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    God first and foremost

    The Heart of a believer

    I have been sitting here talking about a sin I did today that to me was big. Now the sin I did is not important but what is that I am sorry I did it. Even when I hear God tell me its ok he has forgiving me it still comes to my mind right now.

    This sin only seen to hurt my heart but if it had not hurt my heart I would not have ask for forgiveness what kind of believer would I be if had not ask? Now I try not too sin but they come and not just one a day. Maybe I am too hard on myself but how can I claim to be a believer it I am not aware of the sins I do each day.

    What is a sin in my little mind let me name some of them I eat to must and am over 280 pounds but why is this a sin at times in my life today and past I have ate more than my body needs putting food above God. Now I will not over come this sin any time soon because it has become a habit and habits are hard to break.

    Now my God and his son know that I am a person of flesh and bone and that the world teaches its ok to be fat which its ok to be fat but its not ok to put food above God or the want of food, TV, sex, or what ever your hang up is.

    We all have them and God understands that this old world is getting more evil each day and night. But lets get back to the heart of the believer. We are the ones that believe God’s teachings and feel his love each day of our lives.

    The believer teaches his or her children what they believe is right and what is wrong. But if our children has a problem with something like eating too must we do not get mad but we just love them more as God does. For we know the world pushes some sins making it near to impossible to overcome some.

    But with time and prayer they can be overcome. Now I think that God gives more room for some sins because of the times we live in and God is not a respecter of sins but what cause the sin. Was it done not knowing it was a sin or were the weight of the world teaching to must for the sinner to overcome.

    Now we are too Love all people even the evil ones but when are we to fight the evil. When they come at us we are too turn the other cheek but when they come at our children being our family that are not able the handle the attack we are to fight for the sakes of the weak with a pure heart.

    Yes there is a time to fight but only for the sakes of the weak. Now if our government fights in a war we are too support the fighting men and women with love and prays that the war is over soon and they come back home safe. But our prays do not stop there they go out the people our government is fighting with love for the innocent on both sides of the war.

    The believer does not judge another person on earth but leaves all judgement up to God who will judge all in due time. Whether they believe the same as we do or not but our job is too love them no matter what they believe. Now if we walk in this love they may ask us about our beliefs in due time.

    Do not tell a man he is wrong unless you first loved him as a brother but after you have been a brother to him then you may tell him why you do not believe that is right and you may ask him not to do it around you unless the thing he or she is doing hurts a child then you are too stop him or her from doing that any were children may be.

    You can still love a bad person even if he a danger to love ones by pointing him to a place for help were there are no weak love one he or she can hurt. Its not wrong to put your children above the evil ones because God has before by sending help to the Israelites in many ways like weather, angels or however he may send help in a hour of need.

    How do we know when a person is bad or good by asking God if we do not feel right about someone we met in life. Because some look bad but have a heart of gold while others look good for have a dark black heart. For it’s the heart of me that makes him or her good or bad and its God that reads the hearts of men and women.

    I wrote this which hopes others can help build up more what the heart of a believer is. Now God by way of Christ may of help me write must but you can add too it because God is working in you too my friends.

    With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy
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