I've browsed breifly though another topic about "breathe on me"...

What I've found there is teachings not based on the language of the bible... but rather on a language divorced from those from those that wrote the books and treatise' associated with the bible.

I understand that people's desire here is to search for truth. A suggestion I have is to get one's understanding from the language which was used by the writters of the books that we deem holy; and then understand their literature as they understood it to arrive and or deduce our modern usage of their teachings- whether they be practical or a philosophical idea.

I would like to ask Spying to provide a detailed essay, if not to much to ask, about this belief of the breath for a freidnly discussion on the matter and to show how one must rely on clear understanding of th literature and language used to arrive to conclusions.

*bold entry to these forums, eh?*