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    Here I sat written to you my friends of the internet and any where this might be read in the world. Some may call my words one thing and some another but it does not matter to me.

    I just have a need to write them while I may call them words of prophecy or words from the heart they are very dear to me. I sat asking God by way of Jesus Christ to give me each and every word I write down.

    So lets hear God talk with me helping me understand what I need to hear for today. I going to give this one a name of its own.

    My Mom lives in me.

    My mom name was Bessie but you can put your mom name in for you if it helps. I love my mom very much as I am sure you do your mom or who you call mom.

    On March 09, 2005 I went to do some things for my mom when I got there she was in bed. I was told she was sleeping but after a while I feel I needed to check on here.

    I called her but no movement from her so I went and found her cold and dead. I had no feeling to raise her from my God but I knew now needed to take care of my sister and Dad’s needs because they did not know yet.

    While I do believe I have the power to raise her I saw it better that she rest until the return of Christ. My Dad and sister took it hard as I did. We will miss the long talks we had with our mother at the table or in the TV room with the TV off. I love to help my mom but I feel I am still helping her my helping my dad and three sisters as I can.

    Now words will not tell you of the love I have for my mom still to this way and will have after the return of Christ. My mom did not go to Church a lot in her late years but she seem to live love bigger than I would do.

    She would say my mom read a lot from the Book of Love. Now this word was never wrote with ink and pen but it was wrote in the hearts of the ones who live by love.

    My mom had and has a giving heart for me and my sisters are still receiving our needs met from things she prepaid for us before she dyed but I know from long and personal talks with God and Christ she will get back up again.

    Now I reach to talk to her but find myself talking to dust because dust knows dust. I ask the dust to comfort the dust she is becoming and that God comforts her spirit as it rest and wait for the new birth from the seed she is now.

    For many believe new birth as come but that is just something we are reaching for. We as children of God have a seed planted in us as we live in the belly of Christ who lives in the belly of God.

    You see it’s the seed of Christ in us with the seed of God Christ rose from the dead as we will at the last trump but I do not know if the last trump is our last breath being our personal return of Christ or a year in the future like the year 2027 AD.

    But I know each person will be rose in due time no matter what that will be . Some things just are not clear at this time to me because were I am in my life.

    I am blessed to have three living pictures of my mom by sisters. For they are a mirror of my mom in many ways and I am very close to each one.

    Let me tell you my mom love is with me by dad and my sisters and all her love ones. Her flesh might be dead but her great love lives on in us as we live our lives.

    I guess I will stop for now but thanks to God and Christ for helping me in these days while I miss talking to my mom at the table and other places.

    With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy