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  • 9-12-2005

    God first and last
    O how I love my God the Father of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. For this God loves me so must he created a world for me to live on.

    This God made all things on earth and in the heaven years before I was born and he did this not just for me but for all that have live, are living, and will live.

    This God even sat and watch his son Jesus the Christ give up his life of flesh and bone. The pain God must of suffered so we could have his son in us.

    Yes God must of suffered watching his son die on a cross. Yes God knew his son would get up again but that did not changed his deep sad feelings.

    I tell you when we are in pain our God is in pain for we have a God so big he feels our every pain. If He feels our pain He feels our joy.

    For I tell you joy is a spiritual fruit while happiness depends on fleshly wants. Spiritual fruit like joy comes from the inner fruit of the Christ in you but happiness come from the outer flesh.

    One is eternal and the other is temporally. Yes the spiritual joy is eternal but happiness is only temporally and will end as fast as it comes.

    Just like money we used right now it has a value but the day is coming when it will lose its value. Just like the great USA right now it is a strong nation but that will end too.

    There is more wet land than dry land on this old earth but that will change too. Just like ponds dry up so do oceans in due time.

    Were there is Light to see in the day time there will only be darkness and the light of the night. All of this will happen and more because the end is getting closer.

    Can we change what will happen? No but we can be ready for the end because when the end has come our Lord Jesus Christ will created everything we will need in the future or last heaven and earth one that can not be killed.

    Yes the next heaven and earth can not be kill and can not die because Christ will destroy the very last enemy to all things on earth and in the heaven. That old enemy of natural or unnatural death.

    All things now die even the oxygen in the air that we kill for life or the carbon dioxide the plants kill for life. Yes its one life kind living off another life kind but in the heaven and earth Christ will created it will not be like that.

    Now how will it be I can not say because my little brain would not understand if God told me now because I can only learn in part because I am not complete yet.

    I am still part old man but the day is coming when I will know as I am known. Today I am of the seed of Christ but one day I will rise to be like Christ.

    Today I live in the form of flesh and bone but one day I will live in the form of spirit. I will be like the most high God but not equal to God the Father but like a son but under the rulership of my big brother Jesus the Christ .

    I leave you here but I will soon write again unto you my friends of the net. But until then peace and love to all me even the ones who may fight against me.

    With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy