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Why Christ came and why he coming back

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  • year2027
    God first

    Beloved dattaswami

    God loves you my friend

    Yes some times I look into colors too because they are turths we can learn from

    thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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  • dattaswami
    Meaning of end of world and second coming of Jesus

    Tribulation comes in every human generation. Tribulation should be understood in its inner sense. The sun becomes black. The sun means the intelligence or the discrimination power. Black means the evil direction. The moon becomes red. Moon stands for mind (Chandrama Manasah –Veda). The red colour indicates emotion and anger. The divine bodies escape their orbits. The divine bodies mean the feelings of good people. Orbits mean the paths of justice. Like this one should understand the inner meaning. It is scholastic language. Jesus is a great scholar.

    The same tribulation is mentioned in Gita “whenever the tribulation appears in any human generation and at any place, I shall come down in the human form to set it right” (Yadahi Yadahi—Gita). In Gita “Dharma Glanih” means tribulation. This tribulation may take place in physical sense at the end. The re-incarnation of the Jesus to judge and punish is nothing but the “Kalki” incarnation mentioned in Hinduism.

    It is a very powerful incarnation. But mean while the Lord will come again and again to change the people through the divine knowledge. After many efforts, the final step is taken. When you say that Jesus will come again, it means He will come again and again to preach and change. Such interpretation synchronises with Gita also.

    At the Lotus feet of Shri DattaSwami
    [email protected]
    Universal spirituality for world peace

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  • year2027
    started a topic Why Christ came and why he coming back

    Why Christ came and why he coming back

    God first in my life

    Dear Beloved followers of Christ

    Here I sat written unto you because its time that we talk about the love that Christ was send to give unto all. Some say Jesus the Christ came to die for us but I say he came to heal us from sin.

    Adam was the first son of God with only one command to obey and Live by the image of God or reach for five senses ways by the image of the tree that was said to have great knowledge of good and evil.

    Adam turned his back on the image of God and reach for fleshly knowledge that came from the image of flesh and not from God. While God warn Adam if he ate of this tree he would die but Adam ate after the serpent lie unto Eve his mate playing God making the serpent sound true.

    You see God did not kill Adam but Adam kill himself by eating from the tree that would cause his spiritual death. Adam that day changed from a image of God to a image of flesh with spiritual darkness.

    Adam’s spiritual life no longer shine while his fleshly image became temple. But God would shine over Adam and his sons to get them ready to be heal by his coming son Jesus the Christ.

    Yes Jesus the Christ came to heal that spiritual life that Adam kill many many years ago. Before Christ was kill and rose from the dead the act that gave us the right to be healed by believing.

    Some believing that Christ was coming to heal there spiritual image and others believing that Jesus the Christ came to heal there spiritual image the image of God by a act of love.

    Jesus the Christ lives with God in the form of God’s image as we were promise that we will join him in the spiritual form if we believe the truth. Children of light and truth living by the directions of Christ who is directed by God himself.

    If you see the true reason Jesus the Christ has came and is coming back. In the first Adam who was given a choice to live by truth or by flesh, Jesus the Christ the second Adam came to make healing of the spirit image there if we just ask with believing, and Jesus the Christ is coming back to heal both heaven and earth taking away death of all kinds.

    I know some will say what about hell? So I will try to help you understand all spiritual death that was not heal by the first coming of Christ or by works will go back to that form its was before the creation of heaven and earth were there has never been death.

    I know some will say that is dust but dust did not come until after the creation of the heaven and earth. All things there were not healed from death fleshly or spiritually will go back from fleshly death to dust and then to God who took from himself to created all things.

    Yes God took from himself changing spiritual light to spiritual life and fleshly life as needed to have a family that could love him back.

    All things were done out of love in the beginning just like all things will be heal or have been heal out of love. We tell each other about Christ out of love with hopes that they can be healed to be with us.

    Now I will tell you some about the end of this world as we know it. This world is not going to be destroy by God or Christ but it will be destroy by mankind as they play God. No matter how we the children of spirit and truth try to fix this earth and heaven as we know it which has been dying from the time of Adam and will die it will die.

    But thanks to God Jesus the Christ will heal this earth and heaven from death that sin as cause to come unto it for us to have and enjoy under the love of Christ leadership who will rule us under the rulership of Truth our God.

    There are many signs that the end is near. One of the signs is one third of all trees will burn up by fire. The great oceans of the world begin to dry up leaking into the great deep were they were before the flood making all the underground river and springs salt water. Yes from above it will be said the earth is now only one third water and two thirds dry land.

    But there are many signs that one will see in due time more than one can write in a short note unto you. But the call is the same reach for Christ to come in your life if he has not yet and if he has reach out to help others.

    I am not come to build fear in your lives but to call you to Christ with hopes you will reach to help others while there is time. For the end is sad that it must come but there is light over the darkness coming to wipe away all sadness forever.

    What mankind has set in motion will not last because the love God has set in motion to fix that what was broken by sin. God came to love and be loved while the devil’s image which in truth is the image of flesh came to play God only to lose in the end.

    We have won because we play sons brothers and sisters to Christ God’s true love ones. So I say one more time reach out to help others while there is time.

    I end with love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your ways Roy