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    Dearly beloved children of the earth: Let us all come into the unity of faith, which is the commonwealth of Israel, that both Jew and Gentile receive the inheritance of the adoption, that we all become children of God in the eyes of God; abiding in the commandments of God and walking in the footsteps of one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. I pray for unity among men, that unjustifiable racism be a thing of the past: and that as my brother and my sister is of the black race; so is my brother and my sister of the so-called white race, and the Indian, and the Asian, and the Latino, and the African, and the Arab. For even as we as black people in America, and in South Africa, and in the West Indies, and in the Philippines, and other lands that we are scattered, are called to the unity of our heritage which is a tribe of Israel; so are we also called into the unity of all nations as people of the Most High God. For if any should believe that Abraham is not the father of all nations, then, they believe a lie. And if any should think that a so-called white man was not born in Israel, to be a citizen of Israel, let them think it not, because it is a lie. For surely as we, the black race is America, are the seed of the aboriginal Jews, being many shades of flesh; from light skin to red skin to dark skin and all shades in-between; was there not also a fair skin among us, even ruddy? How can we come into the unity of God’s children when our acceptance of Christ is dependent upon the flesh of Christ? I have said that Adam was a black man not because I chose to believe, but because it is the truth according to the written word of God. For is it not written that Man was formed from the dust of the ground? And is not the dust of the ground dirt? And will not a man formed from dirt bear the flesh of what the earth call the black race? So let us begin our unity with the acceptance of truth: because the truth is not opinionated: therefore there is no space for division. But let us speak the whole truth and not part of the truth as many do that some might be omitted by reason of their racism: for it is written that Woman was made from a untarnished rib, which is the human-bone of a living man; thus her flesh is belonging to the so-called white race by reason of her flesh being made from a rib. And is it not also written, that, David was “ruddy”, “and of a fair countenance”? And is it not also written in the Song of Solomon, “My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand” (Song of Solomon 5:10). Now men can debate over the meaning of those words, but the fact remain that David was ruddy; and that the beloved in 5:10 of the Song of Solomon is white and ruddy, which is a color similar to pink, which is the flesh belonging to the so-called white race. So we all have a place among the loved of God; even the inheritance of Jerusalem: besides, Christ Jesus has made us into one blood that we become one people glorifying one Lord, one faith, and one baptism, which is the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace as it is so written. So in that same Spirit do I come before you all this Sabbath day, that, all Jews and Gentiles for Jesus Christ enter into the knowledge of the truth; not according to my testimony; but according to every word of God with the sayings of Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. Then shall you enter without fault into the unity of Christ, where there is no division: for Jesus Christ came not to bring peace as many so believe, but division (St. Luke 12:51-52), to set the righteous to the right hand (St. Matthew 25:34) and the unrighteous to the left hand (St. Matthew 25:41). But out of His love for us all, and the hope for us all to enter into His unity, He gave us grace and forgiveness that in time we might learn to love the brotherhood of one Lord, one faith, and one baptism, to walk upright and holy in the peace of God. For when He return, He return for judgment, that His testimony be fulfilled according to the Gospel and the book of Revelation. So be it then that the true will hear, and the untrue will ignore. But there is no division in Christ: for His sheep do hear His words above all others.