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  • year2027
    God first

    Beloved RICOEL

    God bless your heart

    with love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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  • israelthebride
    I talk with God by the way of Christ the seed known as the holy spirit the gift within me...
    CHRIST means ANNOINTED/OILED a verb/to be

    ...for I will talk with Christ and God face to face...

    Be careful with who you are talking to.
    This spirit is running you around in circles
    and is telling you things that are known to all BELIEVERS.

    Does this spirit tell you
    that YHSHWH'S WORD/LAW/COMPLETE TRUTH (Genesis to Revelation)


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  • year2027
    started a topic 4-22-2005


    God first
    As I sat here reaching to hear by Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the seed within me. For its was by the gift of his life that made it possible by hearing and then believing God’s word which plated the seed within the heart of all believers.

    I write unto you my friend not to get puff up like so many of the TV so called men of God but so that you will stop and think on things that God is sharing with me. My hopes are that you ask God to teach you as he does me.

    I talk with God by the way of Christ the seed known as the holy spirit the gift within me as it grows from a seed to the day of my birth which is the hope that we all will be changed to be like God but not equal to him.

    That great day I will know as I am known, for I will talk with Christ and God face to face. O how wise our God is, O how loving is our God, and O can never tell all the things about our God.

    For our God talk with his spiritual blood the part he was going to use to plant in Mary to make the seed of Jesus. O how he talk with all the parts of heaven and earth before he took from his self to make all things.

    For all things came from God which means either they must become his children or they must go back to him and live as part of him until he see fix to use them again.

    Yes even the devil was took from God, and yes God can not lie as a whole from that does not say that a outcast part like the devil can. You see God is so most love he even gives his parts free will.

    For its like a family if all follow the lead they all get were they are going but if one rebels then the ones holds the others back from going in the same direction.

    As for all the parts of God I do not understand it completely but what I do is that since God is every were he must be every thing to. Since it was God who created everything, since there was nothing but God before than God had to make all things from what was there.

    And that which was there was God . The dirt man is made of came from the spiritual dirt God is made of, the air we breath came from the spiritual air in God’s spiritual body, and this goes on and on for all things because all things are made from basic elements that were first in a spiritual form of God.

    It was sin that cause all things that were made from God to become natural. For when Adam was in the garden all things were in a spiritual form but as soon as he sin they began to die.

    Its like sweet within the natural body its part of the body while its in the body but once it leaves the body it no longer part of the body. You see all things came from God and were part of God until they left the body of God.

    So this heaven, earth, us, and all things natural are within God’s reach and God has them in encircle by his love. He waits for the day when each will either become like him or he takes them back to him self.

    While I sat it seems to me that its Christ’s spirit that will take in all things that will not become like God. For some have change on the day when Jesus last breath the trump of death at his first coming.

    While others that were alive with Christ were born at there last breath their trump of natural death. Yes I say our last breath is the trump of death the day we die with Christ risen with him.

    For he was the first to win over death and he there to hold our hand as we are change in a blink of an eye. But the day comes when all flesh will die by destroying there self at the last day.

    With Christ taking all things that did not change into his self death is destroy. Then there will be a 1,000 years rest before Christ will take from his self making a new heaven and earth as God did in the beginning.

    What will happen is that all things will recall the things that happen and they will not change like they did in the beginning. I see that I am getting tired so I will end now.

    With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy