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  • 08-03-2005

    God first
    O God how I love you and your loving son Jesus the Christ my Savior and Lord of my life. O how I long to know you more and more as I walk on your earth and look into your heavens.

    It makes me sad when I see a lost soul that thinks they have all the keys needed for truth but they are lost to loving each other. For I know in my heart that we are sinful and far short of all ways doing your will as your son did.

    I try to live my your will but my flesh is weak as the temptations come at me I fall in some of the evil traps made my the evil one but I am thankful for the ones I overcome.

    In my heart I know that I am weak and that I must learn to walk by the spirit of Christ in me. For it is the spirit that can heal my body if I live by the spirit within me.

    Just like water is good for my body and coke is bad for my body, truth is good for my body and sin is bad for my body. You see my body needs water and the purer the water the better as my spirit needs truth and the purer the truth the better.

    I say unto you eat that which your body needs and drink that which your body needs. Now the way I learn what the body needs is by the spirit within me.

    You see the body is flesh and flesh can be control by its sight, taste, smell, sound, and feel but it needs to be control by needs which most be directed by the spirit.

    Things of the world like TV make foods that are bad look good but we are not to choice our food by fleshly adds or things like that but we are to choice our foods by the spirit within us.

    For our heavenly father knows what our body needs from day to day. The needs of our body may change due to where we live and what we do for a living.

    Another thing that may change the needs of our body is our personal health. Some foods heal one thing why others heal another.

    I am not telling what to eat but to put all things under the control of the Christ in you so you have good health until you have perfect health the day when you are changed to be like Jesus the Christ which is like God the Father.

    Until the day we have hope for comes walk in truth my friends

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy