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How do you view the Word of God?

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  • How do you view the Word of God?

    God first

    How do you look at the Word of God?

    God loves you my dear friends . Let me greet you with all the love of Christ in my heart.

    Now the subject “How do you look at the Word of God?” When I was in the Way Ministry which was a church or wolf and sheep clothing. They taught me to look at the word in very few ways.

    One of the ways they used was a straight line. But I have soon learn to look at the Word of God as a circle never beginning and never ending but not just a circle but a 3D circle.

    A ball that is clear which has many balls inside that way be seen as a 3D ball and all its layers. I see a never ending without beginning ball with never ending layers all at on moment of time.

    I was all so taught to look at the Word of God as black and white but I have long learn that true color with many bits is must better. I want to see all the details in great focus. The grains inside the grains of the Word of God or the spiritual view of its many tones of light.

    More or less every word to all its spiritual greatest on my life. Yes there is right and wrong but with every right there degrees of right and I want to be right to the purest right with no gray areas.

    Now we will not be perfect today and every way but we must at least try and try again because if we do not try then Jesus Christ is not Lord in our lives. So lets have Jesus Christ Lord in our life as a clear true color 3D picture in our hearts.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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    Rubik's Cube!

    Hi Year2027,

    Welcome to Lo Ammi. You are steady and persistent, and you are unpretentious. There is gentleness in your spirit. You are a sticker on the wall of mud created for the fellowship of ELOHIM. Thanks be to our Heavenly AB and great ELOHIM, ADONAI Messiah Yahushua!

    I think of the Word of ELOHIM as being multi-sided like a Rubik's Cube with each face being further divided, but these faces are only the surface. The Word is multi-dimensional as you do indicate, and this internal turning of the cube to view all the the inner faces is beyond our individual understanding. Most people only take the time to deal with the outer faces of ELOHIM. The stickers on the faces have been given a little more moisture. They can look inside.

    Again, welcome to Lo Ammi, and peaceful Sabbath to you and yours!

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      God first

      Beloved Ab

      God bless your loving heart


      with love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy