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    God first
    Here I Roy William Perry III sat on this day of hearts in the flesh written unto all my beloved friends within the family of God.

    It is Christ who will give me each and every word to write unto you and its God the father of all that will give Christ the words to share with me but its me that gets to share them with you my friends.

    On this day of hearts I share spiritual flowers with all my brothers and sisters in Christ and these flowers are from God him-herself they are the flowers of the love of God.

    But let me say in the flesh the day of hearts comes once a year but in the spirit the day of hearts comes everyday. I say with great boldness give unto your fleshly love ones this day but do not forget to spend time with your God and his son Jesus the Christ.

    For it is love that sets us free from all fears of this flesh. Its love that draws us to God and his son Jesus the Christ. Its love that draws us to each other as brothers and sisters.

    Love is the greatest of all things in the flesh and in heaven and if the were another place it would be greatest there. Look its love that brings peace to all things.

    God’s love will be bring peace to the heavens and its what gave us life and a choice to live by the flesh or by the spirit. Words can never tell all about all the goodness that comes from love whether it be true love of the flesh or love of the spirit which is love of God.

    One may say why good and evil if God is love but how can we learn the lesson of love with good and evil. Just like some may say why did God let the devil be born knowing what he would do from the beginning but so we could learn what the love of God is.

    For love can not be understand without hate but one can be truly understood by the other. While hate brings death into the world love brings life. True love can overpower true hate but true hate can never overpower true love.

    For love all ways cast out hate but hate never cast out light. For its like light and darkness light all ways cast out darkness but darkness never cast out light.

    Now you may say some die still full of hate. Yes they do but its love that there spirit does not change to live that hate for ever more but the dirt they were made of goes back to that which it was in the beginning before it was made into dirt.

    While you and me move forward into a new being one like the son of God. For we are born into immortality a live like the most high God and his son Jesus the Christ.

    For when one dies he or she goes back to the dust of the earth until he or she is born into immortality or that dust dies into that which it was before it was dust. For love either brings us into greater love or love out of mercy lets some change into take which God made all things from .

    For some teach God created all things from nothing but that is not true but a play on words. For God made all things taking from him-herself more like a birth than a creation but all so like a creation or at least its true meaning to make a new thing from other things .

    God made flesh from spirit and our whole heaven and earth are things of the flesh but God is spirit. Spirit is within flesh and outside the flesh. For flesh has a beginning and end but spirit has no beginning or end.

    For even the stars of the heaven have an end and a beginning. Our Sun and nine planets are the center of the beginning why the end is all ways changing as the heaven grows bigger each day. Stars are born and stars die solar systems are born and solor systems die but God lives on.

    As all things of the flesh live and dies the spiritual things live and live again but flesh things live and die and then die again. For I thank God that Christ came and die so we could have a living spirit just by the love of God.

    What love we have when we feel the love God shares with love by the love of his son Jesus the Christ. We are to learn to walk in this love .

    You may say how do we learn to walk in the love of God? I tell you by loving others even if they hate us. For hate will never reach anyone heart but love will reach the heart even if its too late.

    Look at the life of Christ his love reach many more people of his time after his death than when he was walking in the flesh a lone side them. For in the dying was no power but the doing it out of love of great power.

    Its all about love the love God has for us and the love we love him back with. The love Jesus the Christ has for God and the love God has for Jesus the Christ. The love Jesus the Christ has for us and the love we have for Jesus the Christ. The love we have for each other.

    Its All about Love. I love you all with love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy