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  • 11-8-2005

    God first in my life

    Hi all my dear friends all over the world wide web

    O how my dear Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ loves you all with the love of his dear beloved Father God the Holy Spirit our Father who created heaven and earth.

    Grace, peace, and joy unto you all from God first, second from Jesus the Christ and third from your brothers and sisters in Christ.

    O how we reach to walk in truth to only prove that we still live in sin but thanks to God and Christ we have grace which brings peace because God is just to forgive us as we ask.

    Yes just a simple ask for forgiveness is all that is needed but before we ask we only need to know there a need to ask.

    Yes we are to try not to sin but we will sin no matter how must we try but you say some will sin then ask without trying not to sin but I tell you when they say the words up to God its not asking but mocking God and God will not be mock because he knows the hearts of all.

    So some just say words without heart but others say words with a heart that wants so must to overcome the sin was done but others only want to only look good to others.

    But God is no fool but a very wise being wiser than any other being that has lived or ever will live. Because God does not just know it all but he lives it all too.

    I tell you reach for love with is truth because all wisdom comes from true love and without love there would be nothing not even hate.

    Love came first and love will be here long after hate is dead alone with death because love is life and were there is life there is love.

    Walk in this love my dear friends with love and a holy loving kiss blowing your way Roy