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lets talk about peoples bodies as eggs

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  • lets talk about peoples bodies as eggs

    God first and last

    Lets talk about people bodies as eggs

    Beloved friends here I am trying to put to words what I feel to be true in my inner spirit which hopes I can help one soul see things in a differ light.

    Ok lets say our bodies are a egg and the life of the egg strays living as a egg until it breaks. Our body being the egg and the egg life is in the shell of the egg.

    But the inner of the egg is the spirit of Christ growing in you or lack of the spirit of Christ growing in you. To put things simple the egg is either infertile or fertile.

    An infertile egg would be the same as a person who has never believe in God or Christ and has no seed of Christ in them making their egg when broke just an egg but the fertile egg when broke you will have a embryos that is broke out on its own a living spirit or chick.

    So if the persons body is like a egg and the person has the seed of Christ living in them and if they break out of their body they will be come a living Christian or a new creation like Christ.

    The new birth is no more than what we hope for and has not come yet because we are still seeds or eggs waiting for the return of Christ to be born.

    But a question I would ask are there many returns of Christ with one final when mankind destroys all life as we know? To say it simple when person dies is that their personal return of Christ or must they stray dead until a day set up before.

    But that would mean that all that die before Christ came that were waiting for the first coming were waiting in vain. I say they did not wait in vain but they have rose first and they have been born unto incorruption past tense.

    The bible talks about the dead risen after Jesus Christ die and rose from the dead. Look there was Moses with Jesus Christ in the air. The dead in Christ have rose first but we are the living in Christ who are caught up in the air when we die to the flesh.

    Yes the alive in Christ met each other in the air until the last return of Christ when there are no more to rise because of all life is gone. Nothing left to die so Christ recreations every thing in the spiritual realm destroying death.

    With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy