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    God first
    Here I Roy William Perry III sat with a heart to understand truth and hear it from the Creator mouth by the way of Jesus the Christ. As I think who am I and recall my evil past.

    For when I went to school I did not take enough time to learn to read and write like I should of done. Now there may been reasons for me to learn slow but I did not try hard enough. Yes my speech was poor because of not being able to sound out all words right but after I got older I learn I could learn but it took time.

    I would say we all got our sins but I ran with all kinds trying to make friends which lead to me breaking the law over and over until 1987 when I turn my life around but its been a long rocky road.

    Now I would like to tell you why I write words of prophecy and post them on many boards. Its just comes down to I feel God is telling me to write them and post them. Now I told God that why me but he said its not that the written has to be perfect but that it needs to be wrote.

    I guess Moses feel the same as I do at times but the word of God must move on whether wrote by me or another. Many letters of Love have been wrote and many more will be until the end of time. Who will write I do not know because that is up to God.

    I run across many differ beliefs around the boards and have been ask to leave some because my words do that line up with what their group teach them but I am sorry we all can not agree but there can only be one truth.

    Other wise I can fall short to write what I was told to write , there believed could be part or all wrong, but if they stop trying to figure it out on there own and stop and ask God they will find the truth.

    For I can say all truth I have found was from one on one talks with God and the Lord Jesus the Christ most of the time by talking at God believing he hears me and waiting for the answer because I know he all ways answers us but we must learn to hear it diving his voice from our personal wants.

    God does not all ways tell me what I want to hear but he is all ways there with a loving voice that helps me with the easy times and the hard times alike. I can only hope that my words help some get closer to God because everybody must do his or her own walking in love. Yes I know deep in my heart the love is the key to all things.

    Most people worry about signs but I say the signs of the end are more than I could write in a life time as the prof that there is a God are more than I would write in 1,000,000,000,000 life times with each life time being a 1,000 years the life time that we should live.

    But sin has lie to us about many things but not just that it has weaken the soul life we live by. But thanks to God that the soul life is in the blood and we can look forward to being born from the spiritual seed of Christ to have spiritual life which is in the blood of Christ.

    As I ask to hear the times moves on and I must began a new subject not because I want to but because the spirit moves me to tell you more about this thing of old and new to some called walking in the spirit.

    The basic of it is stop your work to figure out the words of God but ask the spirit within you the Christ in you to teach you all things. Now do not stop reading because the more you put in the more the spirit can take from the teach you with.

    Its like the eye on how it see’s by lights it might teach you about detail God put into your eye or it could teach you how light cast off darkness but the list of how God can use some thing to teach you about his love.

    When walking by the spirit God may have you use words you do not understand to heal others because God knows the word that will help them to believe. God can lead you away from danger or to the person who needs help.

    God will tell you to do thing that you do not want to do even that you know it the right and just thing to do. But doing that whish you do not want to do that is right will help you have the will power not to do the sin you want to do.

    It seems to me that sins looks like fun but righteous looks like no fun at all . But its sin that is only false fun and righteous is true fun. The reward for sin is guilt
    but the reward of righteous is joy without end.

    Thanks be to God we can forgiven us for sin which will over come the guilt
    from the sin. But we are thankful for the good times we had from doing that which was right and just. So I tell you try to do that which is right but if you sin ask for forgiveness because God will forgive you.

    The sin that is not to be forgiven is to mock the holy spirit or in simple words play like you love God when your heart is far from him. This can not be forgiven because the heart must be right for forgiveness.

    Now God knows your heart as you do. If your heart is unsure God will send a man to help you to be sure. If your heart is evil all the men ever lived could come and it would matter not. But only God and you knows what is in your heart.

    Even when we reach to have a good heart we can still do that which is evil but thank to God he knows we were at least trying. For God does not judge by the size of the sin but by heart that sin. Did the heart try not to sin and the world over came the person or other things.

    Now I close with do your best to walk in the spirit with a pure heart to do that which is right and just. With love and an spiritual holy kiss blowing your way your brother in Christ Roy