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  • 01-28-2005

    I Roy William Perry III sat down at my desk to hear from God my heavenly father by the way of Jesus Christ his beloved son. I sat here willing and ready to share with you my friends of the world wide web what I hear to write for us.

    As I talk with Christ I tell him how most people seem to worry about the future than what most important for each coming hour we live on this earth. Which Christ has told me many times and is first walk in the love of God sharing that love with all you meet.

    For it’s the love of God in your life that draws others to Christ, it’s the love of God that heals the sick, it’s the love of God that gives you joy, and it’s the love of God that will get you up that very love of God Jesus and God has for us.

    For with the love of God working in our life the is nothing est needed because its God love toward us that draws us to his son Jesus Christ to be saved, it’s the love of God that builds up our believing either straight from God and his son or from one believer to another.

    This love of God words can never give it a full understanding not matter what word you us. For you can call it Agape love, charity love, the love of God or even just God’s love its all the same word just wrote or phase differ from one person to another but what tells you is the heart that its used with.

    While I long to spend more time on the Love of God i must move on to what will soon happen within the next twenty years but whether it will be one year or twenty I will not say because there is no need but what is a need is to point out the signs that will soon come that we can watch for.

    Now I write nothing new unto you because there is nothing new just old things coming closer with clearer details. For many man of old have share with you of the end of time from the beginning until now we have heard of the end coming.

    Before the end comes winter will become summer for they will change places . For when it should be spring time fall will come again and there will be no spring time until fall nor no summer until winter should be coming.

    For the plants will be ready for spring and summer to come but they will not come because the seasons will be out of place for many years to in a roll. Most plants will die from the shock of two falls and winters in a roll. The farmers will not get to plant their fields one year.

    Now next year no one will know what to do for the seasons will change over and over until there is a food shortest all over the world but when everybody thinks the end is near the seasons will return to their right seasons.

    But this will be a sign the end is near because on the nine year of the seasons being in order Christ will come back unto us being the end for many and the beginning of life ever more for the faithful in Christ.

    The great food shortest will cause wars to break out and brother will kill brother just for a piece of bread but do not be afraid because your father in heaven knows you need food and will send his apostles, prophets, teachers, miracles, and whatever you will need to live from day to day.

    Many men will curse God in these days but these things must come before the end can come unto us. For many teach that we miss the wrath of God which is true we will if we live believing in Jesus Christ and all that he has done and will do but the book of Revelation is not the wrath of God.

    Because the last trump is the last and all others things must pass before the last trump can sound while we miss the wrath of God because we receive life after life while the wrath of God is death after death for all ungodly . For we have receive grace which we all saved by but some will be saved by works in the last day but only a few.

    But its by the grace of God that one can be saved by works while we have our works with our grace there are saved by being judge by the works of their life but we are only judge for what rewards we will receive.

    Even my county the great USA will fall before the return of Christ for they will come from West and the East unto our soil looking for food. But lets not talk about that but about the great day of the return of Christ.

    The will be men claiming to be this Christ but when he comes we will all know its him by way he comes like a bright morning star coming unto the clouds many will say it’s a comet while others will say it’s a meter that will destroy the earth but all eyes will be on it as he stops in the clouds and calls for his family to come unto him in the clouds.

    Judgement will began while he there and the battle will begin as the all men are judge. First the ones in the clouds with Christ for rewards and from them the jury will be pick.

    God will be the judge, while Jesus Christ will be the defense attorney the devil will be the DA trying to get as many to die with him as we can.

    Many will be judge for the good works they did on earth but few will be set free to join us in the air. All that were cast to hell will die the second death and then the last trump will sound and death will be swallowed up in victory.

    For we will for ever more live under the love of God for ever more. With love and an holy kiss blowing your way Roy