God first and foremost
O the Love of God how I am blessed to feel this Love in my heart coming from my God the Father of my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

O not just the Love of God but the Love of Christ too along with the Love of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

For these three Loves have pass the time of past and time that has not come yet. For all other loves are nothing next spiritual love which is first the Love of God, second the Love of Christ the son, and last the love of us the household of God our brothers and sisters in Christ.

O how little I can explain this Love with just words but I can feel it deep in the heart of my body, soul, and spirit.

For the are three kinds of lives a person of mankind live first the growth life of the body (like the growth life of plants), second the breath life which is the oxygen that flows in the blood to give life to its many parts (like in animals), and last the spiritual life that die in Adam when God said that day you eat of it you will die which was replanted by Jesus Christ giving his life for us.

Yes a just life for a unjust life or the life of Jesus Christ without sin for the life of Adam who did sin which was past down and up to all that reach for either the first coming of Christ or the second coming of Christ.

As we reach for the great second coming of Christ we learn how to be more like the son of God who came in the flesh as Jesus and rose into Christ making him the son of God our Savior Jesus the Christ.

O how some want to be rule us into doing right but our God came to Love us into doing right along with his only begotten son Jesus the Christ but do not forget we are to love each others into doing what is right too.


with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy