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the TRUTH, shall make you FREE.

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  • the TRUTH, shall make you FREE.

    A PRAISE REPORT today...
    Praising My Saviour and His protection.,Ps 23, Ps 91.

    My son is a pilot and to cut a long story short, divine intervention protected him and fellow passengers from a fatal crash.
    He almost ran out of fuel 15miles from the run-way
    one engine had stopped yet
    the fuel gages said 'there was enough fuel', but after the check-up when he landed, he had only 3 mins, flying time in the fuel tank left.
    He was warned to divert, so he moved on this warning by
    diverting his trip, as all would have been lost.
    I praise the Father of all creation, for HIS great MERCY towards us as we walk this life~!
    Death is a bondage,
    slavery to sin is a bondage, can we ask

    AND WHAT DOES.........THIS FREEDOM......... entail.

    Are truth-seekers to be FREE, in this life,
    is this ''freedom'' come when people die, and why is this ''freedom'' so necessary to have ''in heaven''.....ummm.??????????????????

    if we look in a concordance.
    we find

    the words TRUST and TRY surround TRUTH.

    Trust is defined as
    to confide in, so as to be secure, without fear.
    Try is defined as
    '' I will try them as gold is tried''.

    can i make this sentence.....

    To be surrounded by TRUTH and to be FREE, I have to be SECURE and without fear, as I am tried as Gold , I receive Truth and Freedom.
    all TRUTH-seekers, have to discover just HOW TRUTH, shall make them free, and find out WHAT FREEDOM really is. amen

    Jhn 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    in bible numerics.
    No 8 = resurrection life and new beginnings.
    No 32 - covenant.

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    how does THE TRUTH, make you free?

    BECAUSE, the 'father-of-lies' IS exposed

    The veil of lies is TORN DOWN, the shroud of death is evaporated and THE LIE IS A FRAUD AND 'life' = 'truth' IS THE GENUINE,

    the first creation was'created' male and female.
    the 2nd creation was 'formed' from dust.

    It is INTERESTING to note that...........
    in Gen.3.v.14....
    the SERPENT shall EAT DUST, all the days of His life.

    This EXPRESSES, the utter HUMILIATION of the creature.

    The ' father-of-lies' EATS DUST... it is his food.
    We are formed from the dust, UNTIL we are BorN AGAIN, as NEW CREATURE, and it is only here, in this place, can we give up the lies of the dust and eat from the Tree of Life.

    dust = formed = adam.... meaning
    controlled and subdued by the dust eater.

    WHERE DOES satan get his power?
    FROM the dust., he eats it.

    People who are NOT born again as a NEW creature, 'where all old things have passed away and NEW things appear'...
    SINNING DUST FORMED PEOPLE, GIVE satan his power as he feeds off them. THEY ARE his BATTERY.

    JESUS said ''get thee behind ME SATAN''...JESUS knew His scriptures and HE IS [everpresent tense] THE TRUTH. He was NOT subdued by lies.
    TRUTH IS A PERSON and only This person can make us free and NO longer a ''battery-maker''.

    WE HAVE TO EAT, THE PERSON...called Truth to receive divine power.