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  • 06-10-2005

    God first and foremost
    Here I sat in a very peaceful state reaching for the love of God to tell me what I need to hear in my personal life and what will help others get closer to my beloved father God the creator of Heaven and Earth and his beloved son Jesus the Christ my personal Lord and Savior.

    At times I cry for understand of God’s loving words and as I meditate on any word or verse that I have read the holy spirit or Christ in me gives me the help I so must need but not just for God’s loving word but for anything about something God created, formed, or made. Like how our body works in my understanding to a degree I can understand.

    I tell you God gifts are without end as his knowledge as no beginning and no end just like he is. For our God as all ways been and all ways will be. He is everywhere but not just everywhere but everything is part of God.

    For all good things come from God and all bad things are the miss use of the good things God has gave us. Just like lying is the twisted use of truth by the mouth. If I say I did not do something I did to you are another I have just miss used my mouth which was made to tell the truth only.

    You see God words are true and his mouth can not lie but we were born to lie because that what we were taught by the fleshly world but when we by our self and our love ones learn to tell the truth only our dead spirit that has been pass a long in our fleshly birth is replace by the gift of holy spirit the Christ in us.

    Now in our spirit or our new image of God we can not lie but in that old fleshly image we can lie at any second. The key is to ask God to help us more and more walk by his image and not the image of our old man natural. But we must ask trusting God that he by way of Jesus Christ will help.

    Today I begin to reach fleshly to sin the sin of lust but I was able to hold myself back with the help of the holy spirit within me. I have many area’s in life that I need God help over and over but I know he will heal me of each bad thought as they come if I just trust my God by the way of his son Jesus the Christ to help.

    My confession must be love toward all and I do this by confession the love I have for my God, and the love I have for his son the Christ, the love I have for his children, and the love I have for all things he created even ones that are now evil. Plus I trust him to know what is best for me and my life.

    But as for the evil I do not love it but the evil animals, people and other things of his creation that what I love not what they confess but what they could be with God’s love. I trust God when he said do not hate the evil ones but let me fight them for you.

    You see if we spend our time hating men that are evil we get tired up in that hate but if we love them God moves their hate far from us. Whether they die or change by our love is up to them and our loving God and not our job but God’s.

    When I say things others do not like and they want to fight about it I have found it better to just tell them I love you believe as you will because its your right as it is my right and I leave it there. No good as ever come from a fight but if they ask for help understanding it I may try after asking God what to say I must trust God for my understanding as others must trust God to show them why he share this or that with me.

    I used to do word studies after word studies but now I spend hours reading as must as I can giving God things to work with that are deep in my heart of my mind. I guess I mediate on God word as a way of studying it and have stop cutting it word like a doctor mat cut up a body to understand how its works.

    All of my studying is done with the direction of the holy spirit and if I give the meaning in Greek or Hebrew to a word it is because the spirit lead me to do it that way. I believe more and more people need to raise up and stop walking by their own understanding and to begin to walk as the spirit of Christ leads them.

    For our brother Christ is still with us living in our hearts or the seed planted by the gift holy spirit and this Christ is made up of God’s seed which makes him a mirror of our heavenly Father the creator of heaven and earth.

    Now I need to rest my eyes for now my dear friends but I will write again soon

    with love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy