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  • Beginnings and ends

    God the Father First

    Grace and peace unto you my friends from God the Father and from Jesus the Christ our Lord and Savior.

    I Roy William Perry III a man that loves his God and every thing his God did for him. Yes it is a personal given that God gave personally to you and to me.

    Look he love us so must he send his son the Christ to save us from ourselves giving us the hope of glory which is Christ in us life never ending.

    This life we are to live at the coming of Christ for us will not be a fleshly life but far greater than a fleshly life but a spiritual life we will be like God but less than God under the leadership of Christ.

    But what will we know all that has been known of us since the beginning. But which beginning I do not know for their were many beginnings.

    There is the beginning of all things when God created them, there is the beginning of mankind when God created him, there is the beginning of your fleshly seed in your mother, there is the beginning of your fleshly birth, there is the beginning of Jesus the Christ creating spiritual seed for all, there is the beginning when Christ planted that spiritual seed in you, there is the beginning when Christ will come for you so you can be born spiritual, and there the beginning when death is done and we that are left forever live together in love.

    You see there are many beginnings as there are many ends to name a few there is the end to nothing because of what God created, there is the end of reason and purpose for the creation because God gave things reason and purpose, there is the end of life without sin because Adam and Eve sin, there is the end of no hope because Jesus the Christ was born, there is the end of all living in sin because Jesus Christ did not sin, there is the end of the fleshly side of Jesus Christ because he was kill, there is the end of having no living spirit in us, there is the end of our fleshly lives, and there is the end of death because Christ will destroy it.

    You see as there are many beginning there is a end for each and every beginning until that great beginning comes that will have no end.

    We all look to see Jesus the Christ coming for us in the clouds and that very day is getting closer every day we live on this earth in a fleshly state.

    Now for you ones that have not begin into the day of having seed of Christ planted in you it comes by faith and faith comes by hearing the word of God but not just hearing it but hearing it to the point you believe it to be so.

    You will need to read the stories of Jesus the Christ to know about him and the second you believe in your heart that this Jesus the Christ lived and die for you the seed of Christ has been planted.

    But like any seed this seed must be water and this seed is water by your reaching to be more and more like Jesus the Christ was on earth and is now in the heavens.

    If you read Jesus the Christ talk with God then you talk with God if you read believers talk with this Christ after he went up in the air you talk with Christ.

    As you do these things and more you will learn to use the gifts you have because you have the seed of Christ in you. If Jesus the Christ healed others you can do this too because its Christ in you doing it for you.

    But there are things you need to learn to help you like the blind man that Jesus the Christ told him to wash in a certain pool. There is the right way to do all things look for it and try and try again . ( God told Jesus the Christ what was needed to heal this man to the build the man’s believing so he could be healed.)

    For you must build faith in that God will do what he said he will do and then you will see it done. Look its like praying to God one can just say he wants this or that but he must believe God will send it before God can.

    It’s a law God set up like receiving a mail order thing and the mail some one must ask for it to be send before they will send it.

    But there are things you can ask for that are not God’s to give like to change the free will of another while God can give you the words that can help you show the person if the person willing to look but that as far as it goes everybody has their own free will a law God set up by God.

    Its like calling a TV mail order company for a plant they just do not have plants to sell to you but they might give you a number of a plant mail order company but that is up to them.

    If one wants to learn to hear God talk to them they must ask God question after question until they learn God’s voice and the same way with his son the Christ.

    You can read in God’s word that God all ways hears us and if he hears us and loves us God will answer us . We just need to learn to tell the voice of God from our mind.

    It’s a matter of getting very peaceful clearing our mind of things around us and believing God is answering us.

    Things are that simple because God set it up that way because he knows we are just flesh with small little fleshly brains until we learn to use the brain of the seed of Christ in us the Christ in us.

    But growth takes time so as you begin to grow in Christ have patience because Christ is holding your hand as a good big brother would.

    What a blessing we have to have God the Father watching over us as Jesus the Christ holds our hand along life ups and downs.

    Thank you my friend

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy