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The reality of the human condition.

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  • The reality of the human condition.

    ''Every time I look in the bathroom mirror, I see Death, the Eternal Footman (looking quite proud), standing in the shadows behind me, holding my coat, snickering.''

    that is the expectation of this world's people.


    .'' Every time I look in the bathroom mirror, I see Death, the Eternal Footman (looking quite proud), standing in the shadows behind me, holding my coat, snickering.''

    do you see this picture daily, in your bathroom mirror?
    why is "IT" so ''acceptable'' and ''expected''?

    Why not FIND, the escape route out from this law of 'gloating death, standing there, smirking carrying your coat'
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    I bear a witness

    to the TRUTH I speak by the timing of my post


    in bible numerics, 6 = man and his faulty world of self dependance.
    in bible numerics 12 = divine government of Abba Father.

    if you remain, under your own self will having self made opinions death giggles at your blindness and insanity.
    IF you find the divine revelation, that Jesus Christ died to save people from such a fate = it is a marvellous miracle of divine wisdom from above.

    ps. I do not know what time it is when i post on this forum as I live overseas in a different time zone. Infact as i write now it is after 12noon.
    That is why, Abba honours me, when I speak out Truth, with a tiny confirmation~! amen


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      The Man Of The Sin or The Man Of The ELOHIM?

      Hi Lady Lucy,
      Psalms 19:4

      14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O YAHWEH, my strength, and my redeemer.
      The words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart are finding acceptance with me.

      There are two men spoken of in scripture. One is referred to as the Man of the Sin. The other is called the Man of the ELOHIM.

      The former is constantly guilty of not just any old sin; rather, the former is guilty of the sin against the Holy Spirit. He is a strict religionist. He looks good; he acts good. He will insist on the outward keeping of the Torah. Such is the words of his mouth and the meditation of his heart. Through his outward keeping of the Torah, he will deny the spiritual keeping of the Torah that we have learned and performed in Yahushua (this is the why his lawlessness, his anomia is called a mystery!) This man can see into the spiritual, but like Judas, he imagines that he knows a better way! He is the son of the perdition! (John 17:12, 2 Thessalonians 2:3). All religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. are sons of the perdition, but this man is the Son. He is the epitome!

      We learn of the latter man, the Man of the ELOHIM, through these words of Yahushua:
      Matthew 12:8

      8 For the Son of (the) man is YAHWEH even of the sabbath day.
      Yahushua is the son of the MAN. If the son exists, then the man exists. I will tell you a secret about this man. He arises from the Son thoroughly furnished unto all good works. This man sees both the spiritual and the physical, and he lives by the performance of both.

      When I look into the mirror, I see an image of a son of the perdition, myself, who is being transformed by the Son of the Man, who is standing behind me, into a minature of his image, THE MAN OF THE ELOHIM! (2 Timothy 3:16-17) May this blessed MAN speedily arise in all of us!
      Psalms 49:3

      3 My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.
      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        Hello Spying and thanx for your wisdom~!

        When I look into the mirror, I see an image of a son of the perdition, myself, who is being transformed by the Son of the Man, who is standing behind me, into a minature of his image, THE MAN OF THE ELOHIM! (2 Timothy 3:16-17) May this blessed MAN speedily arise in all of us!
        transformation is the 'key' word.
        OUT from one vile realm into the divine realm of Abba, our Father.

        The worst part I have found is everyones ''acceptance'' of how it is and the blindess of deception that shrouds us all.
        I hated that part of this game ~!
        Like a ship of fools and the folly of foolishness is the sea on which the ship travels.
        I pray for Mercy and for Grace to overshadow us all, so that we are not a Judas of this worlds religions but transformed by the Holy Spirit INTO A SON OF GOD.
        LET US GROW UP,
        into that Image now MADE available, CALLED ''THE WAY'' so we stop death's mouth, by shoving death back into hell, in the same strengh Christ has, so that His temple [us] is without spot, blemish nor unclean thing.
        Let us have the mind of Christ, the same mind that worked for Him, shall work with us, The same thinking patterns transform us into the realm of heaven, that is within.
        Our Spirit has to be trained up to dominate over our flesh and the devil.
        Our Spirit has to take the lead, rather than heed our will and the devil's controlling power.

        When the Holy Spirit showed this to me, He gave me an example of a tree.
        He said 'look at that big tree [ a Gum tree] now watch what I do'.
        He took that tree and unrooted it, His arms stretched around that tree and pulled it out by its roots and then, He turned this gum tree upside down and stuck the leafy top section into the gapping hole so that the leaves were in the hole and the roots sticking up in the air.
        Then He said... 'NOW THAT will be like your own TRANSFORMATION~! your whole life will be an eathquake that uproots the natural-realm of the laws of sin and death, to become the Spiritual-realm by walking in the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, And this whole experience depends on how you are taught to think'. amen

        is the key to transformation.
        is the Power of God overshadowing us supernaturally, by gaining wisdom to know and understand correctly.[Eph 1.v.17-19] = This is so powerfull a message of encouragement, for His people.

        IF we continue to think as we do, the carnal mind murders us,
        WE have to be RE-PROGRAMMED, like a computer, to think very differently, so that the murder's lies, not longer have any effect over us.

        real freedom called SALVATION = freedom from all bondages that Adam bequeathed to his family.
        That is giving up our lives unto death = death-to-self.
        that is overcoming all things, In Christ, the power of God.
        Paul LONGED for this process to be IN his own personal life. [Phil 3.v.10-14]
        This new thinking holds the power of His resurrection.
        The Holy Spirit shall coach us on this new way of thinking, till we graduate into the hope of Glory.
        It is a mighty process, a revolution within, a war of the minds, a battle of wills, a surrendering up, and a dying a death, as the man of sin within lays in ruins as a SON OF GOD emerges in sin's place.

        would you ever go back, to believe in religion again? or have those days of a hope that is always deferred passed, as the new creature learns to dwell in their New life with the mindset of Christ?
        Once that old way of thinking fades, to me, it would be impossible to go back to religious thinking that holds the masses captive.
        Go to any forum of ''religious belief'' on the net to see death and Judas in control. FEW find eternal life, the rest have Judas for company and death smirking again.
        Any form of religious human thinking, that fails to transform a person into a divine Son of God with the same power that belongs to THE SON Jesus Christ, is insanity~!


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          more thinking... cont,

          If we wish to enjoy a complete victory we must destroy this last enemy (1 Cor. 15.26). We will leave one foe unconquered if we fail to experience the triumph over death.

          how can this ''impossible thing'' become possible?
          WE ARE NOT USED to thinking that death is an enemy and can be defeated.
          Therefore our minds, have to be changed into the NEW WAY of thinking,
          the same style of thinking that Jesus Christ possesses.

          It progresses in stages I believe, death just does not suddenly vanish, but, as Christ is formed within a saint, the more of Christ, the less of death, till, it becomes = all of Christ and NONE of me, it is then, that DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP in Living true life. amen.

          We have to consider this = The earth and all that is IN it, lies under a curse; it is therefore ruled by that curse~!

          A saint HAS TO COME OUT FROM......... this curse of death,.
          Jesus did not live under this cursed thing. HE LIVED OVER IT AND ABOVE IT 24/7~! now to be His image, His copy and reflection as His people, so must we. If we desire to live victoriously on this earth, and no longer a slave to anything evil and upsetting, we will have to ovecome the death which is in the world.

          We have to break death's reigning~!there is the reign of death, there is also the reign of life (Rom. 5.v.17-18-19-20-21).
          see this? the 2 conditions contrasted. We must see clearly the relationship between these two elements.[This has to be a revelation from Abba, otherwise it shall not be believed.]

          The salvation of Christ replaces sin with righteousness and death with life.


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            there IS a divine understanding opened up to all true seekers.

            it is.

            Life or death~!
            there are 2 choices
            there are 2 forces.

            "He that hears My word, and believes Him that sent Me, has eternal life,
            and comes not into judgment, but has passed out of death into Life."
            John 5:24

            IN BIBLE NUMERICS.

            no 5 = grace = unmerited favour.
            no 24 = the royal priesthood.
            Understanding = not lacking any knowledge that makes us all perish, is opened up for His Royal priesthood people.
            This Priesthood, is under the Order of Melchedizic, or, the order of endless life., where NO death is acceptable.

            ''I have set before you life and death" [Deuteronomy 30:19].

            There may be no words in the Bible that are more misused than life and death.

            Most religious people are totally unwilling to believe whatGod said here~! and they make up their own ideas as to what this really means.
            That is religion and NOT relationship.

            The church at Smyrna was told, "Be you faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life...He that overcomes shall not be hurt of the SECOND DEATH" [Revelation 2:10-11].

            Throughout the Gospels,Jesus Christ promised life to all who believed Him.

            Apostle Paul says
            "His servants you are whom you obey; whether of SIN UNTO DEATH, or of OBEDIENCE UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS" [Romans 6:16].

            "What fruit then had you at that time in the things whereof you are now ashamed: for the END of these things is DEATH. But now being made free from sin and become servants to God, you have your fruit unto sanctification, and the END ETERNAL LIFE" [Romans 6:21-22].

            As clear as human language can be, Paul says, "For the wages of sin is DEATH; but the free gift of God is eternal LIFE in Christ Jesus our Lord" [Romans 6:23].

            When Jesus walked this planet, HE SHOWED FORTH the REAL SELF, THE TRUE SELF = we all should be like.
            WE ARE FALLEN, and we lost OUR REAL LIFE SELF LIVING FORCE OF THE DIVINE, to become a slave to another ministry namely, the father-of-lies.
            we have to get this 'chicken bone religion of lies' that is struck in our throats OUT so that the BREATH OF real unlimited Godly LIFE, can be breathed into us.

            do u know that = There may be more in the NT on 'life and death' then any other subject

            Jesus Christ came to set all men free from this death-bondage...
            but... we can ask~! why are there grave yards and headstones today?
            because people, religious people that is, still fall, for the lies of satan.
            They lack understanding and so perish.

            JOHN 11:25: "I AM THE RESURRECTION, AND THE LIFE: he that believes on Me, though he die,[die to self on the cross daily] yet shall he live; and whosoever lives and believes on Me shall never die."