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The Painting.

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  • The Painting.

    i am not really interested in other paintings from this site but this one caught my attention and the revelation it contained.

    Father Abba is continually speaking out, describing with symbols, what is very hard to explain spiritually.

    NOW FOR SOME REAL CLUES to all discerners.

    look at the blue surrounding this man = the Holy Spirit and His work within a person as teacher and guide into the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Notice this rippling effect in the blue around the man's back,
    see that is THE TRUTH energy, flowing out and changing the situation as TRUTH is higher than 'the lie'.

    See the green rays coming out from him = resurrection life = new creature with new beginnings.

    Also the golden colours swirling around his head and into his mind = putting on the mind of Christ that is taking away his own corruption.

    Being able to see his inner man = meaning to be
    transparent before all men, as the Truth is sown on the inwards parts, so he shines forth the Truth in fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    The crowd of faces in the sky = the great cloud of witnesses, waiting for us, to hasten the day of HIS APPEARING, so that they too maybe made perfect.

    Painting the life/light onto canvas.= telling and preaching the Truth so all men can be saved and receive the true knowledge of the Goodnews of the Kingdom of God. amen.

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    my very favourite symbolism


    The Holy Spirit draws alongside of His pupil and then teaches them understanding and how to get wisdom...
    the ''getting of wisdom''.... is a great thing Abba desires for all of His children...

    here is a photo, i found in a local newspaper a few years back.
    LIFTING THE VEIL...[takes about one minute to load.]

    I was eating lunch in a cafe reading this newspaper printed in black and white ofcourse, however when i turned the page over, THERE WAS THIS pic, was in colour, STARING AT ME, AND it stood out dramaticaly.

    INSTANTLY the Holy Spirit began His lesson to me... ABOUT TRUE LIFE and how this world is a lie and a deception, and the veil/blindness has to be lifted and we are to awaken to this fact,[Isa. 60..''arise and shone for thy light has come .....'' ]so that REAL LIVING TRUTH, takes over from the corruption of the lie.

    The blue sky is the Holy Spirit symbolically hovering overhead,
    the green grasses is symbolically RESURRECTION life now made available by the sacrifice of Saviour Jesus Christ, =
    the curtain, has to be LIFTED and pulled the man who is full of the Holy Spirit, ie.SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST... so that the ONE TREE, called the Tree of Life can BE SEEN.
    This is symbolic and showing a revelation in photo-form, so that we begin to understand very hard-spiritual things, that are taking place.
    I loved this.... when I saw the truth, and it mades such a difference to how we overcome ''our sufferings'' for now they are '' for a purpose'' AND WE ARE not ALONE IN OUR FIGHT, amen