These principles are important. They are at the core of our relationship with YHUH. Like many Hebrew terms, we find them embedded within the very structure of the words that comprise the Holy Language. Hebrew is a sacred language-it is the language of creation-and if you take the time to examine it, you can find the origin of all other languages contained within it.

Words are like houses built with letters that are like stones. Each "house" has a meaning, and its meaning, in turn, is contained within the "stones" that form its foundation. This is very deep but a perfect example is the concept of truth as it pertains to a lie. The very concept is framed within the structure of the Hebrew word and the letters that "build" it.

The word "truth" in Hebrew is Amet tma. The legs and feet of these three Hebrew letters touch the ground at six points. Each letter has two feet that extend to the foundation of the letter. Each is solid and stable and capable of standing on its own.

In addition, the first letter of the word is the letter Alef which is also the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter Mem is the middle letter of the word and also the middle letter of the alphabet. And, the letter Tav is the final letter of the word and the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Not only is each letter capable of "standing" on its own two feet, but the word "truth" is also precisely balanced within the sacred Aleph-Bet, as if to say that it encompasses all that is Holy. It "surrounds" the elements or letters that YHUH uses to convey His word to His people, like a sacred covering. The Most High builds His kingdom on a foundation of truth. If "truth" is not the core of our existence then we cannot possibly have peace or prosperity in our lives.

The opposite of truth however is a lie. To live a "lie" is fundamentally illogical! The Hebrew word for
"lie" is Sheker rqv. Just as a "lie" is factually unsupportable, so too, the letters in sheker have no alternative but to "stand" on only one leg. The three letters that comprise the word "sheker" are the 19th , 20th and 21st letters of the 22 letter alphabet. They are the leftist-most letters of the alphabet before the final letter Tav.

And finally, the word "truth" or Amet shares no letters in common with the word Sheker. Just as the truth has its opposite in a lie, so too, the letters of each word are mutually exclusive to one another, alluding to this opposing concept. The entire Hebrew Language is found to contain these lofty structural characteristics!

Written by Vendyl Jones

Note: I hope you are able to see the Hebrew characters.