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  • 07-10-2005

    God first
    Dear my beloved friends of the world wide inter net. I Roy William Perry III write unto you as year2027 my name for the inter net world. As I sat here in my home with arms reaching out unto my heavenly father God the Creator of heaven and earth.

    I do this with the spirit of Christ the son of God my Lord and Savior in my heart directing me what to write by the gift known as the holy spirit or the spirit of Christ in me. As I walk in this evil world I look for the good I can see in each person a may met along the way.

    My goal is to help others learn to see the good in others with the love of God. The only thing that can help that good grow in others is God’s love by the way of each and every one of us. So many people look at the bad and not the good. But I say look at the good tell them about the good you see with love of God and that will take away some of the bad.

    For bad must be replace with good and it will be done in due time. Look at our bodies of flesh that will be replace with spiritual bodies that will not rot or corrupt. This will come at the return of Christ about the time death will be gone for good.

    A lot of Christians look for signs of this or that but I say look for how you can show your love to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Look for the good but beware of the bad and just do not do it or at least try to do only good. Before we can over come the bad in our lives we must at least try to overcome the sins we do and if we try God will help us in due time.

    Many believers think once they are saved they can not sin but that is not so. Just because God forgave you of you past sins does not mean your forgiven of your future sins. Now God is ready to forgive them too but we need too ask for the ones we know of and the one we do not know are sins he will forgive us because of our child like understanding.

    Now being forgiven and being saved are two differ things . To be saved is to be welcome into the family of God. Look even bad sons and daughters are love my the fleshly father and mother. God is no differ about loving his children. While asking forgiveness helps God to overlook for shortcomings as he hands out rewards. Just like if you use your fleshly family for money and do not owe up to it, your family might be slow to helping you with money when you need it.

    Look a sin is the wrong use of what God gave you. God gave you your sexual body to make children to help in your old age but if you take it as a game were is the value. Look the gift of being able to have children and its reward is help in your old age or that was God’s plan in the beginning.

    Look at healing and how the body heals itself. God set up the body to heal itself of all things but mankind found ways the attack the body faster than it can heal itself normally so God gave us ministry of healing, natural healing (using plants and etc to heal), and doctors last.

    Some doctors use natural ways to heal but others play games with lives using things that they do not understand. I say lets us get forgiven of sins first and then ask God what will help us depending on our believing whether it be pray or doctors let God tell us. All ways look for the cause of the illness because if you take away the cause the body may heal itself in due time. Now its time for me to close for now but let me tell you I love all of yall.

    With love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy