [it is called the wall of His righteousness]and when evil tries to scale this wall, or bomb this wall, this wall remains rigid and will not move, fall down, nor collapse but remain upright and unconquerable
    so when the evil enemy bumps into this wall BUT THEN...HAS TO FALL BACK IN ON ITSELF... so we see evil collapse back within itself no longer to rule but to slither away in defeat!

    can you ''see'' this....the stalwart pillar that evil clashes with, but, the evil staggers back into and on top of itself.- then the secret is revealed that the ''evil is suffering its greatest defeat...all.. because Jesus Christ has overcome for us and we just stand there INSIDE HIS OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS!''
    It was never us, evil is afraid of, but Christ allowed to use us as His weapon that overcomes all groaning creation amen

    it is extremely important to understand this divine principle.


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      ''''the just shall live by faith!''''
      The funny thing about this type of faith is faith has to hear!-faith comes by hearing the Word of God!
      hearing, means-a person has to walk with God to hear -! so that faith comes!
      Faith makes us step outside all known paths, originating in self-help and into the invisible help where real life exists!
      This life is the one Enoch knew about! but what is so interesting is Enoch never blabbed about how he got to that place/postion of being a ''was not''. It kinda seems as if it is really ''every man for himself.''- Or a personal divine history of realm changing proportions!
      If i tell you, you shall not believe me, unless, you have experienced first hand for yourself.
      On the other hand, if you have experienced this you are immediately a BRETHREN and believe along with me and the Truth clicks together like a pieces fitting together in some divine jig-saw puzzle!
      Faith will transfer/translate us from this realm into His much higher realm = the real realm of true existance.
      Walk by faith! is the same style of walk Jesus walked in and inside this walking is His presence. I feel a saint has to be very practiced in this walk, till there comes a time where faith IS built into us, so we do walk by faith!
      by this i mean FAITH CAN IMMEDIATELY MANIFEST ITSELF out from us, and release all groaning creation for we have come to a stage where our groans have been relased from us BY THE FAITH of the Son of God! amen.
      to be a releaser, we first have to be released ourself.
      I DONT FEEL, there is anything after faith, for Faith is a fruit of the HSpirit and therefore an eternal fruit.
      it is a law of the Spirit.
      However it is rather hard to explain, not that we come to an end of faith it is just we become so quickened [into Jesus Christ living life]TO MANIFEST FAITH! think=there it is!
      This is being able to walk into the unlimitedness of Father Abba, and walking in His presence teaches us these divine laws.
      i.e. =thinking = there it is!!
      immediately for the divine laws of life are now working.

      umm... do u know someplace in the NT it says paraphrased ''they have LOCKED UP the house of Knowledge''?
      that is the flesh doing this, teaching 1/2 truths and religious lies that lead to the grave...the house is locked, by the religious teachers.
      you sit under these boys and your dead!
      to unlock this divine house of knowledge we are to obey from the least to the greatest command - we obey - just as Jesus did.
      If He has personally spoken to you via His Spirit and said
      ''be anxious about nothing''-
      why are you now anxious= disobedience = ''oh ye of unbelief''... this is not a '''saved''' person but a person still bound by the sin of unbelief....and trapped back into the grave of religion.
      Look at some traditional posters that come on here, debating this and that, puffed up and swaggering in their religion.
      YET, are they saved?
      merely parroting traditional thinking with the expectation of the grave yard a few years down the track or perhaps their death shall take a holiday if they are so lucky!
      dear people.. it is NOT ABOUT WHAT WE KNOW, but how we hear and then obey, the more we hear, the more we are moved on to obey, till one day we obey more than disobey and then in another day WE ARE FULLY TRANSLATED into His realm, all beause we heard by faith enough to obey and then the prize was won,,, the race completed and the mark of the high calling given-the survival of the spiritually fitest.
      if what i have written is not the truth,
      can we test for some witnesses plz
      can we notice Joshua and Caleb = men with a different spirit WHO SURVIVED TO CROSS OVER the Jordon = only 2 men out from millions of reilgious gain-sayers.
      men-who had been taught =FATHER IS MUCH BIGGER than any of the giants roaming around the entrance of that promised land. amen
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        For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them (old ISRAEL):
        but the word preached did not profit them,
        not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.
        HEB 4:2

        HIS WORD without FAITH is of no use.
        FAITH without HIS WORD is of no use.


        I believe that FAITH is
        submitting to what YHSHWH SAYS (Genesis to Revelation)
        whether I believe it or not.
        YHSHWH is my HOPE.
        My HOPE is that HE is GOD and is TRUE CONTROL.

        Truthfully, I know that YHSHWH is GOD and that HE is in FULL CONTROL
        but, in my human (common) sense, I still doubt.
        In FAITH, I will, and I mean I will, submit to what HE SAYS.

        From Genesis to Revelation, HIS HOLY WORD/LAW is CONSISTENT and TRUE.

        If YHSHWH SAYS it - it is LAW!!!

        LK 8:22 Now it came to pass on a certain day, that HE went into a ship with HIS DISCIPLES: and HE said unto them, “Let us go over unto the other side of the lake.” And they launched forth.

        LK 8:23 But as they sailed HE fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy.

        LK 8:24 And they came to HIM, and awoke HIM, saying, MASTER, MASTER, we perish. Then HE arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm.

        LK 8:25 And HE said unto them, "Where is your faith?" And they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What manner of man is this?! For HE COMMANDS even the winds and water, and they obey HIM.

        YHSHWH'S WORD will be COMPLETED.

        HE said, “Let us go over unto the other side of the lake.”

        Then He said, "Where is your FAITH?" / "Why don't you believe ME?"

        If YHSHWH says we are gonna make it; WE will!!!


        ONE WORD/LAW from Genesis to Revelation.
        Not even YHSHWH can change HIS WORD/LAW;
        why should we try.

        Be careful as to who’s voice you are listening to.

        satan says
        “Are you sure that this is what GOD is saying?”
        “Does HE mean to say that to you?”
        “Is HIS WORD for you?”

        YHSHWH SAYS,
        “MY WORD is FOREVER CONSISTENT; never changing.”
        “I do not lie.”

        If you read any of YHSHWH’S HOLY WORD/LAW (Genesis to Revelation)
        and you hear a voice saying,
        “This WORD is not for you.”
        “This WORD is not for you today.”
        “This WORD is old.”
        “This WORD is for another people.”
        “This WORD has been done. You don’t have to do it.”

        BE CAREFUL!!!

        HOLY SPIRIT WILL NEVER SAY these things.

        LOVE, RICOEL

        Please read:
        The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

        I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
        I CREATED YOU for ME.
        That is why I SAVED YOU.
        For ME.