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  • 06-19-2005

    Here I sat in a house that God directed by path to find after many hours of pray. God gave me just what I ask for then he help me get it in the shape that my heart pray for in the past.

    Yes that which I ask in pray came to me and due time as will what you need will come if you just pray. Not that which you want but that which you need for this life but that which you need for the life after life is all ready there for you.

    As I talk to my brother Jesus the Christ my Lord and Savior on this day of Fathers I thank God for God by heavenly father the creator of heaven and earth not for getting my natural father of flesh and bone who gave me more than I can ever write in my life time.

    If my earthly father of flesh and bone gave me more than I can thank him for or write about how must more has my spiritual father gave unto me my God. Think about it my dear friends and stop in your busy life and thank your heavenly father for all he has done for you.

    I am so thankful for so many things just let me name a few. I am thankful that God placed me with a loving, father, mother, and sisters to grow up with. I am all so thankful for all my spiritual sisters, and brothers that help me get closer to my Heavenly family as I help them back.

    I am so thankful that the stars are there to bless me every night that I look up to see them. I am thankful for the green grass, blue sky, clear sky, rain, snow, dark sky, trees, animals, pets, lights, sun, noon, and many things that to list would take me many life times.

    O how we need to be thankful for just a few things since we can not recall all the blessings in our lives. Now this is all I know to share with you at this time my dear brothers and sisters in Christ our Lord.

    Thank you with pure love and an spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy