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    God first

    He Hop He Hop down the spiritual road

    Here we are jumping down the spiritual road of truth my dear friends. Do you see our Lord Jesus Christ sating alone side you my dear friend. If you do your have faith but if you do not read the word of God because by hearing the words of truth builds faith in you.

    He Hop He Hop I go to share the words of truth with you my dear friends. Your God loves you very must he is the giver of all givers. What did God the Father or God the Mother give unto you my dear friends.

    In the beginning you were given the heaven and earth . On the first day you was given light . On the second day you were given dry land and wet waters. On the third day you were given plants of all kinds from seeds after their kind.

    On the fourth you were given patters to lights for guide lines for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. On the fifth day you were given animal life which is soul life the breath life. On the sixth day you were given in yourself the image of God. On the seventh day you were given rest.

    The list of things you were given lets see he gave up his sons life on earth so his could lead you from death to life. He spend 1,000 years getting spiritual light ready to be given back to you. He spend 2,000 years getting spiritual water ready for you to drink. He spend 3,000 years getting spiritual signs ready for you to see.

    He spend 4,000 years getting spiritual breath life of his son ready for you. He spend 5,000 years getting spiritual image ready for you. He spend 6,000 years getting spiritual rest ready for you.

    He Hop He Hop we go down the spiritual road of God giving unto us but what have we gave God back over the years my dear friend?

    With love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy