God first and last

Will here I am but who am I to write unto the web but a man named Roy William Perry III (flesh given by my parents) with a nick name of year2027 giving to me by God

But who has send me to share my heart with you no other then Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior the son of God the first to win over death.

But what do you need to hear the most I tell you that has not changed in 6,000 years The words you need to hear is God loves you and his son die personally for you and me

Each and every one of us are very important to God our Heavenly Father the creator of heaven and earth and all things in this heaven and on this earth.

What do we need to do Just love God back along with his son and all his children as a close family would do. Stand up for God’s plan for our lives stand up for God’s plan for his son past plans, present plans and future plans

Yes all things are about being in the family of God or not being in the family God. To be a part of the family of God is life and to not be part of the family of God is death

But what kind of life a life never ending a spiritual life or what kind of death a complete end of life no new beginning no second change.

Jesus Christ was our second change and our last change his birth was the second change to save mankind and his rising from the death was our last change we just need to believe he rose to save us

God send Christ to save us Christ was born to save us Christ lived in the flesh to save us Christ die fleshly to save us Christ rose from the dead to save us Christ show his self alive to save us Christ went up in the air to save us Christ became the gift of holy spirit to save us making it Christ in us the hope of glory Christ is coming back to save us Christ will destroy death so we will never need saving again

Christ did it all for us and God gave all even his son so we could be saved


with love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy