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  • 04-11-2005

    Here I Roy William Perry III sat at my computer as I get peaceful to hear my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the seed within me tell me what you write unto you my dear friends.

    Repent from all your sins on a daily basic as you reach to walk in the love of God my dear friends. For it was Christ who die for you and its Christ who die so you can have forgiveness of sins.

    When the seed of Christ who planted in your heart you were forgiven of all past sins of the flesh whether it was a sin of thinking wrong or doing wrong you were forgiven but each new sin you must ask as you fall out of fellowship with spirit and walk in your old ways.

    But if this is read by one that has no seed yet do not fear because the seed of Christ comes by reading God’s word and believing it. Because when we believe it we at least try to walk by its words and if we believe it we know that Christ has rose from the dead for us.

    Yes seed comes by hearing the word of God as does faith which is a form of believing but not a natural form but a spiritual form. For I tell you one can not prove it so but my the spirit. For it’s the spirit within you that proves the word of God to be so.

    Ok lets move on with what Christ has to tell us today by the seed within me which is proved true by the seed within you. Some say one thing and other say another about the word of God. Why is this so you may ask? So I will tell you what may be happen some of the time.

    The word of God was wrote my men of old with the seed of Christ in them telling them what to write so this word has a spiritual meaning far above its natural meaning. So if the is a understanding one can see by the flesh than there is a greater one to be seen by the spirit.

    Its like the hope we are reach for which is a mystery to some, while others only understand it in part. Its like the last trump that it takes about or being born again. For some say they are born again now but I say not so.

    We are seed growing in the womb of God like a seed of men grows in the womb of his mate. The new birth comes the second we put on immortality because we are the alive in Christ and the dead in Christ rose first at the last breath or sound of breath of Christ which was the last trump for them.

    Have you not read about the dead risen at the death of Christ? For I tell you the dead in Christ rose as soon as Christ won over death and before his flesh walk for us to see. Yes from Adam to the last person to die before Christ that walk in truth reaching for the first coming of Christ.

    They are the dead in Christ they reach from Adam to Christ and they put on incorruption and they are our elders as talk about in the word of God. While for us the alive in Christ we rise at our last natural breath which is the last sound we make and that is our new birth.

    There is a last breath for each person and there is a last breath of all things of this earth and heaven made of dirt and things that can be seen by the eye of men. Yes there a day when the last enemy death is destroy and that day is coming by fire it will come.

    Either one will be live born into life or one will end to be and go back to that which the dirt came from. Which is God because God took from himself to make all things that the eye can see or hear with the ear.

    Yes this is the last trump of all last trumps when we meet each other in the air as children of God in the form of Christ spirit who is in the form of God.

    My hopes is that this is not too must for you to receive and that you take the time to read it with the seed within you my dear friends because I tell you nothing new but old things just rewrote as the spirit moves me.

    I end now with loves love and blessing running to bless your heart by dear friends. I end with love and an holy kiss blowing at the seed within you Your friend Roy