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restoration...4-44.....44-4 verses

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  • restoration...4-44.....44-4 verses

    this is an old study by a group called Barjonas that no longer exists.
    The 44:4s - Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel.

    The 4:44s - Numbers, Deuteronomy, 2 Kings, Luke, John.



    The first five verses are all those in the Bible, having the chapter and verse citation of 44:4.
    These verses show how God shall initiate the restoration of His corporate church.
    He shall initiate it, but the church leadership must ask for it.
    And, they must admit that Jesus has cast away the present corporate entity.
    The focus is on a remnant that is in bondage, as in an alien land.
    Even this remnant prefers to follow their own devices, rather than God’s plan.
    So, the remnant shall, itself, come under earthly judgment.
    Only a remnant of the remnant shall escape.

    When the leadership inquires of God, He shall answer.
    And, He shall pour out His Holy Spirit on the church.
    This is for the purpose of converting the church into true witnesses.
    The Greek word is "martyrs."
    This church shall witness to what has happened to the institutional church and what God is going to do about it.
    Only a remnant of the remnant will carry this story.
    The rest will do whatever comes out of their own mouths.

    A key part of the story that only God can lay out and order and show is how the corporate ministry shall be set up.
    It shall be split, one part visible and one part invisible.
    The visible part shall deal publicly with church people who do not minister to God.
    These are the people who follow the law and observe rituals in the institutional church, but have no personal relationship with God.
    They shall be dealt with by idolistic ministers, as in an outer court of God’s Temple.
    Those who minister directly to God as spiritual priests shall do so out of the public view, as in the inner court.
    They shall be a ministry invisible to the church people.
    When in public, these spiritual priests shall not be differentiated from the non-spiritual. But, they shall judge and teach in the public church.
    They shall just not be seen as one ordained.


    The second five verses are all those in the Bible, having the chapter and verse citation of 4:44.

    These verses show who the spiritual remnant ministers are and what they shall do.
    They are those who have been embittered by the spiritual bondage of the institutional church.

    These are the ones who "loved not their lives unto the death." These are the overcomers.
    They were workers in the institutional church, who will have much greater authority in the remnant church of overcomers.
    They shall keep charge of the remnant church for God.

    These spiritual ministers shall operate under the New Covenant.
    That is, they shall not just have head knowledge of God’s laws, but shall have the deepest kind of heart understanding thereof.
    This heart understanding, which comes only to the converted, shall govern everything these spiritual overcoming ministers do.
    This is the only way that God will allow them to keep charge of His church.

    The last two of the five verses show us Jesus, ministering outside the physical walls of the institutional church.
    He performed all of the five-fold ministerial offices of the new church. And, he did it with miraculous power and authority.
    This is what the ministers of the remnant overcoming church will also do.
    Their public ministries shall be outside the physical institutional church, in the countryside and in private homes.
    They shall be the vehicles of Jesus’ miraculous appearing to His church, before His physical return.

    As with Jesus, the new individual ministries shall always be performed in a place of acceptance.
    Whether it is preaching, teaching, prophecy, shepherding, or the works of an apostle, it shall be done where it is accepted.
    This will not be in the traditional institutional church.
    It will be among those who seek it and want it, those who desire it from their hearts.

    Editor's Note Conclusion 5:
    The consequences of seeing and hearing without understanding is judgment.
    God deals with corporate iniquity uniquely and assures corporate salvation as part of his judgment.
    New "Inner Court" ministers will have "heart understanding" and be very attentive to the Spirit of Truth.
    They will function under the new covenant (Hebr. 8:10).

    THIS SITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON THE NET~! it is a shame for they had some good meat.

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    i found this site was lost.. now it is found.

    here are some meaty words from a diverse group of called out people.
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