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  • note from God

    God the Father first
    God I am reaching out to you my beloved God to lead me into the words I need to hear.

    For it is me your God giving you the words you shall write unto you for the help you need my beloved child brother to Jesus the Christ.

    I am watching you and I am well pleased with how your heart goes out to help so many people by written unto them.

    I watch tears come out of your eyes because of the pain in this old world and the things you know will happen in due time.

    But let me tell you after the end has come your brother will make things better again and there will be no more pain.

    I know you heart goes out for the ones that are being destroyed because of lack of knowledge and the ones being trick to worry about small things while forgetting the greater things.

    For there many doctrines that mankind have used to build a false believed were my children fight over doctrines of men and forget the greater things like loving each other.

    I am thankful that you see this and for all my children that see the greater things first. For its not what you know or what others know but how you love each other.

    I tell you this because how your heart is sad when others want to spend their time worrying about small things.

    Many false teaching rose up using false things to get their followers to close their heart to loving all my children but they tried to keep my children under their beliefs and doctrines.

    The count of false teachers has rose over the years and some of the men made churches that had taught love in the pass have let false teachers come into their group to fight over instead of loving each other.

    Now that I know you will share this letter I tell the world that the true church is not of stone but of spirit the gift of the seed united into groups of seeds that will be changed into spirts like me and my son in due time.

    I have called you and others to get this world ready for the evil that is coming because of sin. Some even write in God they trust but most either trust in money or power.

    But I am thankful for the ones that teach love and they put their trust in my love for them. For it is God that gave Roy these words to write first to help him and second to help you.

    I tell all ask your God in pray and he will answer you Ask the Christ in pray and he will answer you. The more you trust that you will get the answer you seek the more you will hear and know who is talking to you.

    The more you ask with faith the less you will let your flesh think about others things that you may see or hear.

    Teach your flesh to be subject unto your seed of Christ in you and you will be able to hear more and more. I did not tell Roy to write this to puff him up but because he would share it with you.

    Now Roy fights against the same sins you do and he thinks he not good enough to be call to write unto you at times but I have call him because he is willing to try no matter what is said about him.

    When you learn more and more to walk by the spirit there will be things said about you from the ones who do not understand and you that reach to walk by the spirit all ready know this too well.

    Walk my children have my son Jesus the Christ lead your every step as you reach for the day when the last trump will sound and you may changed.

    I leave you with great love and a kiss right in your spiritual seed from me.

    With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy