God first and last

Here I sat looking to the heart of my spirit to learn things that I could not know with my little brain working in high speed. For within the spirit of the Christ in me or you is all truth past, present, and future.

Most people want to know what going to happen the next year or how they can get worldly rich. But all I want to know is what will help others see more of the truths of spiritual things.

What they need to help them get seed planted in them or what they need to help the seed within them grow. My love goes out to help in a spiritual way.

The first thing all people need to know is that God loves them deeply. The second thing they need to know is Jesus the Christ loves them. The third thing they need to know is that I and many others with the seed of Christ in us love them.

But there are other things that will help like God takes care of there every need like a mother takes care of her unborn child. We just need to give God room to work.

So I tell you pray to God, talk to God, sing to God, or even yell to God because he is there listen to you and ready able to help you .

But recall a child learning to walk if you pick the child up never letting the child fall the child will never learn to walk. There are times God lets us fall so we will get stronger or learn a lesson he is teaching us.

What more can I say it’s a day by day growing until we can fly on our own. We walk here on earth but we fly in the heavens were our spirits go to reach God to bring true knowledge to help us get ready to change into immortality.

The stage he will be like God but not as great as God. Yes we will be in the spiritual form. How great that day will be until that day peace and grace my friends.

With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

words of prophecy wrote by Roy William Perry III