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10-26-2005 words about the end

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  • 10-26-2005 words about the end

    God first in my Life

    Here I Roy William Perry III known as year2027 sat looking up to above to hear what to write unto you my friends of the world wide Internet.

    Grace unto you and peace unto you too from my God the Father and Creator of all things Flesh and spiritual and not just from God but from his son Jesus the Christ our Lord and Savior who has healed us giving us hope.

    But the healing will not complete until he has come back for each and every one that believes and then finish his healing my destroying death giving us a being that will not die putting us on a earth that will not die in the endless heaven.

    But before that great and noble day comes all things will fight for life. Mankind fight to live anyway they can so why not the very dirt that this planet is made of.

    Yes all things fight to live Look stars fight to give light and before that burn out it seems the light gets brighter just like a person fighting to breath the last breaths seem louder than before.

    This earth and all of its many members are born and they die but one day the whole earth will die but before that day it begin to fight the hardest for each of its parts to live.

    The trees will die out a lone with all green things that seem to cover its face. Its many great waters will leak into its belly deep into its bottomless pits. Its outer strength will not be able to block off things coming from above rocks will not burn up as easy before they can hit its face of dust.

    Yes the earth will lose all its green hair and its blood of water will set up in its belly like harden blood its strength of breath will weaken until it falls out of its great orbit to burn up in the orbit of others dying.

    Yes its death will caused the death of all things above it as flesh but do not sorry because Jesus the Christ sating in the very spiritual heaven will heal all things after they have roll into a great ball of fire.

    Yes a earth that can not die will rise a lone with its noon and all the many other things of the old fleshly heaven because the true heaven and earth will be back to stray.

    This true heaven will have plants, animals, and mankind on it that can not die and one kinds will give life to another never ending with no parts lacking for anything no death of anything.

    What a place this will be we will hold hands around Jesus the Christ and sing our love to God as other things sing there love to us.

    I tell a truth that not many of known God saved Christ and Christ saved us and we will saved animals and animals will saved plants and plants will save dust.

    For all kind have their Savior and all kind came from God So God will turn his back none that love what he set them up to love. While he set us up to love him as a father that is greater and never ending giver.

    I can not say enough that this but I will stop for now my dear friends

    thanks and peace unto all

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy